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Martha and Thomas Jefferson lived in Monticello. They both shared a love of music, Thomas would play the violin while Martha accompanied him on the piano. They had eight children, but only two survived until adulthood. 

Martha never served as first lady, she was in delicate health for most of her marriage.She died after the birth of her last child. Jefferson was inconsolable,  he fainted and many feared he would never revive. After the funeral, he stayed in his room for three weeks, tormented by grief.


I colored in this post which is Hamilton Ladies + my headcanons for the other women. Modern AU for an excuse to draw them all in modern clothing. Headcanons under the cut:

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Another powerpoint historical shitpost!

There were so many amazing women that we don’t really get to learn about since apparently those petty ass motherfuckers we sometimes call “The Founding Fathers” were more important! I couldn’t fit them all so I tried to do the ones people would be most familiar with! I also recommend looking up Mercy Otis Warren, Sally Hemings, Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson, Theodosia Burr Alston, Martha Jefferson Randolph, Louisa Adams, “Molly Pitcher”, and Deborah Sampson.

[See “The Founding Fathers 101 or The Only Thing They Could Agree On Was That England Could Go Suck A Dick” for the being of this powerpoint series!]

America’s Parents as High School Relationships.

John Adams & Abigail Adams: Power couple. Everyone wonders how she can stand him. But she sees the light.

George Washington & Martha Washington: Those two who have been together for forever and you’re like how

Thomas Jefferson & Martha Jefferson: The relationship every one wishes they had. Feed each other strawberries by hand and giggle romantically in the corner and sing duets.

Benjamin Franklin & Deborah Franklin: “You’re the only girl I talk to, babe.”

Alexander Hamilton & Elizabeth Hamilton: Everybody wanted him until he chose her and then hurt her.

James Monroe & Elizabeth Monroe: Classic tale of the really cool cheerleader and the tall, sweet jock. 

I want a show about the Founding Mothers. Like give me a show about them working behind the scenes. Give me Eliza, Abigail, Dolley, Deborah, and The Marthas (both Washington and Jefferson) and what they’re lives and how they ran things while their husbands were away. Give me Sally being included with them. Give me their accomplishments and their shortcomings.

(Also they were all at least friendly with each other. So you have women getting along even though their husbands don’t.)

It is a safe bet that Martha Jefferson did not stir boiling pots of lye to make soap, or empty hops into containers to make beer…. although her household accounts during her marriage record how much soap she made, how much beer she brewed.  Isaac Jefferson remembered her standing with a cookbook reading instructions to his [enslaved] mother, who actually baked the cakes.
—  The Hemingses of Monticello, by Annette Gordon-Reed

Jefferson’s wife, Martha, died in 1782, when she was only 33 and her husband 39 years old. On her deathbed, Jefferson promised he would never remarry. After she died, it is reported that he had to be forced from the room to his library by his sister, where he fainted. After the funeral, he didn’t speak for three weeks. It is during this time that it is believed he destroyed every portrait and letter from his wife, effectively erasing all memories of her. Shortly after her death, Jefferson started remodeling Monticello once again. He never spoke of Martha’s name again.


lol don’t think about how both the Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson had to sit by their wives’ deathbeds and how Adrienne de Lafayette’s last words to her husband were “I am all yours” and how Jefferson didn’t leave his room for three weeks after Martha died lol don’t do it you guys 

When Lafayette had become responsible for the security of Louis XVI. Thomas Jefferson’s daughter Martha watched from a window as Lafayette led troops through the streets of Paris as the crowds shouted his name, during which Lafayette looked up and bowed to the window at Martha.