martian meteorite

Even though we still don’t have a lot of time to play together, we are finishing up a few personal projects. This one is a Martian UFO, based on the design of the Xeno Staff. It functions as a storage for Martian drops.

The build took quite a lot of Martian Conduit Plating (~1000) and Shroomite Plating (~1500), along with Blue Gemspark, Meteorite Brick and Luminite. The screens are made of painted Rune Wallpaper.

Did you know the Museum’s Arthur Ross Hall of Meteorites contains chunks of the planet Mars? When comets or large asteroids slam into our neighboring planet, the impact can blast rocks into orbit around the Sun–and occasionally onto a collision course with Earth! 

How do we know these rocks are from Mars? The proof comes from gases trapped in the rocks, which exactly match the Martian atmosphere. 

Learn more about meteorites from Mars and find these specimens by downloading Explorer, the Museum’s wayfinding app, now available in Beta.