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“Alright Goten! Yeah! Woohoo!”
“Wow, he looks like a miniature you, Goku”
“Aw, what a little guy huh? And handsome too”


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Tàijí zhǐmíng fǎ (tàijí quán shǐyòng fǎ, Yáng Chéngfu)

The Exact, Clear method in Taiji
quoted from Yang Chengfu’s Taijiquan Applications, trans. Scott M. Rodell


Yòngjìng bùduì, bùyòng lì bùduì, mián ér yǒu gāng duì;
diū bùduì, dǐng bùduì, bù diū bù dǐng duì;
zhān bùduì, bù zhān bùduì, bù jí bù lí duì;
fú bùduì, zhòng bùduì, qīng líng sōng chén duì;
dǎn dà bùduì, dǎn xiǎo bùduì, dǎn yào zhuàng ér xīn yào xì duì;
dǎ rén bùduì, bù dǎ rén bùduì, jiāng dí zhì xīnfú du

Using internal power is not correct, not using muscle strength is not correct, soft but with hardness is correct;
to lose (contact) is not correct, to resist the flow* is not correct, to not lose contact and not resist is correct;
to stick is not correct, to not stick is not correct, not too close not too far is correct;
floating is not correct, sinking is not correct, agile and spirited, loose and sunk is correct;
being bold is not correct, being timid is not correct, being courageous with the mind finely focused is correct,
hitting people is not correct, not hitting people is not correct, the rival controlled so that he’s heart submits is correct.

Some Notes and commentary-
The title of this brief treatise is difficult to render into nice sounding English. The literal idea is that these words clearly outline the correct way to practice taijiquan. Douglas Wile chose to translate the title as, “The Method of Achieving Perfect Clarity in T’ai-chi.”

In the second line, I translated the character dǐng as “resist the flow.” It could also be translated as butting, as in banging one’s head forward. The meaning of dǐng here is to move in opposition to the direction of force. The idea of this line being that one should listen to the duifang and neither resist his or her actions or pull away dodging them, but rather to join with the action’s momentum using it to one’s own advantage. The third line reinforces and adds detail to the previous line pointing out that simply sticking to the duifang is not correct. There is an optimal distance for any set of techniques. One has to be at the correct distance in order to effectively apply the techniques trained in taijiquan. The phrase, “bù jí bù lí,” is a common expression in vernacular Chinese simply meaning, “not too close or too far.”

We’ve told you before of the Knight Fighting Leagues, wherein people dress as knights and play-fight as if they’ve been called a scoundrel and a cur by the parking attendant at Medieval Times. But when Russia, which has been suffering a critical fuck shortage for decades, saw what was going on, they quickly stripped away the pomp and circumstance of medieval lore and started an MMA league with swords.

Medieval MMA is not like typical medieval combat circles, which prefer to focus on the “arts” part of martial arts. Russia’s M-1 Medieval fighting is all about taking fully armored bruisers, giving them swords, putting them in a brightly lit ring, and letting them beat the absolute hell out of each other. M-1 Global, Russia’s biggest MMA league, stumbled upon this incredible formula when they decided to introduce a “Medieval league” in 2015. Starting off as a novelty act, armored knights would tussle to fill the time in between official MMA matches. But the crowd loved the halftime entertainment so much that the organization moved on to full “knight fight nights.” Now, armored warriors fight in a real league with their own categories, title fights, and, of course, champions – whom we imagine get a +1 to their armor bonus or something.

7 Hilariously Bad-Ass Versions Of Ordinary Jobs

Screwball Ninja’s Crack Theories: Black Fairy’s Doom Edition

I don’t know how the Black Fairy will be defeated, but it probably WON’T be any of the following:

  1. Rumple gives Belle a flying assist and Belle brains the Black Fairy with a copy of His Handsome Hero.
  2. Three words: Warlord Bo Peep.
  3. Ogres fall; everyone dies.
  4. The peasants revolt and chuck magic beans at Henry’s entire family tree– cue S7 with the remaining cast in a new location.
  5. “You are defeated now, Black Fairy!” cries Rumple, waving a bunch of pages. “It’s in the script!” “Oh drat!” says the Black Fairy, and obligingly turns to dust.
  6. Rumple makes the Black Fairy watch all the back episodes of OUAT and her head explodes.
  7. She falls down a giant plot hole. No-one notices.
  8. Mulan comes to town and gives the Black Fairy TLK. They open a combination martial arts dojo/S&M dungeon called Honor Hurts.
  9. The Black Fairy is secretly Wish!Cora, who decides to stay in Storybrooke and enjoy indoor plumbing and free cheesecake.
  10. Henry uses his magic pen to change the book to Once Upon a Sexytimes– everyone falls into the Skinemax dimension and bangs out their conflict.

Chinese Swordsmanship- Jian vs. Spear with Scott M. Rodell & Kisu Stars

Presented by teachers Scott M. Rodell of Great River Taoist Center and Kisu Stars of West Gate Kung Fu. Rodell’s sword work is based in his training in Yang Family Taiji Jian. Kisu Stars’ Spear technique is borne from his training in Northern Shaolin. Thanks again to all the guys at 276 Sterling Studio in Toronto, Ontario for making this video possible. If you like what you see, please SUBSCRIBE to


I was obsessed with this scene…I noticed how goten had his eyes closed?? Maybe it’s just how bad it looks when zoomed in soo close.. But to me it looks like he’s crying because he FINALLY gets to see his dad. Everyone around Goten always spoke so highly of his father, and now he finally gets to see him and even hug him
ALSO look how Goku just stares at him and kneeling down to pick him up ;-;

Imagine Chanyeol literally walking on his tiptoes every time Kyungsoo comes near him. He even silences his breathing and pastes on a frozen smile when Kyungsoo notices and gives him a suspicious glare. Ever since Kyungsoo took up martial arts lessons for his new movie role, he’s been living in a constant state of fear. Which Baekhyun seems to have temporarily forgotten as he pinches Kyungsoo’s cheeks with a giggle.

“Judo,” Chanyeol whispers, gazing in horror as Kyungsoo does a foot-throwing move to a dumbfounded Baekhyun. Chanyeol sees Jongdae staring blankly at them and grabs his hand to run them to safety, missing the way Kyungsoo later on pats Baekhyun on the head and gives him a weak smile, a shoulder rub, and an apology for using his reflexes.