martial hearts


Based on the song Zombie by the Cranberries.

Cobbled streets lie dirty and lifeless.

Rubbish builds up between the stone, where boots stomp it to pulp.

Where once rang out the laughter of children, there is only the echo of memory.

It’s barely evening, but before night falls, fear has fallen.

Shops and pubs stand empty, unopened for weeks

A solitary engine breaks the silence as a single patrol car rolls slowly down the street.

The soldiers in the back are wary, and have their guns at the ready.

As the vehicle crawls down the street, it passes the burnt out remains of a shop.

A butchers that used to have nearly a hundred customers a day.


The derelict ruin of a pub, no windows and door sadly swinging off the hinges.

Debris still strewn across the street where it had burst through glass.

Darkened pools of blood not yet washed clean by the tears of this city.


A mural painted on a wall, of faces.

So many faces.

And words of remembrance, sorrow, anger, and anguish.

Promises of revenge, no matter the cost.

Hundreds of bouquets, now crumbling to ash and rot.

They cover the railings in front of the wall, like a garden of decay.

And below them, outside of the school, stuffed toys and letters from heartbroken parents.

Nail bomb.

  • ranma saotome: akane i'm so tired
  • ranma saotome: i've been fighting so many meatheads with bullshit martial arts styles and both of us processing our feelings about each other while i deal with a million other people trying to date me
  • ranma saotome: i just want to grow up and have the time to figure myself out. get the space needed to emotionally mature and deal with the complex hell that is gender and sexuality
  • akane tendo: maybe this week won't be so bad
  • ranma saotome: i'd like that
  • some dude: ranma i challenge you to a duel for akane's heart! my martial arts style is "shitting in a box"
  • ranma saotome: nnnnnnngh
Thoughts on Training

You know those training sessions that remind you why you practice martial arts? Your heart pounds and your muscles burn with the continued exertion, but it feels good and right and strangely peaceful. Stopping doesn’t even occur to you. Each second passes a little slower than the last and the sounds around you fade. For the barest moment the world doesn’t exist as you reach for something greater than yourself.