kenolabear  asked:

Hey, sorry to bother you. I'm kind of feeling empty and hopeless inside, like giving up and I know I shouldn't, but I still really want to. Is there any way I could get some Lafayette being happy and on a picnic with the revolutionary crew. (I just need some fluff to lift me up) Thanks!

Enjoy some happy Laf with a very happy crew! You may need to brush your teeth after this one ;) I hope you feel better soon, bby, and remember that the fam is always here for you! <333

“THEY’RE HERE!” Alexander bellowed from the living room. He was perched on the back of the couch, looking out the front window like an overexcited puppy.  

“Coming!” Laf replied, rushing to finish tossing the last of the sandwiches–– all PB & J–– into the wicker picnic basket Martha had lent him.

Her eyes had glistened as she handed it to him the night before. “This was the basket I took with me on the date George and I went on when he proposed.” Lafayette had heard this story many times before, but he realized he’d never seen the basket.

Now, looking at it on the kitchen counter, he smiled fondly. They were all much too young for proposals, but he liked the idea of this basket insuring a happy time would be had by all. The Happy Times Basket, he thought to himself, chuckling aloud.

“Laf!” Alex whined from the other room.

“Coming, mon ami, coming,” the French boy said with a laugh.

Alex jumped off the couch and ran toward the door when he saw Laf emerge from the kitchen. They walked outside and met their other two friends, Alex grabbing Laurens’ hand and grinning, Laf just smirking at Hercules, who took the basket from Laf and carried it the few blocks to the park.

Once they were there, Laf, the eternal host, took the blanket out of the basket and spread it out under a tree. He motioned for his friends to sit down, then tossed one juice box each at them, making sure Laurens got a grape one instead of apple, since grape was his favorite.

After that, he passed out the sandwiches before settling down with his friends, a smile on his face.

“Mmm, babe, this sandwich is great,” Hercules said through a full mouth. He swallowed before continuing. “I know it’s just PB & J and technically we should all be able to make that, but damn, you’re just better at it.” He chomped into the sandwich again as Alexander and Laurens made sounds of agreement.

Lafayette grinned. “What can I say, mes amis? I am, how you say…” he stroked his chin for a moment, pretending to have forgotten the word. “Oh, yes, talented!” he shouted.

After their sandwiches, Laf pulled out a surprise: homemade sugar cookies with red, white, and blue sprinkles on them.

“So today is Bastille Day in my dear France,” Lafayette said. “And I thought what better way to celebrate than with some sweets!” He held the container out to his friends, who all eagerly took one.

“Wait, a toast!” Laurens said before anyone could bite into a cookie. He lifted his cookie toward the sky. “A toast to Lafayette, the best friend we could ever ask for. The culinary hero we all need, and the fabulous French-American, who we love as much as he loves both of his countries,” Laurens said with a wink.

“Here here!” Alex and Herc echoed, the boys raising and bringing their cookies together, making fake clinking noises before finally biting in.

“MMM!” Alex exclaimed.

“Damn, babe!” Herc said, already reaching for a second one.

“Oh, mes amis!” Laf said with a wave of his hand. He would never tell them, but it was days like these that made him so glad he came to America.

Before he shut his eyes and let his head rest in Herc’s lap, he caught sight of the wicker basket and smiled. One more happy memory, he thought, sighing contently as Herc ran his fingers through his hair. And many more to come.