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Ayt so since Artemis is a… thing in Okeanos and she’s not very good, let’s talk really quickly about how Fate adapts mythology and when they do things right vs when they don’t. 

The thing is, when you do something like Fate where you take these preexisting characters, you’re not going to be making a perfect 1:1 representation of the original myth. That would be boring and pointless, a huge waste of potential. BUT, when doing a new spin on a character, you should either be giving us a new perspective into the original or if not that, at least humanizing them in a way that still respects the source material or at the very goddamn least respecting them as people.

FGO Martha being a violent ruffian desperately trying to put up the appearance of a proper saint is great. The contrast is hilarious and Saint Martha herself was always described as the less obedient, more aggressive sister between her and Mary. The idea of her simply punching the Tarasque into submission and then telling everyone she tamed it with holy water isn’t just really funny, it’s also a great callback to how she was the one who was always “doing the wrong thing” in her and her sister’s interactions with Jesus despite her true devotion and her earnest desire to become a good disciple of Christ.

Artemis becoming a lovey-dovey, abusive yandere joke that ends up blabbering about how she imagines losing her virginity isn’t just the complete opposite of how she was in legend, it’s also actively taking one of Greek legend’s rare independent women and turning them into fanservice. It’s kind of insulting, especially since Fate did such a good job with its sympathetic adaptations of Medusa and Medea, two of the most wronged women in Greek mythology. Atalanta, herself a worshipper of Artemis and thus someone who wishes to be as similar to her as possible, is a fucking badass. 

What the hell happened with Artemis? She didn’t need to be perfect (in fact, Medusa and Medea are deeply flawed despite Nasu taking a more sympathetic approach to them), but she needed to be more than… this vapid woman with enormous bazonkas and a penchant for domestic violence.

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im glad that martha "hurled violently" at samantha and sue and others at the memorial of his death. especially samantha she enabled all of the bad habits it makes me so mad

I don’t think Samantha enabled him, I mean she would get angry at him when he went overboard. But yeah she wasn’t as “no bullshit” as Martha

Chasing Ghosts - Chapter 1/7

Ratings: Teen 

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Angst, Action, Romance

Summary: Many months after losing her, the Doctor sees visions of Rose. Every time he runs after her, it saves his life. With someone trying to kill him, Rose’s image haunting him, and unable to run from his regrets, the Doctor must confront all three.

Beta: kilodalton (Many thanks to her and her wonderful patience! Truly, thank you!) 

A/N: Takes places in series 3, after 42.

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