martha's quest

somniumaddiction  asked:

still a little bit til english fgo drops, but what would you recommend for the giveaway 4* servant in terms of utility?

heracles is a really reliable berserker and especially in early game the raw punching power of a zerker will be a great help. put him on your frontline in early game and then switch him to backline in midgame once you have more servants so he can save your ass if things go south. if you don’t have any personal preferences for other servants just go with him he will serve you well far into lategame. if you prefer cute girls tamacat is a decent choice too, but she’s trickier to use well and not as powerful

martha needs her strengthening quests to really shine and those can’t be done until she’s maxed out but she’s far from useless before then and after that she’s a fantastic support. party-wide debuff removal plus heal isn’t something many servants can offer, and she also has an enemy buff removal with a defence debuff. one of my two most trusted generals.

elizabeth is pretty bulky thanks to her battle continuation and she provides great all-purpose buffs and debuffs. after her strengthen quest she has one of the most powerful attack buffs in the game for female servants. the other of my two most trusted generals.

marie’s first skill isn’t too great but her other two more than make up for it. her three hit invincibility and self heals mean she’ll last until the last stretches of whatever fight you’re having for sure, and her np even heals a little. she’s also very cute

d’eon couldn’t punch a dent in a pack of butter and their np leaves a lot to be desired as a debuff too but early on their unique 3-turn taunt will be really useful for keeping damage away from your other, more fragile servants. their job in any team comp is basically to take hits instead of the rest of the team. recommended if you’re into minmaxing and rolled a good berserker, since the defensive options of a berserker usually come down to “kill the enemy before it kills you”

emiya is horrible when you first get him and needs materials that won’t be available for another few chapters to ascend and level his skills but after his strengthen quests he’s got one of the best self crit buffs in the game and packs some real power. a long term investment, but if you like him anyway he’s not a bad choice

siegfried and stheno are…. bad. don’t get them unless you love them more than you love yourself because they WILL make you suffer for it.

As she turned the pages and the lines of print came gently up through her eyes to her brain, without assault, what she gained was a feeling of warmth, of security; for here were ideas which she had been defending guiltily for years, used as the merest commonplaces. She was at home, she was one of a brotherhood.
—  Doris Lessing (Martha Quest)

Can we talk about how Dr Martha Jones went up against the Master and the Toclafane with only the help of (mostly non-time traveling, probably formerly civilian) humans? She tricked the Master, completely, while her family and her friends were being held by him. I think, during her quest, Martha was one of the loneliest companions. She spent a year with no permanent companions walking through the wasteland of her planet. I think Jack is really the only one who was ever that alone (being stuck in the wrong time and immortal).

Why do people give Martha shit after that? She saved the fucking world when the Doctor couldn’t. She tricked a Timelord! And she was her own person in a way a lot of the other companions aren’t. She knew what she wanted when she met the Doctor, and she followed that. Her dreams shifted a little, working with UNIT and Torchwood instead of an ordinary hospital, but she became a Doctor just like she wanted and she was a total badass while doing it.

She read as if this were a process discovered by herself; as if there had never been a guide to it. She read like a bird collecting twigs for a nest. She picked up each new book, using the author’s name as a sanction, as if the book were something separate and self-contained, a world in itself.
—  Doris Lessing (Martha Quest)