martha's actually my all time favorite

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“The army of me.” She laughed as he flicked her nose scrunching it up right after. “What if you were picking me over him.”  She teased following at his side. The scent of the food made her mouth water. Indigo wasn’t the best cook and couldn’t remember the last time she had a home cooked meal. “Ah bu you love me any way, beside what fun would I be if it wasn’t weird?” she raised a brow a large smirk on hr face. When he said where her favorite shirt was –which was actually an old shirt of his that she wore all the time. It had been cut up a bit to fit her style a bit more. “You say that is if someone put it there.” she laughed . “I’ve been trying to be more Martha Sweart- y and fold my laundry at the kitchen table.” she laughed shaking her hand. As their gaze met she sighed, she knew she wouldn’t win this. “Okay, but sleep on it. I wanna make sure you’re positive about it..”