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Hell on Wheels + That Moment

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(That moment I realised Lily Bell was a complete badass.) “I tore an arrow from my shoulder and thrust it through his throat. And I pushed. And I didn’t stop pushing until he was dead… So that’s your "Fair-Haired Maiden of the West.”

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So this is the VLOG I did for my “over 700 followers” just for shits and gigs and ‘cause me and Bec (marthajonesed) were hanging and bored. Prue is a special guest in some of it and Muffin barks her head off uuuugh. We answer the questions people gave us (thanks again guys!) and just do random stuff. My voice is annoying and I have a weird face but you’ll be fine if you survive the whole whopping 15 minutes of it (and Bec’s beautifulness makes up for it :-D). No but really, thank you all so much for your support and your general awesomeness. You guys rock. <3