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We’ve told you before of the Knight Fighting Leagues, wherein people dress as knights and play-fight as if they’ve been called a scoundrel and a cur by the parking attendant at Medieval Times. But when Russia, which has been suffering a critical fuck shortage for decades, saw what was going on, they quickly stripped away the pomp and circumstance of medieval lore and started an MMA league with swords.

Medieval MMA is not like typical medieval combat circles, which prefer to focus on the “arts” part of martial arts. Russia’s M-1 Medieval fighting is all about taking fully armored bruisers, giving them swords, putting them in a brightly lit ring, and letting them beat the absolute hell out of each other. M-1 Global, Russia’s biggest MMA league, stumbled upon this incredible formula when they decided to introduce a “Medieval league” in 2015. Starting off as a novelty act, armored knights would tussle to fill the time in between official MMA matches. But the crowd loved the halftime entertainment so much that the organization moved on to full “knight fight nights.” Now, armored warriors fight in a real league with their own categories, title fights, and, of course, champions – whom we imagine get a +1 to their armor bonus or something.

7 Hilariously Bad-Ass Versions Of Ordinary Jobs


I was obsessed with this scene…I noticed how goten had his eyes closed?? Maybe it’s just how bad it looks when zoomed in soo close.. But to me it looks like he’s crying because he FINALLY gets to see his dad. Everyone around Goten always spoke so highly of his father, and now he finally gets to see him and even hug him
ALSO look how Goku just stares at him and kneeling down to pick him up ;-;


❘The Karate Kid (1984)

Karate for defense only.

It’s ok lose to opponent, must not lose to fear.

Never put passion in front of principle. Even if you win, you’ll lose.

Mr. Kesuke Miyagi.

10 Things I Can’t Get Over in OUAT 6A

  1. The Blue Fairy wielding an axe.
  2. The Blue Fairy being powerful enough to break into the Dark Castle (because you know Rumple warded the place against fairies because he hatesssss them, my precious) but then just unlocking a door for Belle: “Go forth and conquer, smol cinnamon roll with no magic or martial arts training– I’m going to go hatch some dwarf slaves or something.”
  3. Pros to being in the Mirror World: Being able to bingewatch your favorite people. Cons: The Hook channel is mostly him applying his eyeliner. Open Question: What did Sidney do for food? You can’t bingewatch without snacks.
  4. If you had “Professor Kink” and “Master/Slave Roleplay” on your list of Regina Kink Bingo, come and claim your canon prize.
  5. Either Hook really likes candles and flowers, or Belle spent her one day on the Jolly Roger trying her hand at interior decorating.
    Hook: Are you sure I need so many candelabras, luv?
  6. Rumplestiltskin, voted Storybrooke’s Most Likely to Cry Before, During, and After Sex six years running, went to the Evil Queen and was all: “And your reward for killing your sister will be … DIS BOOTY!” And the Evil Queen’s response? “Sounds legit.” I feel like those scenes were missing an establishing shot of three empty tequila bottles or something.
  7. Gideon getting his mom to find him via a book called “Defeating the Dark One for Dummies.” That was the title, right?
  8. When Hook apologizes for keeping the shears against Emma’s wishes because it might save her, Emma goes: “I WOULD’VE done the same thing.” Girl, you DID do the same thing! It lead to a truly questionable Librarian Granny Does Bondage hairdo and a lot of shouting and Hook’s bangs getting bigger from the betrayal and also all the darkness. Did you guys do shots of Regina’s amnesia potion after 5B or something? If so, is there any leftover for the audience?
  9. The Dragon has been killed twice AND heart-ripped but keeps on ticking, and now gets to chill with Lancelot and Sidney in the “POCs Who Cheated Death Club.” (It’s a small club.)
  10. Rumple shouting to the Black Fairy: “NO ONE KNOWS MY PAIN!” Dude. The show could be called “Once Upon a Child Abandonment.” Trust me– EVERYONE knows that pain.

Bonus: Henry is now taller than half the cast except for Gideon, who is the only newborn who can do a slam dunk. What is this show?

My affection for Senpai has shifted to Budo
  • in the martial arts club room
  • ME: Look at him.Look at those toned muscles.He`s so manly. He`s so strong. Just my type.Unlike Senpai who is so wimp, he runs to his mama after seeing a dead body.
  • Ayano: *approaches Budo* presses E
  • Budo: We study hand-to-hand combat and practice self defense techniques! If you join our club, I guarantee that you'll be able to defend yourself from anyone that might try to hurt you! If you think you've got what it takes, you're welcome to spar with any of our members at any time, even if you're not in the clubroom
  • Me: If it means seeing you everyday, I wouldn`t mind.HAHAHAHA *Accidentally presses Join*
  • Budo: Fantastic! You are now an official member of the Martial Arts Club! I'm looking forward to teaching you everything I know!
  • Me: Wait..whaat?!! That means I get to see your fine form everyday after class! How exciting! Now I`ll get to see him often without stalking.YOU`RE MINE NOW.THERE.IS.NO.ESCAPE.

Bellator President Scott Coker joined my radio show to discuss Bellator 172: Fedor Emelianenko vs. Matt Mitrione, potentially signing free agents like Ryan Bader, when Chael Sonnen will fight again and more. In particular, Coker opens up about how much easier it is to work with Fedor now that he’s no longer involved with M-1.


Imagine Chanyeol literally walking on his tiptoes every time Kyungsoo comes near him. He even silences his breathing and pastes on a frozen smile when Kyungsoo notices and gives him a suspicious glare. Ever since Kyungsoo took up martial arts lessons for his new movie role, he’s been living in a constant state of fear. Which Baekhyun seems to have temporarily forgotten as he pinches Kyungsoo’s cheeks with a giggle.

“Judo,” Chanyeol whispers, gazing in horror as Kyungsoo does a foot-throwing move to a dumbfounded Baekhyun. Chanyeol sees Jongdae staring blankly at them and grabs his hand to run them to safety, missing the way Kyungsoo later on pats Baekhyun on the head and gives him a weak smile, a shoulder rub, and an apology for using his reflexes.


So I’m just casually searching Seventeen for whatever reason (I already know too much about them but I was curious how tall Dino was bc I forgot lol) & I was just looking at all the members profiles. So tell me why everyone is labeled as a (lead) vocalist except China line. Seriously… I know some sources are not very reliable but why does no one give them the credit they deserve. Anyone who has ever seen seventeen tv or any of their predebut stuff, they know that Jun has great vocals. Minghao has shown us his great vocals too but tbh I feel like they haven’t been given many proper chances. Please stop treating Jun & Minghao like they aren’t as important in the group. I know a lot of us do show them love & I’m happy when people comment on how great they are but when I see stuff like this I get kinda upset & confused as to why they aren’t considered (at least that’s how it seems) as important. Its the fact that stuff like this has happened more than once. They don’t have to be your bias or anything but please just remember they work just as hard & sacrificed just as much as the others.


I’m not a Rhonda Rousey fan…but there is something she says at 6:10 of this video that every young woman should hear.   My daughter is 12 and I am going to let her listen to it.  I am sure she will ask me a lot of questions. I am going to answer every one as plainly as I can.