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Official Before Crisis Game Intro Art. It’s the Turk family, yo. 

Back (left to right): Nunchaku, Legend, Knife

Front (left to right):  Katana, Shotgun, Two Guns, Martial Arts Female, Reno, Rod, Tseng, Rude, Gun, Martial Arts Male, Cissnei


Performed by: Kenichi Ebina

Number: “Kenichi Ebina Performs an Epic Matrix- Style Martial Arts Dance”

Choreographer: Kenichi Ebina

Style: Animation/Martial Arts 

From: America’s Got Talent, Season 8 (2013)

anonymous asked:

How would All Might feel if his s/o was like Jackie Chan?? Like can fight villains through improvised weapons and martial arts? Male pronouns plz~~

Ehehe sure~~~^^

Also please tell me you’ve tried at least once to imitate Jackie Chan and failed really badly due to your clumsiness…. I’m not the only one…right…? (●´ω`●);;;;


~He’s so in awe, and sometimes can’t help but stare off into a daze as he admires his s/o fighting off villains in such a badass and interesting way.
~constant high praise and boasting about how amazing his s/o is, accompanied by his signature laughter.
~requests his s/o to teach him some cool moves and techniques, and practises whatever he teaches him in front of a mirror for at least 15 minutes, learning how to perfect it as flawlessly as his s/o.
~definitely uses it every chance he gets against villains, and feels really proud of himself for executing such a move.
~lowkey hopes and prays for compliments and praise from his s/o.
~“HAHAHAHA~~As the Symbol of Peace, it’s a given I can manage such a move!!” *coughs and changes back to his true form*

The Fallacy of Strong Female Characters

I watched Guardians of the Galaxy and decided I could no longer appreciate these movies. It’s not that the film was bad. It had the light-hearted atmosphere that provides much needed respite from the brooding sci-fi and super hero movies in which Hollywood imagines itself a martyr. This was why the Avengers was also more tolerable for me than, say, most of the recent Batman movies (I never got Batman).

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