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“Alright Goten! Yeah! Woohoo!”
“Wow, he looks like a miniature you, Goku”
“Aw, what a little guy huh? And handsome too”


❘The Karate Kid (1984)

Karate for defense only.

It’s ok lose to opponent, must not lose to fear.

Never put passion in front of principle. Even if you win, you’ll lose.

Mr. Kesuke Miyagi.


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So, this fight has caused national outage among Tai Chi practitioners, including Jet Li.
Basically, this fight was set up to test the two different styles of MMA and Tai Chi and, as you can see, MMA prevailed pretty goddamn easily. The Tai Chi practitioner gets knocked out in about ten seconds.
Many Tai Chi schools have issued challenges to the MMA fighter and Jet Lui made a rare public appearance urging Tai Chi schools to come to the style’s defense.
Xu Xiaodong, the MMA fighter, went on to challenge any style to a fight, claiming his MMA could beat any other style of martial arts.

I’m all for traditional kung fu but it’s sad to see a practitioner get beaten so easily. i think a lot of Chinese kung fu styles aren’t built for competition. They’re built for self-defense.
They’re not designed to co bat against expertly thrown punches. That’s not to say a traditional martial arts practitioner couldn’t win.

We’ve told you before of the Knight Fighting Leagues, wherein people dress as knights and play-fight as if they’ve been called a scoundrel and a cur by the parking attendant at Medieval Times. But when Russia, which has been suffering a critical fuck shortage for decades, saw what was going on, they quickly stripped away the pomp and circumstance of medieval lore and started an MMA league with swords.

Medieval MMA is not like typical medieval combat circles, which prefer to focus on the “arts” part of martial arts. Russia’s M-1 Medieval fighting is all about taking fully armored bruisers, giving them swords, putting them in a brightly lit ring, and letting them beat the absolute hell out of each other. M-1 Global, Russia’s biggest MMA league, stumbled upon this incredible formula when they decided to introduce a “Medieval league” in 2015. Starting off as a novelty act, armored knights would tussle to fill the time in between official MMA matches. But the crowd loved the halftime entertainment so much that the organization moved on to full “knight fight nights.” Now, armored warriors fight in a real league with their own categories, title fights, and, of course, champions – whom we imagine get a +1 to their armor bonus or something.

7 Hilariously Bad-Ass Versions Of Ordinary Jobs

Screwball Ninja’s Crack Theories: Black Fairy’s Doom Edition

I don’t know how the Black Fairy will be defeated, but it probably WON’T be any of the following:

  1. Rumple gives Belle a flying assist and Belle brains the Black Fairy with a copy of His Handsome Hero.
  2. Three words: Warlord Bo Peep.
  3. Ogres fall; everyone dies.
  4. The peasants revolt and chuck magic beans at Henry’s entire family tree– cue S7 with the remaining cast in a new location.
  5. “You are defeated now, Black Fairy!” cries Rumple, waving a bunch of pages. “It’s in the script!” “Oh drat!” says the Black Fairy, and obligingly turns to dust.
  6. Rumple makes the Black Fairy watch all the back episodes of OUAT and her head explodes.
  7. She falls down a giant plot hole. No-one notices.
  8. Mulan comes to town and gives the Black Fairy TLK. They open a combination martial arts dojo/S&M dungeon called Honor Hurts.
  9. The Black Fairy is secretly Wish!Cora, who decides to stay in Storybrooke and enjoy indoor plumbing and free cheesecake.
  10. Henry uses his magic pen to change the book to Once Upon a Sexytimes– everyone falls into the Skinemax dimension and bangs out their conflict.

Chinese Swordsmanship- Jian vs. Spear with Scott M. Rodell & Kisu Stars

Presented by teachers Scott M. Rodell of Great River Taoist Center and Kisu Stars of West Gate Kung Fu. Rodell’s sword work is based in his training in Yang Family Taiji Jian. Kisu Stars’ Spear technique is borne from his training in Northern Shaolin. Thanks again to all the guys at 276 Sterling Studio in Toronto, Ontario for making this video possible. If you like what you see, please SUBSCRIBE to


I was obsessed with this scene…I noticed how goten had his eyes closed?? Maybe it’s just how bad it looks when zoomed in soo close.. But to me it looks like he’s crying because he FINALLY gets to see his dad. Everyone around Goten always spoke so highly of his father, and now he finally gets to see him and even hug him
ALSO look how Goku just stares at him and kneeling down to pick him up ;-;

i’m so flippin proud of Chris ( @canadianunicorncorps ) bc our instructor told him that after Chris graduates, he could open his own school using our instructor’s school’s name and teach the same stuff our instructor teaches (like the specific way he combines Russian fisticuffs, Iberian sword, and Indonesian silat). Chris has avoided teaching it in our college club until now bc it’s our instructor’s intellectual property, and it’s very high-level, but our instructor now deems Chris ready to introduce it to other people. so at first he just told Chris this privately (and Chris later told me) but then! at our semesterly group dinner, he brought it up to the whole table because he wanted all his other students to know! like damn it’s so awesome.

Martial Arts Questions Game
Rules: Tag people!

Thanks @princessspower for the tag!!

When you first tried martial arts: 1st grade

Martial arts you have trained in: American Kenpo karate, bjj, little boxing, little sambo

Other physical activities you do: weight lifting/bodyweight, running, yoga

Martial art you most want to try: kickboxing. or judo

Most recent martial arts movie you saw: rewatched ip man the other day

Most recent martial arts book you read: On The Warrior’s Path

Fav martial arts movie: I’m pretty fond of the Kill Bill series ngl

Fav martial arts book: Eon by Alison Goodman

What do you wear for training: in karate, a black karate gi and a t shirt or tank top (hair braided or in a ponytail). in bjj, either white or black bjj gi, with rash guard top and shorts (hair in a looped ponytail).

Do you practice outside of class?: lmao not nearly as much as I should be

Worst martial arts injury: my knees are crazy fucked up from a fun mix of karate stances, kicks, and doing squats….

3 favorite martial artists: Donnie Yen, Mackenzie Dern, Ronda Rousey

3 martial arts goals this year: 1) commit more to the Gracie diet, 2) get more practice time in over the summer before i leave for college, 3) cross train whenever/wherever I can

Fav movement in your style: karate - I’m a fan of jump spinning kicks, but more practically i use question mark kicks allll the time. bjj - triangle from top mount

Do you compete?: Yes, in bjj. not often enough

Anyone else in your family do martial arts?: my mom and both my younger siblings all do karate

Do you dream in martial arts?: ?? I dream about martial arts pretty often

Any martial arts regrets?: I mean, I always wish I could’ve done more….

Something you learned the hard way: don’t let your ego onto the mat

Advice for someone just starting out: have fun!!! explore!! be careful, be receptive, be respectful

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You know how the games in the gaming club have student cameo? I bet you that the gaming club makes games as club activities

For the art martial game, I’m sure it was something like

Midori: *ask something stupid*
Gema: Alright, let’s make a fighting game where Budo fucking destroys Midori.

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Part 1: Hello! Can I request a matchup? I love to do martial arts and I'm testing for my black belt at the end of the year, I've been doing it for 3-4 years. I write fan fiction all the time and when I'm not doing that I'm singing in choir, reading, or writing. I love animals and I plan on working with them when I'm older. For my personality; I've got depression and anxiety so getting through everyday can be a challenge. I'm very kind and I wear my heart on my sleeve, I've been told.

(Sorry I didn’t mean to send that in just yet ignore it!) Part 2: So I’m quiet and standoffish at first but once you get to know me I’m silly, loud, clingy, and lovable. I have a hard time being myself around people I don’t know- as I have low self-esteem. It takes me a while to get use to someone but once I do, I’m loyal to a fault and I can honestly be slightly possessive. But in a relationship I’m attentive, caring, and loving but I can also be clingy,I hope that’s enough! Thank you so much!

Your match is…

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Jk, it’s actually Viktor.