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Happy birthday, Mark! You’ve just turned 25 years old, but sometimes you still remind me of a 5-year-old. I am proud of how much you’ve grown, from someone who did not know how to sing, rap, or dance when you first started, to someone who is now writing lyrics and composing music. I also like how you’ve become more talkative and confident recently. You always put GOT7 before yourself, and it is obvious how much the group means to you. Please always stay healthy and happy! #HappyMarkTuanDay

Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.
—  Søren Kierkegaard 

One student came to a martial arts master and asked the question: “Teacher, I’ve been studying with you for three months.
I’m curious how much time I still need to train to become a master? ”.
“Five years,” the mentor replied.
“For five years?” But this is very much! And if I give training every day half a day? “
"Then ten years,” replied the master.
“Ten years?! What if I do all day? ”
“Then twenty years,” the master said with a smile.
“But the teacher! Why do you keep increasing the duration of studies? ”
“Because you think only about the result,” the master replied, “you are focused solely on it and forget about everything else. Do not just think about it. Gradually and constantly learn technique, and skill will come to you. Work on yourself, but do not overexert yourself - and strength will come. Set goals, but do not think only about the result, and it will come of itself. Everything should happen naturally. The one who pulls the shoots runs the risk of being left without a crop. ”