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【EASY MAGAZINE 2015 March Vol.700】GOT7 Interview Trans

Q: You guys had the first showcase in Shanghai, was it quicker than you’ve expected? How did it feel?

JB: First of all, we’ve only debuted for a year, we feel that it is quite early to hold a showcase overseas. But we have tried our best, and showed the best stage.

Q: There are many K-Pop groups nowadays, what do you think GOT7’s charm is?

JB: Martial Arts Tricking is our charm that makes us different from the other groups. Also, we have many foreign members. The members’ personalities are very forthright/ straightforward. I think that is also our charm!

Q: Do you like any Chinese artists?

Bambam: Wang Lee Hom, Vanness Wu. I like artists who can dance and sing.

Jr.: Instead of singers, I prefer actors.

Jackson: I have followed HIT-5 and M.I.C before, I think they’re very good.

Q: Since there are 4 different nationalities in the group, was it difficult to get along (from the start) when you were all put together in the group?

Jackson: Of course, in the beginning it was difficult because of the different cultures. But Bambam, Mark and I lived with the members for 3 years before our debut, so there’s no problem in our team work.

Q: Would you give each other nicknames? And also tell us the reason behind it.

Jackson: We call Bambam “fan service king”, it’s not that he cherishes the fans the most, but the the way he expresses towards the fans is daring/ fearless. Jr. is our mother, he always pays attention to the details. JB is our leader and also our ‘father’, he has a strong sense of responsibility. Whenever there’s a problem, he would be the first one to solve the problem. I’m the funny man in the group, and Yugyeom is Giant Baby. Mark, he only speaks at crucial times…

Q: If there was a conflict between the members, how would you guys solve it?

JB: Let the members who has the conflict sort it out by themselves. I think it’s better to do that instead of getting involved. If I got involved as a third party, it would create even more misunderstandings. So, most of the times, the members sort it out among themselves.

Q: Usually, who is the most energetic member in the dorm?

Bambam: Jackson hyung. He’s exactly the same on and off screen.

Jackson: But I’m also a human, so there will be times that I run out of energy, haha.

Q: Jackson have been on quite a lot of variety shows now, what does the other members think about his entertaining skills? If you were on a variety show, would you also be confident?

Jr.: I would watch it when I have time.

Bambam: Since we have a busy schedule, so we weren’t able to watch the live broadcast, but when we have time, we would either watch it online or on the TV (rebroadcast).

Jackson: If I don’t nag them to watch it, they definitely won’t watch it. (The members all burst out laughing~)

JB: All of us are interested in variety shows, as long as we get invited, it doesn’t matter what kind it is.

Q: GOT7’s goal for 2015?

JB: We hope that we will release an even better album in 2015, let everyone see the best side of us.

Mark: Have a solo concert in Korea.

Jackson: Bring even better music to the fans!

JB: World tour or Asia Tour!

Q: Have the fans done anything that made you guys feel touched?

Jackson: When we had a showcase in Taiwan, the fans all held up our first anniversary slogan. Wow, we were so touched.

JB: That’s right. I think that was the most touching moment for all of us.

Scans cr.: Celia