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But… the question is this, when you come down to it, would you be willing to break her out of prison? Because that, my boy, is true love.

Cute Lams Drabble

“Johnny, I’ve received a letter from Hamilton,” Martha says, walking into Laurens study. He barely glances up from his paper, continuing his writing.

“You could just lay it on the side, Martha, I’ll look at it later.”

“It’s from Elizabeth Hamilton.”

Laurens stopped writing, placing his quill on the side. Why would she send him a letter? He glanced down at the desk, seeing his most recent letter from Hamilton sitting there.

“Please read it to me,” He replied. Martha cleared her throat, placing her glasses on the edge of her nose.

“Dear John Laurens, my husband, Alexander Hamilton, was recently in a duel with Aaron Burr. He was sent to the hospital after the fight, not too long after Burr shot him. He later died in the hospital, Angelica and I by his side.”

Martha stopped reading, looking at her husband’s back. He was shaking, no words escaping his lips. “John? Are you alright?”

Laurens glanced down at the paper He was writing, and balled it up, throwing it to the corner of the room.

“I’m fine, please leave me alone for a few moments.”

Martha hesitated, but walked out of the room, closing the door behind her.

Laurens fell to his knees, his silent cries echoing throughout the room. He was just reading Hamilton’s letter, now realizing what the Caribbean was talking about.

“Dear John Laurens,

There are no words to express how much you mean to me. In these last moments of my life, I promise to think of you on my last dying breath, my final goodbye to this world. Language is such a trival thing, but I cannot help but try to find the words to say how much you mean to myself. The light it getting dim, so I will stop this letter shortly.

I’ll see you on the other side,

Alexander Hamilton”

His heart shattered.

Meta Monday: Martha and the Doctor

Welcome to the second half of my reply to the ridiculous comment I got on one of my fanfics. The first half of the comment was a rant against Rose. You can read my Rose Tyler Defence here.

Now we’re onto a topic that’s bothered me from the day I joined the Doctor Who fandom: people blaming the Doctor for not returning Martha’s feelings. 

Before I get started, please understand I am not saying the Doctor treated Martha perfectly. He definitely messed up, more than once. Have you ever realised the first six episodes of S3 cover less than a week? He was so frantic to not have a moment of down time that I’m not sure he really let Martha rest at all. He selfishly ignored her needs.

However… Well, let’s go back to the review and pick apart the points about the Doctor and Martha. Again, if it’s in quotation marks, it’s directly from the review.

1) “Also the Doctor made Martha feel second best to Rose.”

No, he didn’t. One time he made a comment that “Rose would know.” One time he said something that could be construed as comparing her to Rose and finding her lacking. (And I’d argue that he didn’t even realise that’s how it sounded–the line is about wishing Rose were there, not about how Martha isn’t as good as Rose.)

Oh, and one time he took her someplace he’d taken Rose. 

Martha compared herself to Rose in a contest for the Doctor’s affections. It was a contest she was always doomed to lose–something he told her upfront the day she stepped onto the TARDIS.

MARTHA: All on your own? 

DOCTOR: Well, sometimes I have guests. I mean some friends, travelling alongside. I had. There was recently, a friend of mine. Rose, her name was. Rose. And we were together. Anyway. 

MARTHA: Where is she now? 

DOCTOR: With her family. Happy. She’s fine. She’s. Not that you’re replacing her. 

(Emphasis mine)

And if you think Martha didn’t understand that the Doctor meant she wouldn’t replace Rose romantically, two lines later she’s teasing him about the genetic transfer.

So the Doctor told her from the start that they would never be together romantically, and Martha chose to believe she could change his mind. My guess is that she interpreted the situation as a break-up and figured he just needed time to get over Rose. But that misunderstanding is not the Doctor’s fault.

2)  “He also did nothing when he took her as a full time companion to protect her the 2 times she was picked up by racist people.”

Okay. Here’s one of the tricky things about S3. I really side-eye the situations the writers chose to put Martha in. I understand “Human Nature” was based on a novel that was set in 1914. But the writers did little to make that an easier situation for their black companion. 

I don’t blame the Doctor for that, because the Doctor wasn’t actually there. He was in the watch. The Doctor also didn’t choose the time or place they ended up–the TARDIS did that. 

I’m not sure what the other situation is. “Blink?” We see almost nothing of the Doctor and Martha’s time in 1969, so I don’t know how anyone could state with certainty that the Doctor did nothing to help her. Also, I’ll point out that once again, he had no choice in the time they were stuck there. 

Martha didn’t work in a shop because it was the only job she could get as a black woman. She worked in a shop because it was the only job she could get without a CV or references. She did seem to resent the Doctor for that, but her resentment does not actually make it his fault. 

3) “It’s understandable that Rose was his first companion after war, but that did not mean that he had to treat Martha not only as if she was second best and not even tell her that she did a good job.”

Oh boy. 

POINT 1: The Doctor was not attached to Rose just because she was his first companion after the War. He fell in love with her, and because of that, he grieved when he lost her. 

POINT 2: Absolutely none of the things the Doctor did wrong with Martha are Rose’s fault. (Remember, this is all in context of a long review about how Rose was just a selfish girl and Martha was So Much Better.) Rose wasn’t even there in S3 to influence the Doctor’s behaviour. His neglect of Martha is all on him. It is not further proof that Rose was selfish.

POINT 3: He does, in fact, tell Martha she did a good job.

“Very good point. Brilliant, in fact. What was your name?” (Smith and Jones)

 “Oh. Oh, Martha Jones, I like you.” (Shakespeare Code)

“Oh, Martha Jones, you’re a star.” (Lazarus Experiment)

“Thank you.” (42)

“Thanks for looking after me.” (Family of Blood) 

“Thank you. Martha Jones, you saved the world.” (Last of the Time Lords)

Martha had a difficult go of it. She got in the TARDIS with a man grieving for his lost love, and she didn’t realise the full truth of that until nearly the end of her travels. (The fic this comment was left on, In the Shadow of a Ghost, covers the moment she realised.)

Her unrequited feelings suck for her, and I really resent the writers for making almost every major character moment about the fact that the Doctor didn’t love her back. Martha is so much more than the girl who pined for the Doctor. She is clever and badass and a caring friend. I wish they would have focused on those things more. 

I do understand enough about intersectional feminism to get that a black woman playing the love interest is actually a breakthrough. Women of colour are not often shown as objects of romance in media. They have to be the Strong Female Friend instead. But. Martha was not written as the love interest. For her to be the romantic partner, her feelings would have to be returned by the lead character, and they were not. 

To sum up, the fact is that none of Martha’s struggles that stemmed directly from her feelings for the Doctor were his fault. I suppose that when he realised that against his warning she had developed feelings for him, he could have sat her down and talked to her. I suppose. But given that he did warn her off from the start, I don’t know how it can be said that he did not do enough in that regard. 

I realise that in “Partners in Crime,” the Doctor says it was his fault that things got complicated. But feeling guilty for things that are not his fault is one of the Doctor’s chief mental pathologies. In fact, you could probably use his willingness to accept blame for things he had no control over as a gauge of his overall mental health. 

Martha herself doesn’t blame the Doctor for her feelings or for not returning them. In her speech before leaving, she doesn’t say, “You made me feel second best.” She says she spent a lot of time thinking she was second best. She takes ownership of that thought. And after explaining the parallel situation with her friend, she doesn’t accuse him of never seeing her like that. She doesn’t say it like he did anything wrong. She just says that she needs to get out.

That realisation that she’s gotten herself into a bad emotional situation and she needs to get herself out is Martha’s shining moment. It’s Martha realising she’s not second best to Rose, that the Doctor not loving her like he loves Rose does not mean she holds less value. Knowing that she’ll lose sight of that if she stays and so, choosing to leave, is the wisest, bravest thing she’s ever done. Blaming the whole thing on the Doctor steals the power of that moment. It isn’t about him; it’s about her.

anyway fun fact: The Martha moment made complete sense to me from the first time I saw the movie and it really isn’t hard to understand. It was a brilliant move that perfectly tied into the movie’s broader theme of how society dehumanizes the Other.

it’s so, I don’t know, uncomfortable??? to watch the fight scene between Bruce and Clark?

this isn’t just because Bruce and Clark are usually the best of friends, it’s mainly because it feels like you’re watching someone actually getting the crap beaten out of them

Clark struggles to breathe, he bleeds, he gets hit again and again.

Bruce is brutal, and he doesn’t hold back at all during the fight, where you can see that Clark kinda is. Doesn’t mean there aren’t a few moments with Bruce where it’s a bit of a yikes, but generally you see Clark try and fail to fight Bruce, and it’s painful to watch.

Especially the second time that Clark gets hit with the kryptonite gas, because he lies on the floor, writhing in pain, and Bruce, never one to do a half job, comes and hits him over the head. With a sink.

Not to mention that it really does show how far gone Bruce is, and then when the Martha moment happens, you can just s e e his realisation and he realises how far he’s gone and what he’s become.

Some thoughts on the BvS anniversary

Watching “BvS” for the nth time a year after it premiered. And it still makes me tear up, just like it did during the opening sequence the first time I ever saw it. And that usually happens to me whenever I get the sense that a piece of art is going to do justice to another piece of art.

The perfection in casting (including a re-imagined Lex Luthor), the depth of dialogue, the ability of the music to engage, the visual tone that lets you know whether you’re in Gotham or Metropolis… just the attention to detail. Plus, I’ve got my suspicions as to which story arcs from the comics (canon) the DCEU has been taking elements from, so I’m sooo excited to see how it all plays out.

There were moments of levity, but not once do I remember thinking, “I wish there were more!”. And even those were a bit grim. Well, then. Welcome to the DC Universe, specifically the Batman Universe! So, yeah, there’s some context for everyone.

I’m sure we’ll be given more comedic moments when the Justice League unite and other personalities come into play. I mean, their banter in the comics? Gold. I don’t expect any slapstick humor, but I’d be okay without it, too, to be honest.

It wasn’t too much or too convoluted, in my opinion. No uneccessary fight scenes just to pander to audiences. It was as much “Bruce v Clark” as it was “Batman v Superman”. And I think it’s important to showcase the human side of theirs before we dive head on into superhero mode in the next films. I’ve previously posted about my “thoughts on Martha” and reblogged other posts defending that scene, and I stand by it.

Keep in mind that this Bruce Wayne is a more jaded one (Zack Snyder said so himself; a little more Dark-Knight-Returns), one who is no longer beyond breaking his own “moral code”. He was about to kill (KILL, people!) Superman. Something he refused to even do to the Joker for killing Jason, his adopted son. Even Damian, his biological son, asked him about this once: what if it were to happen to him? And, Bruce told him that they had to be better than their basal instincts (so, yes, not even for him).

Bruce was “out of character” on purpose - killing thugs, branding criminals, etc. It highlighted his change in demeanor in that “Martha” moment. The name snapped him out of this monster he was turning into, reminded him that what he was about to do was against everything that he stood for.

Dark, is it? Darn straight. You know why? This film tackles the pitfalls of unbridled power and trial by social media. These aren’t exactly… funny.

The film makes you ask questions that are as relevant now than they have ever been. That’s what comics in general have been doing for years. Entertainment is the big, beautiful bonus.

It’s such a work of art! It’s more invested in brains, than brawn. It’s somewhat “intellectual”, and appropriately so. (Very Bruce, if you ask me.)

As unfair (or ignorant) as I think some of the critique for the film is, the silver lining is that it all underscores how legendary Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the characters are. Our standards for them are so high that we find ourselves nitpicking any piece of work that tries to recreate them. We simply want creative justice. This is true for any fandom.

Anyway, just had to “vent”.

It’s a little late, but Happy Anniversary, BvS!

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My friend do you write fics? and if you do can you do some Patton angst? I'm a sucker for Patton angst and fics

Why yes, my friend, I do write fics.

Title: Martha, My Dear
Read it on AO3
Tag List: @artisticlnsomniac @fandom-trash-5ever @mythicalquill @scaredysanders @screamingoutinrage
Warnings: Death, Dog Death, Angst, it’s very sad
Ships: Logicality if you squint, could easily be platonic
Word Count: 632
Summary:  Patton thought Logan was just being a stick in the mud, which is why he didn’t even think before giving his dog, Martha, the rest of his chocolate bar…
A/N: The song lyrics used in this fic are from “Martha, my Dear” by The Beatles, and the song was written by Paul McCartney about his dog, Martha.

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- [The injury] would’ve been consistent with the deceased trying to get the bottle away from the accused.
- Or with Fatima trying to defend herself from him?
- Or him trying to defend himself from her attack on him.

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If you're still doing the top 5 meme can you please do top 5 martha jones moments for all the people who unfairly hate her and her storyline

gonna do this quick n dirty! there are probably plenty of other contenders but. hoo boy. a bit rusty.

5. Martha on the spot in a life-or-death situation busts out “expelliarmus”


4. Martha making some weird-ass tea in Family of Blood/Martha in Family of Blood, like, generally

shows off Martha’s cool thinking under pressure; she knows something is wrong and confirms it for herself without raising any alarm bells. Martha’s so smart

also martha slapping john smith & naming all the bones of the hand get it martha

3. Martha wanders around becoming the Doctor in “The Doctor’s Daughter”

this ep is such a weird combo of enjoyable and silly, and it’s a bit of a shame Martha doesn’t get to spend more time with the rest of our protagonists, but on the bright side Martha ends up fulfilling the Doctor role on her own – making friends with the alien species, figuring out the mystery, gaining a companion, losing a companion tragically in a weird quicksand pit

2. Martha laughs in the Master’s face

gotta be real w/ u when i first watched the s3 finale, I was marathoning the whole thing, and I totally bought into the silly gun-hidden-around-the-world plan, and then Martha laughed at him and I felt like an idiot. Martha spent a year walking through a hellish dystopia with her loved ones as prisoners and she laughs in the Master’s face because he has no idea what she’s actually been doing this whole time. classic. 

1. Martha’s “getting out” speech

This is still one of my favourite companion departures. Maybe my very favourite? It’s so good. This is the speech that makes Martha’s unrequited love arc worthwhile, because it completes it in such a great way, with Martha realizing and verbalizing that she wants and deserves better and that she understands her own worth and accomplishments independent of the Doctor’s feelings. Maybe until this scene you could argue that the text itself is presenting Martha as second-best (I… wouldn’t, but maybe you could), but here we make it clear that nope, Martha is her own person,  she doesn’t need the Doctor’s validation, and she is good, tyvm. She’s still the only New Who companion to walk away from TARDIS life for her own sake and it’s just such a good scene. 

Still can’t believe I met JDM at RICC. He was so sweet. When I put this picture on the table for him to sign, he said “Look at this. We look great!!!”

After I gave him a small painting I had made of the Miramar Playa logo, and he hung it up over his sign for the rest of his signing.

Definitely the best moment of 2016.


Deleted Scene 5x20 Fade

Martha came in to find Lois having trouble finding an outfit for her date with Graham (the hitman that sent Clark a mountain of gifts). They talked about Graham and Clark’s dislike for him. Shared a lovely mother and daughter in law moment as Martha put together something for Lois to wear. Lois said if she had a mother growing up she’d learnt how to dress. Martha reassured Lois that she’s doing fine, and if she had a daughter, she’d want her to be just like Lois.