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Tough Guy

Carl was busy pacing around in the train station. He couldn’t believe he was about to meet the parents of his girlfriend. It made him incredibly happy but also incredibly scared. Carl had only heard stories about how her father had scared away so many of her previous boyfriends. And Carl wasn’t nearly as tough as them. He’d seen pictures. Most of them looked like they could handle their own in a fight. They were predators of the natural world. But he was more of a sloth, no natural predators because they moved so slowly.

Despite his fear he was going to go meet them. The thought of the hyper-masculine father popped in his head again. Carl’s entire body started shaking. “It’ll be alright. Tiff’s already mentioned who I was and they know I’m coming. Everything will be okay,” he tried soothing himself. But the thought of the father yelling at him still kept him frozen in place. It didn’t matter that Tiffany had already said how much she cared about him. Now he was worried about being rejected by the family.

“Hi. Mind if I sit here?” a girl asked pointing to the seat right next to Carl.

“Uhhh… Yeah! Sure!” He sounded too excited. “I mean that’s okay. I don’t mind. I’m not saving it for anyone.”

“Cool,” she smiled and put her book bag down. She had such a sweet smile it almost helped Carl relax a little bit. For some reason it reminded him of all the times he’d made his girlfriend smile. “Name’s Clara,” she said boldly.

“Carl!” he practically shouted. A clear blush filled his cheeks.

“Well, Carl!” she shouted and then laughed. “Where are you off to today?”

“I’m going to my girlfriend’s parent’s house. We’re getting kind of serious now.” His cringed at how it sounded, ‘Why do I sound so much like a little kid!’

“Oh that’s exciting,”

Carl rubbed the back of his neck. “I’m still a bit nervous though. I’m afraid they’ll look at me and won’t like me…”

“Is it because of the tattoos?”

“Tattoos?” Carl questioned. He wasn’t someone who got tattoos.

“Yeah the one on your neck and hand. That cute sweater you got on can only cover up so much. I’m sure they won’t see if you had a sleeve or something.”

“Oh right…” Carl didn’t know why he’d forgotten about that. He must have been way more nervous that he’d thought. “It’s not really that though…” he tried figuring out what was really bothering him. It was hard to really pinpoint the exact fear he had. He wasn’t a bad guy just probably not the man her father would want her to date. Something abut him always made him feel like he wasn’t good enough for her.

“Hmmm…” Clara really started to think hard. Carl had no idea why some random girl would care so much about why he was worried. “Is it because you got that cute tough guy look? Like you’ve got that super square jaw with the strong piercing eyes. And that beard. MMMmpf. Not to mention one of the best fades I’ve seen in a long time.” She paused for a second trying to think of something. Carl wanted to say that she was wrong but didn’t know why. “Oh! So that’s why you went with the sweater vest!” Obviously she knew something that Carl sure as hell didn’t. “It’s cause you’re trying to look less intimidating. You don’t want to scare the parents!”

Carl almost burst out laughing. “There’s no way in hell I could intimidate her family. Her dad’s like 6’4” military build. He could kick my ass any day of the week.”

“That’s the spirit! Lying. Start your relationship with the parents off right!” She sounded so sarcastic. “That’s sweater vest is a bit tight on you though. Like I get you like showing off your muscles and all but most guys who aren’t as strong as you don’t wear such tight shirts.”

“I don’t think you’re getting it. He’s a huge guy trained by the military. He’s not going to let any guy just be around his daughter,” Carl tried to emphasize the point.

“Yeah but you’re not just some guy. I can tell. You look like you’ve been training your body a long time. Mixed martial arts?” She added a bit of sass as she said it. “Like I’m sure you’ve got the cutest story too. Probably kicking some drunk guy’s ass who was hitting on her and then buying her a drink?”

“Not exactly…” Carl lied. He didn’t like being part of such a cliché story. But somehow she’d nailed it. His girlfriend would always just ‘happen’ to bring it up around her friends boyfriends. Then she’d feel up his muscles while the other boyfriends glared. He knew they were jealous of him but he’d worked so hard to get this way. And feeling his girlfriend’s soft hands feel him up in public felt so good. However if she pulled that stunt in front of her parents, “I’m still a bit nervous.”

“Don’t be,” she held onto her confident smile. “You’re a tough guy. He’s a tough guy. I’m sure you’ll find something to talk about.” Carl nodded absently realizing that he didn’t have anything to worry about.

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Could you write something for this prompt: Lena becomes nervous about the amount of aliens that have threatened her because of Cadmus and, knowing that Superman would be more than willing to bring her down if given the chance, she arms herself with a kryptonite gun. And it's all fine and dandy since she never plans on using it but then she's putting it back in it's safe when an intruder lands on her balcony and Lena finds herself pulling the trigger before she can realize it's Supergirl

Sorry for the Supercorp angst…

She would never admit it to anyone; admit that she was scared, admit that she was terrified that each day would be her last, the sleepless nights racked with worry, or if she did manage to fall into a slumber; the nightmares that awaited her, that stalked her.

She found herself brushing up on her martial arts, found herself adding to her ever growing arsenal of weapons; the taser that was now a permanent fixture in her handbag alongside the small hand gun, the guns she kept in her office, locked in the top drawer of her desk and her safe. Not to mention the ones secured around her penthouse. She wasn’t taking any chances.

She didn’t dwell on the fact that most of her weapons were useless against any cyborg Cadmus, her mother, sent after her.

She opened the safe in her office and took out the lead lined box, the one she had placed in there two months ago, the one she hadn’t told anyone about, not even Kara…

Lena flipped the catches and lifted the lid, a soft green glow illuminating her face. She pulled out the gun and started taking it apart to clean it; she found the process soothing, routine helped her to think, helped her to organise her thoughts.

She picked up one of the bullets and looked it over; she had to admit she was rather proud of what she had been able to achieve- bonding Kryptonite to the lead casing of the bullet, injecting it so that thin strands of the embedded substance wove around the projectile.

Lena knew she was being ridiculous in developing a weapon to take down a Kryptonian in the first place, but after the night Superman had landed on her balcony, she felt the need to protect herself.

There was a soft thud as Superman landed, knees bent, on the balcony to Lena’s office at L. Corp. He pushed through the glass door, searching for the CEO.

There was an attack in Metropolis; it has your brothers handiwork all over it…’

So you’re here to what? Check up on me?’ Lena asked incredulously.

Superman stayed silent.

Because I’m a Luthor?’

Because I can’t trust you not to follow in your brothers footsteps.’

Supergirl trusts me.’

I’m not Supergirl.’

Clearly…’ Lena spat, the venom evident in her voice.

Superman walked up to her and leaned over so that their noses were almost touching.

Let me make myself very clear; if I for one moment have reason to believe that you are heading down the same path as Lex, I will not hesitate to take you down. Understood?’

Lena stayed silent and raised her chin in defiance. Only after he left did she allow her knees to buckle and her lip to wobble. She poured herself two fingers of whiskey as adrenaline coursed through her, her mind working on ways to defend herself should Superman try to make good on his promise.

The project had given Lena something to work on, something to take her mind off the constant danger she was in. She never planned on using the weapon, it was there to offer comfort, a safety net.

Suddenly the office was plunged into darkness and Lena immediately grabbed one of the cartridges, clicking it into place. A quick glance out of the window told her that it wasn’t just L. Corp that was affected, it looked like the whole of National City had lost power.

Lena felt her way along the wall of her office, gun still firmly in her hand, until she reached the fuse box she had insisted be placed in her office in case of emergency.

Using the flash light she kept inside the fuse box to illuminate the wires, Lena started to try and bring power back to her building.

She looked up, startled on hearing a loud crash as someone or something came smashing through the glass door to her balcony.

‘Who’s there?!’ Lena yelled out, standing with the gun held out in front of her.

The figure stood and Lena squinted, but it was too dark to discern who or what was in her office.

The figure raised its hand and Lena panicked, thinking the intruder was holding a gun. Her instincts kicked in and she fired two shots.

The figure fell to the floor as they let out a cry of surprise.

Lena saw a flash of red material in the moonlight and realised that it was a cape. ‘Fuck’ she muttered. She never actually meant to use the Kryptonite bullets against Superman. She moved towards the body, wondering what the hell Superman was doing back in National City, when she saw the blonde curls covering the intruders face.

‘KARA!’ Lena cried out as she rush to Supergirls side, ‘No… No… No…’

‘How did you manage to shoot me?’ Kara spluttered as she looked down at her blood soaked hand in shock.

‘Bullets laced with Kryptonite… What are you doing here?’

‘Blackout… wanted to bring you some candles’ Kara gestured towards the object Lena had thought was a gun, ‘messed up my landing a bit and crashed through your balcony door by accident…’

Lena pulled off her jacket and placed it over Kara’s chest to try and stem the bleeding.

‘I’m so sorry… I didn’t realise…’ Lena sobbed as Kara’s breathing started to slow.

Lena heard a small crackle from the earpiece Kara wore when out as Supergirl and scrabbled to find it.

‘Alex? Alex! You need to send an ambulance to my office now. Kara’s been shot… I… I shot her’

Lena looked at her jacket which was saturated with blood and took Kara’s hand in hers.

‘Kara… Kara listen to me, you can’t leave me. Understood? Not when… not when there’s so much I haven’t said to you.’

Kara smiled weakly as her eyes fluttered closed.

‘Kara! You have to stay with me. I’m so sorry I was too much of a coward to tell you how much to mean to me. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about the Kryptonite gun and how scared I was when your cousin threatened me. I’m so sorry I never told you how I really feel about you.’

‘I know…’ Kara coughed.

Lena looked down at Kara, tears rolling down her cheeks.

‘I know how you feel, because I feel the same…’ Kara whispered, ‘my only regret is I never told you sooner, never got to kiss-’

‘Don’t say that’ Lena interrupted, ‘your sister is sending help, you’re going to be fine.’

Kara’s eyes fluttered closed again.

‘Kara, you don’t get to die on me’ Lena pleaded as her body fell onto Kara’s, their foreheads touching. She heard sirens in the pulling up outside L. Corp and within moments, heard the heavy footfall of a tactical team arriving outside her office.

Alex burst through the door to see Lena hovering over her sisters body, covered in blood, a gun on the floor next to her. She glanced at the box by the open safe and spotted the Kryptonite laced bullets and pieced the events that had transpired together.

‘I love you Kara’ Lena murmured, placing a kiss to Kara’s lips as she felt Alex drag her off of Kara and towards Maggie.

Love… you…’ Kara muttered weakly as she was surrounded by medics who immediately started preparing Kara to take back to the DEO.

‘Lena Luthor, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law…’ Maggie recited Lena’s rights as she snapped the cold handcuffs around Lena’s wrists.

Lena’s mind went black as she saw Kara’s body lifted onto a stretcher; by tomorrow morning it would be all over the news ‘Lena Luthor shoots Supergirl’ and she will have become the one thing she always promised herself she wouldn’t become; a Luthor…

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What do you think about other points that have been made about d/sus? "Paul's personality is erased to fit the ship". (I have noticed sometimes it is erased in order to fit a heteronormative mindset that needs to establish a "woman" and a "man". Nothing wrong with femininity but Paul isn't feminine.) "It is a ship about worshipping Daryl". (I have seen the majority of the talk revolve around Paul making Daryl feel good. Daryl making Paul feel good isn't discussed as much for whatever reason.)

While I completely understand the concerns here, I don’t think the ship is guilty of doing either of these things—at least not consciously or in a coordinated effort. I’m sure there could be a few outliers who have done so in the past, but as a whole I haven’t seen anyone blatantly disregarding Paul’s personality or his perspective in the relationship. I do understand why it may seem that way, though. This is simply because a) Paul hasn’t had that much screentime and b) we know Daryl far more intimately than we do Paul.

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I've always had a respect for several martial arts but I've always really liked the improvisation styles of Bartitsu and Jailhouse Rock and some of the old school pugilist styles of fighting. Could some of these styles be of equal of greater advantage to superior fightings like ninjitsu and okichitaw or are some styles considered superior for a reason?

Well, this list is jumbled.

We’ll get back to those in a second. The short version, which we’ve explained before is that martial arts are developed for different purposes. They can exist as practical combat arts, where the goal is to dispatch your foe. They can exist as sports, either to promote competitive combat, or simply for exercise. They can exist as exhibition forms, which are designed to stun an audience with amazing displays and intricate choreography.

Some martial arts cross all of these, others exist in one or two focuses exclusively. Just like the martial arts themselves, some martial artists, cross between these. To some extent, the outlook of the martial artist is almost more important than the intent behind the style. Someone who has trained in a practical form is more likely to find practical elements when studying a sport form, and someone who studies for exhibition will be better suited to extrapolating how to make a martial art look it’s best, and can turn around and incorporate that.

Incidentally, when we get people asking about dancing and fighting… dancing isn’t a martial art, but it is a form of physical exhibition. Cross training in dancing won’t help you fight, but it can help you make your martial arts look better. Which, if you’re an entertainer (be that an actor, stunt performer, or even a competitive sport fighter) can be a real asset to your career.

Jailhouse Rock is an Elvis song, not a martial art. To be fair, it is also a catch all term for martial arts practiced in prisons. You’ll see some adaptation to the various styles in question, to account for the environment they’re used in, but, at it’s core, this is simply a way of saying, “they took a martial art, and then used it, in prison.” Beyond that, it’s basically impossible to make any generalizations about it as a unified thing, because it’s not one martial art, it’s, literally thousands of different practitioners, unified only by their incarceration.

Jailhouse Rock, can refer to self taught fighters, who don’t know what they’re doing, it could refer to martial artists with multiple belt ranks in different styles, or it could refer to individuals with military training. Rather obviously, none of these three things will look like the others. It can also result from different martial artists, in prison, working together and learning from each other. At which point, knowing who was involved would tell you a lot about how effective their resulting style would be. But, there is no one martial art there.

Bartitsu is really interesting. The cliche about Asian martial artists being highly secretive and refusing to train outsiders is one that has some historical basis. Before the 1940s and ‘50s, it was very rare to see a westerner who had received training in any Asian martial arts. Usually this gets presented as simple racism, but there were practical considerations as well. Sharing martial techniques with outsiders (any outsiders, not just Europeans) meant they now had the opportunity to reverse engineer and develop counter techniques.

A partial exception to this was E. W. Barton-Wright, who, in the 1890s, spent several years living in Japan before returning to England. Barton-Wright had, evidently, gained the opportunity to study Judo and or Jujitsu during his time in Japan, and on his return, began adapting some of their techniques into British boxing, European fencing, and (possibly) several other European martial arts. He eventually convinced several Jujitsu practitioners to come to his school in London, and act as instructors. All of this, before 1905. He named the resulting martial art after himself, adding the -itsu suffex to the first syllable of his surname.

Part of the reason this is significant, and really interesting is, between 1900 and 1950, almost all of the core Japanese martial arts (Judo, Jujitsu, Aikido, ect.) died off. The post war martial arts are reconstructions, but it’s not quite the same thing. Much like modern HEMA, modern Jujitsu isn’t the martial art that was actually used in historical warfare. It’s also important to note that the modern forms of Judo and Jujitsu were not the martial arts that Barton-Wright studied.

What also makes Bartitsu interesting is, there’s the distinct possibility it survived. While Barton-Wright stopped teaching in the early 1900s, several splinter schools may have preserved the techniques. It’s hard to know with certainty how accurate they are to the original martial art, and there is an open question if the modern version of Bartitsu is a revival, or a reconstruction. But, it is an interesting subject.

Bartitsu is also, almost certainly, the martial art that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle referred to in Sherlock Holmes (specifically The Adventure in the Empty House). Though Doyle misspelled it “Baritsu.”

Ninjitsu is a rarity. This is one of the few Japanese martial arts that survived the 20th century, basically, unmolested. Historically, ninjas had a very specific role in Japanese society, and due to considerations resulting from that, it managed to survive.

Modern Ninjitsu isn’t that different from the historical forms, and this is a martial art that is designed with the idea that you need to kill your opponent front and center. Actual Ninjitsu training includes elements designed to remind the practitioner about the importance and value of human life. And it’s really important to understand that actual practitioners aren’t kill crazy assassins. But, they have studied a martial art that’s designed to kill.

This puts Ninjitsu in a really strange, and somewhat unique place, among martial arts; it’s a traditional martial art that hasn’t been defanged, and in many ways is more akin to modern practical martial arts. It’s also one of the few places where you can get a good look at pre-war Japanese martial arts, particularly in the variation between different schools.

Okichitaw always saddens me. Anyone who’s followed us for any length of time has probably picked up on my general philosophy that people are stronger when we learn from each other. That sharing and spreading information is, on the whole, a positive. If we fear what we don’t know, and the old Star Wars chain of emotions holds true, then learning about, and from, others is probably the single most important step towards building a better world.

It’s also why I almost never use the term “cultural appropriation.” You learn, adopt what works; the people you interact with do the same; and everyone is enriched by the experience. And, very importantly, you don’t learn nearly as much if you stay inside your box, and only interact with people who have the same views and backgrounds you do. You need to get out there; interact with people who’ve had vastly different experiences; and get to know them.

As someone who has spent some time studying First Nations myths and culture, there’s a real tragedy that almost nothing of the Native American civilizations has survived. That includes the martial traditions, that we know existed, because of preserved stories.

Martial traditions can be a very important component of understanding the culture that created them. You can extrapolate the cliche of, “you never really know someone until you fight them,” into a real logical process. Seeing how someone fights, what they prioritize, and how they approach combat, can teach you a lot about what they value socially, and as a person.

The problem is, that Okichitaw is not a First Nations martial art. It is an adapted hybrid of Japanese and Korean martial arts. Ironically, if you asked me and Michi to pool our training and create a new martial art? The result would (probably) be almost indistinguishable from Okichitaw’s hand to hand techniques. It bills itself as a revival of the Cree martial arts, but what it is, in fact, is Judo, Taekwondo, and Hapkido put in a blender.

I have a lot of respect for what George Lepine is trying to do with Okichitaw, and I really do applaud the attempt. But, the result? That’s really sad to me. It’s sad that (to my knowledge) none of the First Nations martial traditions were really preserved. It’s sad to see someone, particularly someone as well educated in martial arts as Lepine is, appropriating another martial art and saying, “yeah, no, this is good enough.” It’s a tragic punctuation of the history of the First Nations. This is one more example of someone expunging elements of First Nations culture in favor of “superior” foreign civilization. Parts of their identity that were already almost in danger of being lost, are now, thanks to Lepine’s good intentions, probably gone forever. It’s a tragedy of good intentions.


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New actions for existing jobs dengeki translations


  • New combos with “Gore Blade” following Riot Sword and “Royal Authority” following Savage Blade have been added. The former has a damage over time effect while the latter has the effect of increasing the weaponskill’s strength.
  • Since these are not enmity-generating, they seems to be primarily for the purposes of increasing DPS either after sufficient enmity is generated or when off-tanking. Defensively, they have an ability which guarantees blocking a single attack known as “Sheltron” and an ability which generates a barrier for nearby party members when the paladin is cured known as “Divine Veil.”
  • We got the impression that the adjustments were focused on allowing the paladin to be utilized more effectively as both a main tank and an off tank.


  • First, a new action called [[JP: Embu, direct translation is something like “martial arts demonstration”]] has been added to change from one form to another. This might be a little confusing, so to give a specific example, there might be some situations where you are trying to avoid enemy attacks and Greased Lightning wears off, but if you’re using this action to change forms without attacking, it would be easier to maintain Greased Lightning.
  • I’m happy to report that this is on the same recast timer as weaponskills and the GCD. By the way, when no form is applied, Opo-opo Form is granted when this is used. In other words, you can go straight into Opo-opo Form at the beginning of combat and apply the additional effect from Dragon Kick immediately. Since only the form changes, even if you use the new action while in Coeurl Form, it won’t have any effect on Greased Lightning.
  • Another new action is the buff known as “Chakra.” This has the feeling of “Focus” or “Accumulate” from monk earlier in the series where the buff can be built up to V. At Chakra V, two abilities become available which consume the stacks: “Purify” [[maybe “Purification,” based on JP equivalent and past FF series use]] with a TP recovery effect and “Forbidden Chakra” [[direct translation is something like “Yin and Yang Chakra Attack”]] which is a weaponskill that deals high damage. 
  • Additionally, another weapon skill that deals very high damage by consuming Greased Lightning III has been added [[“Tornado Kick”]], and monks have also received a long-awaited ranged technique (with quite a cool animation), so it feels like a lot will change.


  • As a counterpart to the “Defiance” tank mode, so to speak, “Deliverance” has been added as a DPS mode. This has the effect of increasing damage dealt and also applies a stacking buff called “Abandon” (which increases critical hit rate) up to a maximum of V. This is similar to the Wrath mechanic in Defiance.
  • One point of great interest is that when you switch between Defiance and Deliverance, the number of accumulated stacks of Wrath or Abandon are maintained. As a particular example, if you switch from Deliverance to Defiance with Abandon III up, it will change to Wrath III automatically. This makes it possible to instantly change from a defensively to an offensively oriented focus, which will further expand the jobs attacking ability.
  • Additionally, the new ability “Raw Intuition” (guaranteed parry from the front, but guaranteed critical hit from any other direction) and a new HP recovery action are being added to help for main tanking.


  • The largest of the new features for dragoon is the new buff “Blood of the Dragon.” The effect of the buff itself is to increase the effects of Jumps and Spineshatter Dive, but when the Full Thrust or Chaos Thrust combos are used, new finishers will be available [[straight JP: “Dragonfang Dragonclaw” and “Swinging Dragon Tail”]], changing them from three step to four step combos.
  • It’s possible to prolong the effect of Blood of the Dragon by using certain weapon skills. On the other hand, certain techniques also shorten the duration of Blood of the Dragon, so it will be important to think about how to build your rotation to maintain the duration of Blood of the Dragon.


  • Similar to the Gauss Barrel of Machinist that was described earlier, a new song called “Wanderer’s Minuet” will be added for bard which will add a casting time to weapon skills to increase their damage and stop auto-attacks from occurring.
  • Additionally, the Minuet has the effect of adding the new attack actions “Empyreal Arrow” and “Iron Jaw.” The latter has the effect of refreshing the effects of Venombite and Windbite if they are already applied to an enemy and the new “Sidewinder” will increase the damage of applied Venombite and Windbite effects, so managing the two DoT skills will be more of a focus than before.


  • The ability “Issou” will be added, strengthening a single weapon skill, and a new three-stage physical attack skill known as “Mugen Sandan” will be added. Other noteworthy additions are the ability to suppress the enmity generation of other party members or the ability to transfer the majority of the ninja’s enmity to other party members (“Kage Watari”). 
  • It’s likely that ninja will become more active with the role of controlling the enmity of party members. In addition, there is a new weapon skill as a combo from Gust Slash which can prolong an active Huton effect, opening up the door to other offensive possibilities.

White Mage

  • New actions which further the pure healing focus of White Mage are being added, such as “Asylum,” which generates a healing field area on the ground, “Assize,” which is a combination AoE damage and healing ability, and “Tetragrammaton,” a targeted instant healing ability.
  • Because “Assize” and “Tetragrammaton” are instant recovery abilities, white mages should have enhanced ability to respond in an emergency. Additionally, the higher tier earth elemental spell “Stone III” and wind elemental spell “Aero III” are being added, so their attacking capabilities will be enhanced as well.

Black Mage

  • The most important of the new actions is “Enochian.” Only under the effects of this action and Astral Fire or Umbral Ice will the powerful new spells “Fire IV” and “Blizzard IV” become available. However, since “Fire IV” and “Blizzard IV” do not extend Astral Fire or Umbral Ice, they will still need to be used in conjunction with actions like Fire and Fire III, so properly building the new rotation will be needed to truly shine.
  • The new “Sharpcast” will guarantee the enhanced bonus effect for the next cast Fire, Thunder, or Scathe, and it will be important to use these in combination with Swiftcast. “Ley Lines” can be used to generate a magic circle at the caster’s location. This has an effect of increasing the attack speed of the caster while within the circle, but if they leave the range, to avoid an enemy’s attack for example, both the effect and the field area will disappear. As with the new bard and machinist mechanics, it will be important to decide when and where will be best to stop moving.


  • The main focus of the new Summoner abilities is enhancing the strength of the Summoner itself, not the Egi pet. For direct attacks, the new actions “Ruin III” and “Tri-disaster” (the existing action has been renamed as “Tri-bind”) will be added. Tri-disaster inflicts Bio, Bio II, and Miasma at the same time, so it should be quite important. The biggest new action, though, is the consumable “Bahamut Aether,” which is granted by consuming Aetherflow.
  • The “Bahamut Aether” buff has the effect of increasing magic damage dealt, and allows you to trigger “Dreadwyrm Trance” when you reach three stacks. With the effect of Dreadwyrm Trance active, you can activate a highly damaging action. Thus far, the uses for Aetherflow have been pretty fixed, so this will force you to put some further thought into it.


  • One new move called “Dissipation” is used by returning a summoned fairy. Despite the disadvantage of not having a fairy summoned for a period of time, the move has a powerful bonus effect. Apparently it was considered to be too strong, so it’s currently undergoing some last minute adjustments.
  • For new recovery actions, the new Aetherflow-consuming “Indomitability” is being added as an AoE heal, and “Emergency Tactics” converts the barrier effect of cures to additional curing power. Another new ability [[“Deployment Tactics”]] spreads the effects of Eye for an Eye and Galvanize from one party member to nearby party members. Many of the new actions will take some thought as to when they are best utilized.
  • In general, both the instantaneous healing ability and the barrier generating abilities of scholar have been enhanced. Additionally, a new non-elemental magic attack action has been added.

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What qualifications do I need to be a royal nanny!? :D I'm not from the UK tho..:'(

Maria (George’s nanny) isn’t from the UK either! She’s spanish. But here are some of her credentials:

“Ms Borrallo trained at the prestigious Norland College which has been producing childminders for the rich and famous since 1892. The institution’s students are known for their distinctive uniforms and are schooled in all aspects of looking after youngsters during their three-year degree course. The training costs £36,000 in total and the college in Bath recently added martial arts training and stunt driving to its curriculum to cater for modern clients - many of whom are celebrities and the super-rich. Tae Kwon-Do is believed to be the martial art of choice - which has been specially adapted to include how to dodge a potential kidnapper with a pram. Nannies are also trained in how to deal with paparazzi and are taken to Castle Combe Racing Circuit in Wiltshire to perfect their driving skills and learn how to drive at high speed in any weather condition. Driving away from pursuing photographers being the main reason for the training.”

Martial Arts blogs

Originally, this list was gonna be for blogs focused on martial arts, but there are more out there that are indeed martial artists, so… some of these blogs are focused on martial arts, and some aren’t, but they do post martial arts related stuff among their blogging, and if I’m not mistaken, everyone on this list is a practitioner, so we are all still part of the community, and we all have more chances to meet and interact with other martial artists, regardless of their blogging style, so it’s really up to you guys to decide which to follow, but definitely check them all out.

I left some out, since they haven’t been active for months, and hey, if I follow you and forgot to put you on this list, send me a message, and I’ll add you immediately!

Also, if you come across this post and you blog about martial arts, and you want to be added to the list, send me a message!



























































































And of course, me, too! shaped-by-karate =]

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If budoblrs were Harry Potter Characters - (Finished!)

Here is what I have so far! Whatcha think?

Hermione Granger- kellyann-graceful-warrior (I mean come on, you graduate two years early and are a writing fellow and just all around awesome.)

Voldemort- N/A duh.

Draco Malfoy- anthonyleeabadeer . (I mean this in the best way)

Albus Dumbledore- shaped-by-karate (but like a young Albus)

Ginny Weasley- cchickki aka martialartsprobs

Luna Lovegood- roundhousechick

Hagrid- royaldragon5 (You’re both here for the dragons)

Minerva McGonagall- she-kicks-she-throws (I feel strongly about this)

Remus Lupin- dr-grayson (I think Remus would definitely do Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do too)

Sirius Black- @manwithoutborders

Angelina Johnson - jitsbeginner33 

Nymphadora (tonks) Lupin- thestickchick (I think she would definitely be all about sticks if she didn’t have a wand)

Cho Chang- hyperactivebookworm01 (because you’re definitely a ravenclaw I think) 

Bellatrix Lestrange- hyenamatriarchy

James Potter- tremblinggigan

Unicorn - rosslynpaladin

Hedwig- spadrill

Lily Evans Potter- train-go

Narcissa Malfoy- can-kill-this-dragon (but you’re only the good and complex parts of her)

Dean Thomas- aalangley6

Viktor Krum- barbellsandblackbelts (Do you agree?)

Seamus Finnigan- @thebatteredgentleman

Padma Patil- generousdonutwhispers

Pomona Sprout- sparkseeker97

Katie Bell- doomedtopain

Madam Hooch- cassieceee

Fat Friar - capoeira-fighter (but like a normally sized friar)

Oliver Wood- marlowthewarlord

James Sirius Potter - strikeblr 

Poppy Pomfrey- majael95

Molly Weasley- bearkatonabike

George Weasley- ryn13 (this is what I decided on after going through your blog) :)

Hippogriff- assassinwannabefitness (all powerful, but awesome and beautiful)

Charlie Weasley- (BOOM FINISHED)- throwtime

Please understand that if you’re not exactly flattered by the character you got, I’m imagining you as the absolute best part of that character. 

Still some room for more people (obviously), so let me know if you want to be added.