martha singing to her and kissing her hand


Lmao I wrote this back in December when I saw Hamilton and never posted this?? Well enjoy folks

•When the lights go down in the theater King George is like “Hello! Please silence your phone blah blah blah blah, welcome to my show!” (lol I don’t remember exactly what he said but he says my show)

Alexander Hamilton:
•the hamilsquad comes out of the wings one by one very dramatic and badassly
• honestly I don’t remember that much of this song I was still in shock that I was actually at Hamilton

Aaron Burr, sir:
•starts out with Alexander talking to burr, burr is smiling politely the whole time even though you can tell he doesn’t wanna be talking to Alex
• when burr says “it was my parents dying wish before they passed” he starts to walk away from Alex bc you can tell he’s really sad and isn’t it the mood for Alex’s “OMG I WISH THERE WAS A WAR” shit
•so then the hamilsquad is sitting at a table that is turntabled to the front of the stage and they’re rapping and stuff and then laurens catches sight of burr and is like “RAP IT OUT” and then hamiltony like “cmon burr” and they’re like “wtf”

My Shot:
•Alex rapping all of his feelings, thoughts, eternal fears, and hopes in a bar, nbd
•when laurens says “you and I do or die” he puts his hand on hams shoulder and pulls him close and ham like strokes/pats his chest
•when Alex says “poppin a squat on conventional wisdom” the hamilsquad all squat down onto the bench thingy
•at the “rise up” part laurens gets this ensemble member and tells him about rising up, like a motivational speaker
•at “I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory” everyone but Alex freezes in their pose on the turntable and spin around slowly while Alex talks and at “scratch that” one by one the dancers and hamilsquad all break out of their pose and dance again, stating with mulligan
•then they repeat the “wooooah” part real quick after the song is done while they walk offstage

Story Of Tonight:
•LITTERALLY exactly how you’d expect it to be

The Schuyler Sisters
• Phillipa Soo has the most crisp and beautiful voice there’s no way I can describe it
•laurens walks by and hands Angelica a pamphlet which makes Angelica say “the revolutions happening in New York”
•Peggy is being pulled along by Angelica in the beginning
•yeah burr and Angelica get really close, just like in the ham4ham performance
•she says “you want a revolution?” and pushes the pamphlet laurens gave her at burr and hella works it for the rest of the song

Farmer Refuted
•so sam seabury is singing on a box, which ham gossips with each member of the hamilsquad
•then when he gets to burr to shit talk seabury to burr, burr is like “let him be” but he really meant “calm the fuck down, ham”
•so then ham gets up and tries to refute him and it’s so funny bc Hamilton is standing next to seabury and seabury gets off his box for a second and moves it to block Hamilton and gets back on
• then at the next chorus ham gets up on the box with seabury and covers up the thing he’s reading: “look at me please don’t read”
•burr is hamiltons mama duck throughout the whole song

You’ll Be Back
• I want to he Jonathan Groff when I grow up
•that walk is so fierce Beyoncé is right damn
• he just stands there but everything he does is so funny and hilarious he’s the best

Right Hand Man
•Schuyler’s sing in the front of the stage
•then the hamilsquad comes and chills while Hamilton does his thang
•burr introduces Washington aw he’s so cute and smiley I love him
•Washington has a badass sword that he takes out when he enters
•Washington starts out with a whole group of dancers with him but they slowly diminish throughout the song
•ham storms on with the hamilsquad and decides to steal the cannons while Washington watches approvingly
• so Washington is writing and burr comes in and stands and tells him his story and Washington is super uninterested
•then ham comes in and when they say “we keep meeting” burr flashes Hamilton a fake smile and keeps talking and the audience laughs
•Washington hands ham a quill while the ensemble sings “I am not throwin away my shot” then Hamilton says “I am not throwing away my shot” and accepts the quill

A Winters Ball
•if this is middle school, burr is the nerd and Ham is the jock
• they’re singing “LAADIES” and then burr steps foward and is like “Martha Washington named her feral tomcat after him” and then Hamilton comes foward and faves the audience and says “that’s true” and winks at the audience
•when they exit on “hey” they are making eye contact and finger guns and nodding at audience members in the first few rows at the right side of the stage and I THINK ANTHONY RAMOS WINKED AT ME SO MY LIFE IS COMPLETE

• so Angelica walks in and ham kisses her hand and they chat and then ham goes to talk to his buddies and Eliza pulls Angelica aside and is like “talk me up to him” and Angelica is like “I’ll see what I can do ;)” and she goes over and chats with ham
•then they walk diagonally across the stage and we all know how that part goes down we’ve all seen that video so I’ll skip that
•so then Peggy does this cute little dance when she gets the letters and then gives them to Eliza
•Angelica and Eliza sit on the far left of the stage while ham talks to Phillip Schuyler on the right of the stage
•oh he’s standing up during “Eliza I don’t have a dollar to my name”
•he’s counting on his fingers when he’s saying “Peggy confused in me, Angelica tried to take a bite of me”
•by this time they’re facing each other holding hands
•then on “take a bite of me” Eliza turns around and looks for Angelica so ham says “no stress my love for you is never in doubt”
•ps Peggy and Lafayette are chatting it up during helpless ;)
•they walk down the aisle

•the sisters are so cute they’re always kissing each other on the cheek and ugh love them
•the hamilsquad goes cray when they say “TO THE REVOLUTION”
•Angelica isn’t singing the “I remember that night I just might REWIND” part, she’s just standing still as the set moves around her
• I’m p sure everything is frozen when she says “Alexander I’ll never forget the first time I saw your face”
• then you see what happens when Alex was kissing her hand in the start of helpless and then she does the “so this is what it feels like to match wits” part and then that’s when Eliza pulls her aside and Angelica realizes 3 fundamental truths
•during the fundamental truths everything freezes
• then back to the wedding and she looks sad and I cry for the 50th time that night

Story of Tonight (Reprise)
• so drunk
• like so stupid drunk
• standing in that iconic pose with the hamilsquad to the left of Hamilton
•they’re making fun of him for getting married: “something you will never see again no matter what she tells you” until laurens sticks up for his bud (I use the term bud very lightly) and does the thing where he like does the neck chop to signal them to stop
• on “newly not poor of us” mulligan drops it low and thrusts and his buddies join in and ham laughs
• this is all happening on the right of the stage
•the burr enters on the left and they chat
•then when burr says “I should go” it’s because the hamilsquad is like stroking his bald head and playing with his shirt and they’re all on top of him it’s so funny

Wait For It
•he stands still and sings and he’s amazing and Leslie is fabulous and I cried and omg and OMG and

Stay Alive:
•hammy ham is writing while the Eliza is reading a letter on the balcony saying “stay aliiiive” and a bullet just misses him
• Washington storms in on “the cavalrys not coming”
•contrary to popular belief, Hamilton is actually standing still for once while Washington paced around him
• “I stay at work with Hamilton we write essays against slavery” is super gay on stage don’t worry
• lee is so happy and smiley when he says “I’m a general, whee!”
•Washington is on the balcony right next to the staircase during the battle of Monmouth and lee is on the ground
•then lee is on the balcony saying “Washington can not be left alone to his devices”
•ham rants to his dad and then immediately after, he embraces laurens and it’s so cute aw my bbys

Ten Duel Commandments
• on “get a friend that’s your second, your liutenant when there’s reckoning to be reckoned” ham and laurens are smiling and hugging #otp
• burr makes the doctor turn around
• then burr and Hamilton are spinning on opposite sides of the turntable into burr walks toward Hamilton and Hamilton says “how many men died because lee was inexperienced and ruinous”

Meet Me Inside
•Washington is not happy OMG
• Hamilton is hugging laurens after the duel of course
• Hamilton is standing still and Washington is pacing around him again just like in stay alive
• they’re on the right side of the stage
• Hamilton doesn’t break out of standing still and upright until “I am more than willing to die”
•washingtons nose is almost touching hamiltons at the very end

That Would Be Enough
• Ham sits on a bench crying and Eliza walks around him
•ham kisses Eliza’s hand a lot during the show

Guns and Ships
•Lafayette doesn’t jump from the ceiling, he jumps from a high table but it’s still super badass
• the guy in front me whispered to his wife “see what Rosetta Stone can do!”
• at the end Washington is frantically writing to Hamilton and the letter gets slowly passed from the ensemble members up to Hamilton on the balcony I think

•okay so we all saw the video so I’m just gonna skip this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What Comes Next:
• OKAY so the lights red or yellow I don’t remember they were one of those two colors though and King George said “I’m so blue” and then angrily stomped his foot and the lights changed to blue and I loved it omg
•other than that it was the same as You’ll Be Back but with more sadness

Dear Theodosia:
•starts out with burr standing behind a chair and singing
• then when Hamilton comes on stage burr sits down
•ham stands behind the chair and sits dow in it

BONUS: John Laurens Death Scene
• omg so sad
• so he stays in his chair from dear Theodosia
• and then Eliza is like “hey there’s a letter from laurens” and ham is like “I’ll read it later” (probably bc it was too gay and graphic to read in front of Eliza)
• and Eliza’s like “no it’s from his dad” and hamiltons like “wtf”
•and John is standing on the right of the stage singing story of tonight
• and Eliza explains how laurens died (in a small fight while he was taking troops out of South Carolina after the war was over)
•Hamilton says “I have so much work to do”

•Hamilton is pacing and talking and then burr says his line and ham sits down and then burr and ham have their backs to the audience and ham turns to the audience and says “okay ONE MORE THING” and gets up
• then when ham is singing again, burr still has his back turned to the audience and turns around in his chair for a sec to say “he’s just non stop” but he is like almost rolling his eyes so it’s more like “he’s just NONSTOP”
•OKAY I GOT A LOT OF QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS PART SO LISTEN UP: Hamilton is standing on the table and when burr says “Hamilton at the constitutional convention” Hamilton gets leaps gleefully off the table and is really jittery and hips around quickly in his place
•two men walk in front of the constitutional convention scene to say “bright young man” “yo who the eff is this”
•sorry, burr doesn’t wear a nightgown :(
•Hamilton and Angelica walk arm in arm down the stage as Angelica tells him she’s leaving
• when burr eliminates each of the other authors of the federalist papers, he turns an empty chair around
• k so Washington is on the balcony, and Hamilton is ok the ground. when he’s saying “treasury or state” it’s more like he’s asking himself “do I wanna be secretary of treasury or state” and then Washington says treasury and Hamilton makes a face like “aw yeah that’s what I wanted and says "let’s go” WITH THE CUTEST SMILE EVER
• that moment where like 19 different songs overlap is just a pure moment of euphoria that is probably the sound you hear as you ascend into heaven and it’s even better on stage I can’t explain I think I died a few times during that
•after, Angelica and Eliza are on either side of Hamilton holding his hands and he angrily breaks their grasp and runs up the staircase towards Washington and ends act one at the top of the balcony with washing dad