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Icons for you and your space crazed FE friends. I thought that some of the edits would look good as icons (especially the Camilla edit that a lot of people loved including me), so I tried out a few as icons.

Credit is appreciated, but not necessary if you guys use them.

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Limited Edition Content

Fire Emblem has gained massive traction in the last four months, its gone from a fantastic tactical series that only a smattering of people had known about to a series that Nintendo have begun to take seriously. Although the portable Fire Emblem titles will finish after this one, Nintendo seem dedicated to keeping the series alive especially after the runaway success of FE Heroes a game that, had Nintendo broken into the market earlier, has made new fans and old ones invest with interest. 

This isn’t a review so much as more of a look. I purchased the FE Echoes limited edition and thought I would show what was included in this masterpiece of a remake. 

Box Art- Front and Back

Its actually a lot bigger than I was expecting but with the amount that is in it, it makes sense. I won’t talk about what the box looks like because I am really not that sort of person. Suffice to say though its pretty sweet. 

Pins of Alm, Celica and Marth

Though obviously not much to look at these pins are really nice and as extra’s go in limited editions I could certainly see myself using these somewhere. 

Art book- With some pages

Alright so when I said some…..I meant most pages….minus the one’s with spoilers in them and even those are pretty minor. The art book is really nice, I love it when you can see the influences and detail that go into video games its always something I’ve enjoyed. 

Game case and box art

You’ve probably seen it around so I only took one picture of it. Nothing more to it really still nice though.

Soundtrack and soundtrack art

Really nice design on these. Like the sepia tones that its given.

Alm and Celica Amiibo

Finally we come to the last bits of the package. Quality isn’t great in this picture so I apologise for that. These two Amiibo’s unlock extra dungeons in the game and each one can be summoned to assist in each others campaigns. 

And thats it. As far as limited edition’s go this one really hit the mark. The art book, game and everything is really nicely packaged together. From a personal standpoint its a shame that this, maybe, the last portable title as I thought that this could spark a whole new range of remakes. I hope that if you didn’t get the limited edition that this brings some closure on whats included and be sure to check back here in a few weeks or so for a review on FE Echoes.

Thanks for reading people. Cheers.