martha's face

Sooo somebody should totally make a gifset of all the New Who companions’ “I’m so going to kill the Doctor” face when they’re super annoyed at him (and River should definitely be included)


The Doctor Donna

… she slipped her anger into something silky and attractive, like she was putting on a lacy nightgown.
—  Martha Schabas, Various Positions

doctor who otp doodle prompt roundup! :3

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thanks so much to everyone who submitted a prompt–i had a fantastic time working on them! <3 <3 <3



This photo accurately describes Matt Smith

one of the reasons why i appreciate the doctor standing up for bill is that back when i saw the family of blood two-part special, i was very disappointed with how the writers treated the bigotry and racism martha faced to protect the doctor, and it hurt me that the doctor never really stood up for her or even apologized after gaining his memories back for practically treating her as a servant. it made him look back. so i appreciate them finally recognizing the type of racism a companion like bill and martha would face and not have the doctor ignore it.