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Chloe started eating solid food two weeks ago (a mixture of oatmeal and breast milk).  Today she gets to start on veggies!  I am making three different purees: sweet potato, pea and squash.  Today she’ll have the peas.  The food in this photo will last over a month!  You freeze the purees in ice cube treys and you have the perfect amount of food each time.  Well perfect for a baby.

Welcome Home

Hello! This is my first phanfic, inspired by this post made by fireworksphan and yeah!! Please give me feedback, I’d appreciate it. ^_^ 

Word count: 1,824

Warnings: Teeny bit of swearing

Genre: Mainly fluff

Rating: G

Summary: Phil brings up the topic of moving into a house to Dan. They start looking for one, before settling down and thinking about the near future.

It was three months ago when Phil first had mentioned it.

“A house?” Dan asked, looking up from his laptop.

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