martha jones is a bamf

The things is it only happens with female characters.

If a male character gets in the way of a ship, the shippers diverge and there’s a love triangle. But when it’s a female character she instantly becomes a home-wrecking whore who’s out to destroy everything.

Martha gets vilified just because she had a crush on the Doctor. I ship Ten and Rose to high heaven but I hate it when the shippers just all decide to gate Martha. SHE SAVED THE FREAKING PLANET! And more than that, she got out. She didn’t stay in a relationship that hurt her (even though that was never the Doctor’s intention), she decided to do what was best for her. Something that girls aren’t told to do enough of in our society. She’s an amazing character but her brilliance is hidden in the shadow of bitter fangirls.

It just really pisses me off that this only happens with female characters. A man is just comnsidered to be following his heart, but a woman is a slut.

Doctor Who 30 Day Challenge Addendum: Character I like that everyone else hates

Martha Jones:

Especially since the reasons people give for hating her are just lame:

Example: She’s boring/uninteresting etc.

This is entirely subjective.  I personally find the Doctor, the aliens, the monsters and other villains to be more interesting than the companions (except maybe Captain Jack).  I’m certainly not going to single out one companion as boring in comparison.

Example: She’s in love the the Doctor and that’s annoying.

Okay, so who wasn’t in love with the Doctor in New Who? Rose sure as hell was, Amy was before she ultimately chose Rory, and Clara also has a thing for him.  Not to mention River Song and even Captain Jack.  Are any of them annoying?

I agree that the unrequited love angle didn’t serve her character well, but is that her fault or the writer’s?

Donna Noble was the only regular New Who female companion who wasn’t in love with the Doctor, so unless Donna is your favorite companion, I ain’t buying this argument.

(It should be noted that Donna is my other favorite companion beside Martha because she wasn’t in love with the Doctor)

Example: She left the Doctor, who the hell does that?

Hello, she left the Doctor to take care of her family who were subjected to a year of trauma by the Master.  How DARE she show filial piety to her family and willingly leave the Doctor?  How DARE she have a life besides the Doctor?  How DARE she get over the Doctor as a romantic prospect?

Also, she may have left the Doctor, but did people miss the fact that she joined UNIT and became a defender of Earth in her own right?  Not to mention she has a direct line to the Doctor.

Also, Captain Jack turned down the opportunity to travel with the Doctor again in the same episode to go back to his team at Torchwood, but nobody ever gives him grief over that.

Example: She was useless and never helped the Doctor.

Seriously?  Did we even watch the same show?  Hello, her first episode (Smith and Jones) had her give up her last breath to perform CPR on the Doctor in order to save his life and NEARLY DIED.

Her last episode as a regular companion (Last of the Timelords) had her walk the earth by herself in order to save humanity and the Doctor from the Master’s reign of terror, while the Doctor himself was captured on the valiant, like a damsel in distress no less.  

And in between she always supported the Doctor, best example being Human Nature/Family of Blood, were she took a job as a maid in an era were racial minorities were treated like crap.  She also took a job in 1969 to support the Doctor after they were marooned there by the Weeping Angels in Blink.

And she always had faith in the Doctor, even when they were separated in Gridlock and 42, she always knew the Doctor will come through and save the day.  And she used this faith to tell the Doctor’s story to humanity in the season finale, which ended up saving the Doctor and earth.  

I would also like to point out that unlike Rose, who looked into the heart of the TARDIS and Donna who became a Human Timelord metacrises, Martha didn’t have any special powers when she walked the earth, she did it all on her own power.

Which brings me back to the Last of the Timelords again, where she actually fooled the Master into believing the gun in four parts, and laughed in the Master’s face.  The Master is probably favorite character in New Who, but that scene was awesome.  Crowning Moment of Awesome for Martha right there.

Most telling Example: She’s not/can’t measure up to Rose.

All I gotta say to that is Rose Tyler is not the companion any more.  Actors and actresses leave the show.  Companions come and go.  This is how Doctor Who works.  GET OVER IT.

So, in conclusion, Martha haters: