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Hello! I just found your blog. Your writing is super cute, I can't help but smile reading all your head canons :) May I request how the RFA+Saeran+V would react to MC being a black belt in martial arts?

Hi there! Thank you so much! :) Glad they make you smile. Hope you enjoy these! 


  • You never really told him about your black belt
  • It came up when he got a role involving some martial arts moves
  • You corrected his form while he was practicing
  • He asked how you knew so much about it so you told him
  • He finds it kinda hot
  • He asks you to show him some moves so you can spar
  • It’s an excuse really
  • Being so close to you
  • Basically hugging?
  • Thats hawt
  • No holding you.
  • Or he won’t be able to contain the beast^™


  • You notice him gaming a lot lately
  • You know it’s just because he’s been really stressed lately
  • You tell him to come to your martial arts class to relieve some stress
  • He agrees, but he’s kind of in awe that you’re a black belt
  • He’s really bad at fighting
  • But it’s really cute
  • You end up coaching him throughout the lesson
  • The next day you notice he’s trying to cover up the fact that he’s so sore
  • “Yoosung, can you get that cup for me.”
  • He makes strained sounds as he reaches for the glass a foot away from him
  • “You okay?”
  • “Yeah, yeah, MC….just stretching. Haha….”


  • She has a black belt
  • You have a black belt
  • Sparring buddies!
  • You both like to destress from work by going outside and fighting
  • Honestly, it’s refreshing to fight someone at the same level
  • You teach each other new moves every once in awhile
  • Such fun times


  • He finds out when you come home one day sweaty and tired
  • He asks what you’ve been doing, and you explain about your martial arts
  • He is super impressed
  • You mention you wish you had a sparring buddy so you didn’t have to go out to train
  • The next day he shows up in a martial arts uniform ready to go
  • He got you matching ones--with a little cat pawprint on it
  • Only he didn’t realize you were a black belt
  • You tell him you’ll show him what you know
  • But he’s so scared of hurting you
  • “Okay, Jumin, kick me.”
  • “What? Are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you…”
  • “You’re not even touching me!”
  • He quits after a few days because he’s too scared you’ll get hurt somehow
  • But he’ll make you have any equipment or anything else you need


  • He found out by accident
  • He was trying to scare you by popping out from behind a corner
  • He didn’t expect to be judo flipped
  • You realized it was him and started apologizing like crazy
  • After he caught his breath, he started laughing
  • “Can you do that again? That was fun!”
  • He had gotten rusty with his fighting skills since he left the agency
  • You decide to help him get into ship shape
  • Impromptu spars
  • You’ll be eating dinner, and you’ll call out a fight
  • He says he hates it, but he enjoys anything with you


  • While he was still recovering, he would have bursts of violence
  • You usually calmed him down when he got emotional
  • But when he grew especially violent (usually towards Saeyoung) you were easily able restrain him
  • You decided that martial arts might be a good way for him to vent
  • He’s skeptical because he’s scared he’ll hurt you accidentally
  • You convince him you can handle yourself
  • End up having weekly sparring sessions
  • Afterwards you’ll go out for something to eat
  • He enjoys these days the most


  • When you said you wanted to stay in Rika’s old apartment, he wasn’t thrilled
  • “It might still be unsafe. We made a lot of enemies.”
  • You assure him that you’re capable of defending yourself
  • You tell him about your black belt
  • When his eyesight gets worse, you get worried about him traveling so much
  • You show him a few self defense moves to help him
  • He’s actually a quick learner and a good student
  • You start wondering if he’s making mistakes on purpose
  • Especially when you place his hands in the right position around your neck or on you waist
  • Steals a few kisses in between

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Hey Spencer, darling!

Hey Spencer, darling!


Anon said : Idk if your doing requests but I was wondering if you could do something with spencer Reid where your British so you’d have an English accent and your accent turns him on loads so the team kinda tease him about it because he blushes when you speak and he’s always hiding his lower half bcs of your voice but in the end you admit that you also find his voice incredibly sexy (maybe throw in some smut if you’re up to it ?) thank you doll I’m seriously In love with your writing you’re pure talent ❤❤❤

Relationship: Spencer Reid X Reader

Rating : Mature (Please do not read if you are under-aged)

WARNINGS ! : Explicit sexual content.

CopyRight: I do not own Spencer Reid , Criminal Minds nor any of the other characters mentioned in this story.  No copyright infringement is intended.

Author’s Notes : Ok so the reader (that’s you) has a british accent. I wanted to write what she says like that (can you even write british?) but it was kind of weird so I’ll leave it up to you guys to imagine an accent when the reader speaks. Enjoy!

Maybe this transfer wasn’t going to be so bad. You think to yourself stepping inside the BAU building. Sure, it was against your wishes and you did leave a life behind. You’re not going to lie to yourself, you were reluctant and against it ….at first. But a month has passed and you can’t help to notice you’ve already grown fond of your new team.

They were different from all your previous ones, they were like a family. You are the new member, and you love it. All the attention, all the questions, being part of their special bond. Everybody seems to have accepted you, even like you, you might dare to think.

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“Martial art is a form of expression, an expression from your inner self to your hands and legs.”

- Donnie Yen


This woman performed with our group on the road in various villages and cities in Xuwen, Guangdong, China. I don’t know the form or even the particular style of Tai Chi, I’m guessing it could be a standardized style. I had to put music over the audio because at that particular venue, the MC was shouting over the microphone to get the audience to applaud and support the performers which was really loud and annoying. Kudos to her for blocking the shouty guy out and focusing on her form.


So, apparently, the lavabending we see in LOK (Ghazan’s at least) is somewhat inspired by the bājíquán martial arts form which uses a lot of elbow and knee strikes.

As for Avatar Jafar and why he’s using something akin to waterbending form I can provide some possible explanations:

  1. Avatar Jafar just has more bending/elemental knowledge (Even if the URN citizens know how to incorporate other bending forms into their style, not many benders in the URN stick to traditional forms. Beside, Ghazan and Bolin grew up in the EK/United Republic of Nations which is heavily influenced by the Hun gar/earthbending style of fighting. Although we see some airbending influences with probending, most URN bendrs seem to stick with an earthbending-influenced style).
    1. Interestingly, Unalaq, the Water Tribe Twins, and Tonraq all seem to have an earthbending-based fighting style despite not being from the URN. I bet we can attribute that to cultural and environmental influences.
  2. Bending lava from a volcano isn’t the same as bending lava out of the earth. The lava in a volcano flows more freely and does not need to be coaxed from the earth.
  3. Going along with the second point, it could also be that the Avatar State just makes bending lava easier, and because of that Avatar Jafar can have an easy time using waterbending form to bend the lava.

I would have definitely loved to have people bending lava like a waterbender though.


// roda eMotion 

This set of three series of abstract light figures demonstrates the flow of energy in a capoeira game. Capoeira is a unique martial arts form, which combines dance and combat. For this series LED tubes were attached to the arms and legs of two capoeiristas to follow their movement during their dialogue. 

See the second part >here< of the series eMotion.

// roda eMotion 

Dieses Set aus drei Serien von abstrakten Lichtfiguren veranschaulicht den Energiefluss in einem Capoeiraspiel. Capoeira ist eine einzigartige Kampfkunst, in der  Bewegungen aus Kampf und Tanz vereinen. Für diese Serie wurden LED Schläuche an den Armen und Beinen zweier Capoeristas befestigt, um ihren Bewegungen während ihres Diaglogs im Spiel zu folgen. 

>Hier< geht es zum zweiten Teil der Serie eMotion.


Angampora (Sinhala: අංගම්පොර, Tamil: அங்கம்போர) is a style of martial art native to Sri Lanka and is said to be over 30,000 years old. It is a physical and spiritual training of body and mind in the art form of defense combat, which was almost lost forever during the British Colonization of the Island.

rogue one: headcanon: chirrut imwe


this was originally supposed to be, like, two paragaphs max. um.

I’ve always imagined that Chirrut had been brought to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant as a baby or toddler. He grew up in the creche and trained with other younglings. (Canonically, Obi-wan is five years older than Chirrut, so maybe he had to help babysit him at some point.) He liked trying to prank Yoda, lbr.

But when he went to the Gathering - the ritual for all Jedi younglings where they travel to the Crystal Cave of Ilum and earn their own personal kyber crystal - he does not pass, technically. He conquers his fears, his failings, but… the crystals won’t shine for him. He can feel them - oh, how he can feel them! He’s always had a knack for that. But not a single one sings to say, “You are mine, and I am yours.”

He leaves, shame-faced, among his exuberant creche-mates

(He goes again and again every year, but the results are the same. Conquering his fears becomes harder.)

I don’t know if failing to find your crystal equals automatic failure in the Initiate Trials, but in any case, no one chooses Chirrut as a Padawan. He’s given a choice: serve the Jedi by joining the Service Corps, or leave the Order and, we ask, help others with what you’ve been taught.

“I will go home, Master Yoda,” says Chirrut, “to Jedha.”

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Late night Practise

As my life goes, I usually end up doing the most physical exertion just before showering & going to bed, ie, after I’ve gone through a full day & night. Hoping to shift this slightly.


Set myself the goal of practising Siu Lim Tao 1,000 times.

I do it the first thing in the morning, but I’m adding an additional 5 times in the evening/night when I’m back home towards the 1,000.
So between yesterday & today I’ve done it 10 times. ie 1% towards my goal.

This is the funniest and simplest thing, which I think is understated a lot. Just focusing on practising something, repeatedly. Even after you think you get it. Do it again. Do it slowly. Do it thinking about each motion. Do it and stop & check your self, from soles of feet to crown of head. 

Sometimes I’m going through the motions, then there’s a moment when suddenly my mind fills in the empty space with a mental construct showing applicability. These flashes of inspiration remind me how much I love martial arts. And that drives me to find out everything else for every other move. This kind of mindset is great for all forms.

1% Doesn’t feel like much. Thinking that I’ll have to replicate this effort by 100 times, feels daunting. But the first step has been taken, the inertia is broken. Now it’s just motivation & discipline.

Fighting the Good Fight.

~Karl (H)


Changquan, a Northern Chinese martial art form that Azula’s firebending style is partially based on, according to Sifu KIsu.

Kata Master (Monk Archetype)

Taking their name from various martial art exercises and demonstration forms, these monks eschew more contemplative meditations in favor of dramatic forms and displays of agility, eschewing some aspects of self-perfection in favor of perfecting the expression of their martial arts.

This does give them an advantage in combat, intimidating foes both on the battlefield or in competition, for many of these monks do make money displaying their exercises and forms in public events.

I can imagine, however, that certain other monastic orders and philosophies view kata masters as frivolous, or even fallen off of the path to enlightenment, and indeed some of them may have, favoring too much the worldly aspect of demonstrating martial art forms that were originally meant to serve as meditation and physical exercise. However, others might say that their flamboyant displays have the advantage of being attractive and appealing to onlookers, drawing interest in their philosophy.

In addition to their ki, these monks can tap into the daring and vigor associated with swashbucklers, treating their unarmed strikes like the finesse weapons favored by such daredevils.

With that in mind, these monks deliver an onslaught of blows that harry and overwhelm foes, potentially striking fear into them.

Tapping into their ki, they can even fuel their deeds with that extra-natural force just as easily as they can with fearless determination.

They also learn to target the limbs and other body parts of foes, seeking to bring fights to an end one extremity at a time.

More powerful masters even use their forms in defense, their movements making foes hesitate to strike.

Looking to blur the monk and the swashbuckler? This archetype is a step in that direction. You can build these monks much as you would others, but with more of a focus on suppressing their foes, rather than with uncanny strikes and resistances. Keep that in mind and you should be fine.

Though they may seem flashy, keep in mind that these monks are just as dedicated. After all, if you’ve even worked with gymnasts, choreographers, or anyone else in the business of perfecting a physically demanding art, you know all too well the amount of labor that goes into it.


Resembling agile skinks, the Rockcrawler Lizardfolk live in desert rock formations, tunneling into the stone for their homes. Their guardians include acrobatic ascetic warriors that spend hours sunning themselves in meditation before launching into acrobatic, dramatic forms not normally expected of most lizardfolk.

Seeing a fragment of a legendary artifact compass, the party will have to enter and win a martial arts tournament, as one of the fragments is the trophy of the competition, locked behind a case that only the recognized champion can open.

Besa the vanara has been thwarting foes in the arena for years, though she does not always exercise the best judgement, preferring to overwhelm foes with her style rather than her cunning. When she insults one of the arena’s patrons, she does not realize the danger, as the vengeful shaman has carved a tupaliq engraved with a spell to hold her fast while she sleeps, so that it can end her with a single bite to the throat.


Master Jin Li-yan demonstrates the transition between a demonstrative form and an actual combat application.
In Bajiquan, many of the forms look…impractical. But this is because, in action, they are different to how they are perceived when demonstrated without an opponent. A raised arm might just look like a raised arm when, when put into practice, it is a brutal punch or drag-style take down.

This is why, today, so many people look down on some styles of martial arts. Because they don’t look like they have applicable use.
To the layman, they look either cartoony or far too simplistic to ever be adopted in a real-life fight situation. And yet, when you see what each move actually represents, it starts to make sense.

Empty Movement

Do not allow your forms to be hollow. You must develop intention, a physically implied movement based on combat application. The beginnings of intention come from visualization of the technique. Visualization can only be developed through physical experience of the technique. Intention becomes the reenactment of how your body interacts when connecting with or striking an opponent. At this point visualization is not merely picturing the image of the opponent, but the feeling of interaction with the opponent.

This is smart shadowboxing, not empty movement. Your combinations will not be the same in application as they are in your form, to think so is naive. However, when you release the single movements from your forms in application, whether in an actual fight or sparring context, you will do so with the fullest potential.

So to know only forms is not enough, you need to know what it feels like to strike, kick, block, throw, then your forms practice will have substance. Still, forms training is only a piece of the larger picture, drilling, sparring, bag work and conditioning must also be practiced regularly and seriously to truly develop the self. When you practice with focused intention your movements will become more agile, stronger and more efficient when applied in any forum.