martial arts (male)

Turk nick-names

Nicknames are weird things. When people hang around together long enough they develop all kinds of nicknames for each other whose origins are competely mysterious to outsiders, Why, for instance, is my tall and very thin son known in the family as “Skippy”, “The Fat One” and “Potato”? Sometimes the story of how a nickname came to be can be long and convoluted. Other times they just appear out of nowhere. Nicknames are a way of defining the in-group and keeping the out-group at arm’s length. So, while I was strollng home from work today, I started imagining Turk nick-names and these popped into my head:

Two Guns:  Trig - from Trigger

Rod: Buzz (aka The Drone)

Nunchuks: Crackers (from Clackers). Also sometimes Goldie, Goldielocks, and Curly.

Knives: Slash

Martial Arts, Male: Cuffers, from “Fisticuffs”

Martial Arts, Female: Noogie, indirectly from Knuckles (or sometimes Chuckles, because she’s humourless)

Rude: Kathy, from “Chatty Kathy” from Chatterbox

Reno: Sparky

Katana: Na-Na - (from Banana, from Katana-Banana)

Cissnei: Queenie. Because she’s the queen.

Tseng: The Boss

Veld: The Chief, the Gaffer, the Guvnor.

Gun: You know how there’s always one person who defies being nick-named? No nick-name will ever stick to them, no matter how hard you try? That’s Gun. 

The Fallacy of Strong Female Characters

I watched Guardians of the Galaxy and decided I could no longer appreciate these movies. It’s not that the film was bad. It had the light-hearted atmosphere that provides much needed respite from the brooding sci-fi and super hero movies in which Hollywood imagines itself a martyr. This was why the Avengers was also more tolerable for me than, say, most of the recent Batman movies (I never got Batman).

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