Single Dads!Jamilton AU

Philip asks if he can bring a friend over one day and Alex is like, “Okay, who?” And Philip is like, “oh a girl named Martha.”

Martha asks if she can go over and Thomas is like, “yeah, sure.” And doesn’t really look into it.

When Thomas picks her up tho he sees Alex and they start fighting and the kids are like wtf they need to stop fighting so they keep asking to go over to each other’s houses and they notice that the parents progressively become more civil

One day Alex picks up Pip and they kiss and the kids are like oh shit what did we do.

That has been the single dads au.

“Look into your eyes, and the sky’s the limit I’m helpless! Down for the count, and I’m drownin’ in ‘em”

I made this and I’m not sorry

America’s Parents as High School Relationships.

John Adams & Abigail Adams: Power couple. Everyone wonders how she can stand him. But she sees the light.

George Washington & Martha Washington: Those two who have been together for forever and you’re like how

Thomas Jefferson & Martha Jefferson: The relationship every one wishes they had. Feed each other strawberries by hand and giggle romantically in the corner and sing duets.

Benjamin Franklin & Deborah Franklin: “You’re the only girl I talk to, babe.”

Alexander Hamilton & Elizabeth Hamilton: Everybody wanted him until he chose her and then hurt her.

James Monroe & Elizabeth Monroe: Classic tale of the really cool cheerleader and the tall, sweet jock. 


Martha and Thomas Jefferson lived in Monticello. They both shared a love of music, Thomas would play the violin while Martha accompanied him on the piano. They had eight children, but only two survived until adulthood. 

Martha never served as first lady, she was in delicate health for most of her marriage.She died after the birth of her last child. Jefferson was inconsolable,  he fainted and many feared he would never revive. After the funeral, he stayed in his room for three weeks, tormented by grief.


I colored in this post which is Hamilton Ladies + my headcanons for the other women. Modern AU for an excuse to draw them all in modern clothing. Headcanons under the cut:

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Thomas Jefferson loved Martha Jefferson so much that he was asked so envoy to France with Silas Deane and Benjamin Franklin and he said no because his wife’s health was too fragile and he didn’t want to be away from her. Richard Henry Lee then sent him a letter telling him to ditch the wife and take the opportunity. Thomas Jefferson then responded in the saltiest letter ever.