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Randolph Family

1) Martha “Patsy” Jefferson Randolph (1772 – 1836), Thomas Sully, unknown

2) Thomas Mann Randolph Jr (1768 - 1828), unknown, unknown

3) Ann Cary Randolph (1791–1826), James Westhall Ford, 1823

4) Thomas Jefferson Randolph (1792–1875), Charles Wilson Peale, unknown

5) “Eleanor/a” Ellen Wayles Randolph (1796–1876), most likely a Peale, unknown

6) Cornelia Jefferson Randolph (1799–1871), William Coffee, 1819

7) Benjamin Franklin Randolph (1808–1871), unknown, unknown

8) Meriwether Lewis Randolph (1810–1837), unknown, unknown

9) Septimia Anne Randolph (1814–1887), unknown, unknown

10) George Wythe Randolph (1818–1867), David H. Anderson, 1866

Not Pictured: Ellen Wayles Randolph (1794–1795), Virginia Jefferson Randolph (1801–1882), Mary Jefferson Randolph (1803–1876), James Madison Randolph (1806–1834)

This photo accurately describes Matt Smith


Behind the scenes of The Sound of Drums/The Last of the Time Lords (Part Two)

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s coverage of the filming for DWM issue #385

It’s Thursday 8 March.  DWM is standing in a slate quarry, near Merthyr Tydfil, in the Welsh valleys.  It takes a special kind of stupid not to be wearing a coat.  In DWM’s defense, we didn’t realize quite how high up and exposed Vaynor Quarry would be. […]

In the quarry, John and David are fighting over a watch (with which the Master can self-destruct his entire fleet of ships, and destroy the world, and what’s the betting it can display multiple time zones and is waterproof up to 200 metres?), above a steep drop.  It’s a long way down, and there’s sod all at the bottom bar slate.  “I know everyone will start shouting if I go too near the edge,” says David, “but I’m just compelled.”

“I’ll do it!” threatens the Master.

“Weapon after weapon after weapon,” chides the Doctor, “and all you do is talk and talk and –”

He is interrupted by the faint, dainty melodies of an ice cream van chiming away in the distance.  “I don’t believe it,” laughs John, as the take is abandoned.  “We’re in the middle of nowhere, and the Benny Hill theme is running in the background!”

“I’m surprised,” adds David, “they have ice cream at this time of year.”

“Well, it is Wales.”

Back in Vaynor Quarry, John Simm has filmed his final scene for today.  “When’s the funeral?” he asks.

“Tonight,” David answers.  “We’re waiting for you to leave, then we’re burning your effigy.”

“The death of Vader!” chuckles John.  “Doesn’t the Doctor push me out to sea?”

“No, that was in the old script.”

“Can we have Light My Fire playing then?” asks John.  “Try now we can only lose / And our love become a funeral pyre…”

That night, things hot up.  Oh yes!  A pyre is set alight by the special effects boys, and David is handed a burning torch.  “I’m worried about the sparks,” he says, before the take.  “If someone sees my coat go up, just shout.”

The parts are available here: [ 1 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ]
Other behind-the-scenes photosets are available here

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this is a dumb question, but what exactly is the "point" of the characters (particularly the Heathers, i'm assuming) that the new TV show is fucking up with their redesigns. i just wanna make sure i understand the issues here.

Ok the Heather’s are suppose to be the “popular girls”. They are the people who have the characteristics of what society considers to be beauty and they mock anyone who doesn’t met those standards.

Being skinny and making fun of people who aren’t. Caring more about their status standing than their grades, making fun of people for being geeks or nerd. Mocking people for not meeting what is considered the norm in society, aka being along the LGBT spectrum. (I mean damn JD and Veronica staged Ram and Kurt’s deaths as them dying because they where gay. And expecting them to be the mockery of the school. So making fun of people for being gay and the like.) Wearing clothes that are considered in at the time and that highlight their gender. Aka anything the Heathers wear which was all considered in at the time and stylish.

Heck the colors where a power symbol recognized by them. The queen of the school wore red. Both Chandler and Duke established this in the movie.

And then the first promo pics lacks the signature colors and shows them in weird clothes that would have gotten them weird looks and mocked at my school. The first promo pic is suppose to be thought over carefully. This is the first real image people are getting of your product. This is the hook that should help spark a person’s interest in your product. Get them thinking and hopefully interested in what you are making. And if the first image alone is already putting off a good portion of the fandom. Then you know you have an issue.

They only care (especially Chandler) about holding their social status. Veronica herself has said that she’s using her High IQ to pick out lip gloss and trying to figure out how many kegers she can hit before curfew.

Chandler gets pissed at Veronica for not holding up to the standard she expected for her at the party. (Sleeping with a guy she just met). Chandler certainty would never let herself be fat because it would go against her standards.

They are suppose to be a symbol of what society considers beautiful. And yes they are doing a modern version. But what sparks JD’s hatred for them. Is that he observes them (the Heathers, Kurt and Ram) mocking people for being different. He has seen this all before. Every school he goes to he sees it again and again. A never ending chain of bullying. He watched the Heathers make a mockery of Martha in the cafeteria. Making fun of the fat kid. (Now the show has a SKINNY Martha.) He watches Ram and Kurt chase down those nerdy boys and says stuff like “you piece of shit fag” and trying to get the kid to say “I like to suck big dicks”. Being gay wasn’t a good or popular thing. It lead to you getting bullied.

And yeah times now are a bit more accepting. But I went to a big school. I knew a lot of the LGBT kids because I was friends with a lot of them. I ran in circles that had a lot of them. (Anime Club, Art and Theater related things, Even Band.) I knew the spots where you could go after school and find a group of kids and a majority of them would fall into the LGBT spectrum. None of them where along the popular side at my school. Knowing my school they never would be.

By having the Heathers fall into the very groups they are suppose to mock. It goes against their characters. You can’t have an openly gender-fluid person or Lesbian mock other LGBT people. Yes not all LGBT people are nice. I’ve met plenty of assholes who are LGBT. But being LGBT and being the top dog at school and mocking other LGBT people at school. That doesn’t fit. A LGBT person couldn’t come up to me and make fun of me for being a girl who gets crushes on others girls. Because I’d just be like “so what you’re a guy that’s into guys. Or so what so are you. Etc.” It doesn’t have the same sting it does when coming from a non LGBT person.

A well known girl at my school was obese. But if she came up to me and made fun of my weight it wouldn’t work because she was heavier than me. Her insults could be fired right back at her. Now if a person in extremely good shape where to mock my size then that would hurt.

On top of that having all three of the Heathers fall into a minority but none of the other main characters. That also just seems wrong and like they are baiting people for brownie points.

Here are some changes to make the characters more diverse that would have worked.

•Making JD or Martha a race other than Caucasian. My favorite version of JD is Dan’s. Dan isn’t Caucasian. Yes I love Slater and Ryan. But image wise and art wise I love it when people base their JD around Dan. Also making them another race wouldn’t hurt their characters at all.

•Making Martha Bi or Pan. Martha’s crush is apart of the story and how she gets mocked so she still has to be into guys. But that doesn’t mean she couldn’t be Bi or Pan.

•Making JD along the Ace/Aro spectrum. I personally headcanon JD as Demisexual Hetroromantic. JD doesn’t seem like the type of character to honestly be that all into sex. Yes he had sex with Veronica. But I wouldn’t see it as interfering with the point of his character if he only had an interest in people after having a connection. I don’t think JD would just sleep with any girl. That he would have to have a general interest and connection with them. And yes typically Demisexual people (in my experience) need a longer time frame. But part of Heathers… well insane story is that it happens so fast.

•Making Veronica Bi. it wouldn’t mess with her character purpose and could give them that diverse cast they are looking for.

•Not making Martha skinny.

Now I wouldn’t want them to make all three of them minorities. As I feel like
It might give the baiting feel it has with the Heathers. But if they did like 1 Heather & 2 of the others. Or 2 Heathers and 1 of the others. And making it seem like only minorities are mocked and non-minorities can’t be mocked doesn’t sit right with me. And I feel that’s how it would come off is all the bully’s werent minorities while the bullied kids were. As I know it isn’t true and I’ve watched people who fall into minorities categories make fun of people who don’t.

Idk three just feels like a good number.

And by 1 or two of the Heathers I mean their race. As I don’t think them not being Caucasian in a modern heathers would be much of a problem. In all productions of the musical I have seen at least one of the Heathers. (Usually Duke) isn’t caucasian. So having one of the Heathers a different race wouldn’t be an issue.

Oh and here is an idea. They go to a freaking school. You have cast characters you could use to get that diverse character cast you are looking for without messing with a character’s role. You want an LGBT character, I’ve said this before, but try having a girl have a thing for one of the Heathers. Like they did in the musical. Show her confessing to one of the Heathers. Then show how they treat her. Show them making fun of her or treating her poorly. Show me these asshole Heathers that are suppose to be an example of what is wrong with society. Show me Bi Veronica and them learning she is and Chandler pushing her to hide that side of her. That would be in character.

Show them making fun of a trans kid and that being part of that fuels JD to kill them. Because that would fit.

Show the negative consequences of what the Heathers do. Show how it effects people. When the show ends show Veronica trying to make things better. Show her approaching some of those kids and working with them.

Also for a racially diverse cast try having kids who aren’t just Chinese, Japanese or black. Try having Cuban characters or Native American or Polynesian or Puerto Rican, Indian, etc. Branch out to other races. Because while black and Asian may be two of the other top races after white in America, they aren’t the only ones.

I’m doing this on mobile. So sorry if it is long or runs together weird. I’m not always the best at wording this. @power-of-innocence tends to do a better job than me.

Edit: I would like to add that the reason the LGBT kids of my HS would never be popular wasn’t like due to my high school being really homophobic. (One of the most beloved seniors when I was a sophomore was an open lesbian.) But mostly due to the sheer size of my school. We had between 3,000 and 4,000 students each year. And 6 different lunch periods. (Technical 3 but for the 9th and 10th graders it was 6) It was impossible to fit the whole school in the cafeteria or gym. We didn’t really have popular kids. The closest you would get to it is kids whose names were well known. Like people really active with school related stuff. Like being apart of the student council or on the Cheerleading squad. (I actually knew many of those girls and they were all really nice.) Also having known those kids they weren’t the type of kids to ever be popular due to their personalities. They a lot where into unpopular subjects and/or also feel into the emo/goth categories. So a lot of them wouldn’t have been popular due to that. But even then the popular kids at my school weren’t mean. Most of them where popular because they where really nice and a lot of people just naturally liked them. Sorry just wanted to add that. Edit: At the time I made this every time I heard Martha mentioned people were saying that they were making her skinny, this maybe incorrect but I’m still not 100% sure. It’s still a horrible show regardless though. Just wanted to correct that.
  • Doctor: Come on! We can have a good flirt later!
  • William Shakespeare: Is that a promise, Doctor?
  • Doctor: Oh, fifty-seven academics just punched the air. Come on.

Hello, you lovely and wonderful people! I recently hit 5K followers and honestly it’s hard to even imagine? I’m so happy you’re all here and that you find my yelling entertaining enough to stick around. It’s been a long time (2.5K?) since I did a Follow Forever, so I’d like to take some time to call out the wonderful people who make this site what it is! 

Warning: there are a lot! Haha why are you all so ridiculously amazingl?

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When you and your best friend accidentally twin


Behind the Scenes of Smith And Jones (Part Three)

Excerpts from DWM #381 (article(s) by Jason Arnopp)

[Quotes from Anne Reid:]
“I told my agent I couldn’t wait to suck David Tennant’s blood. She told me I wasn’t the only one!”

“He’s the most wonderful Doctor Who and he’s so nice to work with.  So kind.  Makes a huge difference.  When you have a leading actor who’s as genuinely nice as he is, it goes through the whole company, in my experience.  I didn’t realize he had a Scottish accent!”

[Russell T. Davies on Anne Reid:]
“She was brilliant, and David got on with her a treat. That scene, where she’s sucking his blood with a straw… must’ve been 500 takes cos they were both laughing so much.”

[Roy Marsden (who plays Stoker) on David Tennant:]
"David has a dynamic, energy, charm, and a wonderful quality of innocence. That’s very attractive in a character.  His energy drives the show.  He’s what I call an actor who really hangs out the line, so everyone else can hang their washing on it.”

[Freema on David:]
"Straight away, I was a little bit in awe,” she confesses.  "I’m glad that we did a few scenes without him yesterday, to give me a chance to be calm on set.  Having said that, there was a moment today, when I looked at him and had to do a double-take.  He’s amazing.  He’s so good at what he does: a quality actor.  Being in a scene with him, I find myself watching him like a viewer, then remembering that I actually have to interact with him and say lines!”

Other BTS posts about Smith and Jones are here: [ 1 ]  [ 2 ]  [ 4 ]
The rest of my behind-the-scenes photosets are available [ here

[Martha opens the door and is shocked to see a face all too familiar but one she’s not expecting to see]


“Hey! Geez, thank God you opened the door. I’m so fucking nervous.”

“What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to see Taylor.”

“Does she know you’re coming?”


“Then why are you here? Are you out of your mind?”

“Hunt, you’re the one who said I should try harder.”

“So this is my idea?”

“No…yes. Sort of.”

“You’re fucking not telling Taylor this is my idea.”

“You’re such a wuss.”

“She’s gonna kill me.”

“So are you gonna let me in or not?”

“Karlie this is not my house. I’ll ask Taylor first if she wants to see you.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“You know I’m not. I’m gonna be quick. Just stay here.”

[Martha closes the door leaving Karlie outside]

“Unbelievable.” [Karlie says under her breath]

[Martha goes to the kitchen and finds Taylor checking the oven temperature]

“Um, Tay.”

“5 more minutes and dinner is done!”

[Taylor looks up and is surprised to see Martha alone without Todrick]

“Where’s Todrick?”

“Um, well, he’s not yet here.”

[Taylor gives her a confused look]

“But the door bell rang.”

“Yes, it did actually. But it wasn’t Todrick… Tay, someone else is here to see you.”

“Really who? I’m not expecting any other visitors.”

“Exactly. So I want you to stay cool, okay?”

“Martha, you’re freaking me out. Just tell me who it is.”

“Hi, Tay. It’s me.”

[Taylor immediately recognizes that voice. She looks at Karlie and feels a sudden rush of blood to her head. She can’t believe Karlie is actually standing in her kitchen right at this very moment]

“Damn it, Kloss! I told you to wait outside… So, Tay, as I was saying. Someone is here to see you and it’s Karlie.”

“Yeah, I can see that.” [Taylor says as nonchalantly as possible as she can]

“Taylor, I’m sorry if I came unannounced. I just really want to talk to you…to see you.. I’m kinda desperate here…Please?”

[Taylor looks away from Karlie and gives out a deep sigh. The way she said desperate breaks her heart a little. She turns her back on Karlie and Martha pretending to look for something inside the kitchen drawer. Martha and Karlie look at each other, confused.]

“Have you had dinner yet?”

“Actually, not yet.” [Karlie answers nervously. This is driving her crazy. She’s so happy to see Taylor after months of not seeing her and yet she’s also afraid of this moment]

“You can stay for dinner.”

[Martha and Karlie look at each other clearly surprised of this gesture from Taylor]

“Thank you. I really appreciate it.”

“Martha, can you try to get hold of Todrick please?”

[Taylor goes on to check the oven again]

“Oh, so Todrick’s coming?”

[Todrick always lightens up everyone’s mood so Karlie is relieved to know he’s joining them for dinner. She hopes his presence will somehow ease the tension between her and Taylor]

“Yes he’s coming and he’s super late! Let me try and call him.”

[Martha opens her Contacts on her iPhone and looks for Todrick’s number.]

“So um, what’s on the menu?”

“We’re having salmon. Tay is cooking this amazing honey-mustard salmon on rice.”

“Oh wow, that’s my favorite.”

“What a lovely coincidence!”

[Martha is obviously teasing her friends. Taylor looks at her as if to say “really?” Martha simply smiles back at her sheepishly, phone on her ear.]

“Must be my lucky day.”

“Don’t push your luck.” [Taylor says coldly. Awkward silence]

“He’s not answering.” [Martha quick to break the silence]

[The door bell rings. Martha offers to get the door]

“I hope that’s Todrick and not another surprised ex lover.”

“Martha!” [Taylor exclaims, giving her the stare]

“Sorry, love you both.”

[Martha blows the exes kisses before leaving the kitchen].

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All the controversial shipping asks (for any fandom) =P

I’m gonna do DC ~

Overall DC (movies, TV shows, comics, etc)  Because it’s easier XD

Ship that you have as an OTP: 🌹

Originally posted by pansexualcow

(I also OTP Harley/Ivy!)

Ship that you’re indifferent to: 😑
I guess Steve Trevor/Diana? 
It has its place, don’t get me wrong, and their relationship in the film–which is really my only exposure to it–was sweet and definitely important to Diana’s development…I guess I’ve just…seen that kinda thing too many times? At least in movies.

Ship that makes you sad: 💔
Honestly, and this is taking it back several years, the relationship between Martha and Johnathan Kent on Smallville. They remain my favorite interpretation of Clark’s parents and even though I knew it was coming, I’m pretty sure I cried when Johnathan died. 

Ship that you find disgusting: 💩
Harley/Joker when people try to sidestep the obvious abusive nature of their relationship. 
It’s abuse. It was conceived as abuse. There’s an episode in the Animated Series that all but outright states it’s abuse.

Ship that you find cute but don’t ship: ✌

Uh…I guess Diana/Bruce? I can see why people like it, I just…I used to when I was a kid but I guess I just find other ships more interesting now. 

Ship that you secretly like: 💚
Okay it’s not really a secret anymore but I’ve never really addressed it so…
I used to kind of ship Clark and Lex on Smallville. 

Ship that you used to have as an OTP: 💙
Hm…Dick and Barbara? I still like them but I don’t really consider them an OTP.

Ship that you find most sexy: 👅

Okay I have TWO.
The obvious Superbat and actually Diana/Logan. Yes, that Logan. I mean…come on.

Ship that you can never see happening: 👎
I don’t know…I’m still not sure Bruce and Diana are going to be canon in the DCEU. They probably will be but I think the series might stand stronger if they kept romance toned down. (I say that but I actually quite like Clark/Lois…)
I don’t know. I really don’t. 
OH. I really really really want to see Ivy/Harley canon at some point in the DCEU but I really do not know if that will happen…

Ship that is canon but you don’t ship: 💤

BRUCE/SELENA. I never liked this ship. Ever. 

Ship that is unpopular but you still like: 💘
I think all my Diana ships are unpopular. Oh, but I kinda like Tim Drake/Kara. Is that comic canon at any point?

Ship that is taboo: 💦
Unless you count Superbat I don’t think I have a taboo ship.

Ship that pisses you off: 💣

Bruce/Selena again ^^; I didn’t mind it so much in the Dark Knight trilogy but overall I am really not a fan.

Ship you’re curious about: 👀
I’d kind of like to see Aquaman actually crush on Diana in the DCEU. It’s not really a ship of mine, but I dunno, one-sided is entertaining.
(Really though I just want to see Bruce awkwardly telling Clark he doesn’t…not like him more often XD)

Ship that needs more love: 💖
Diana/Logan. PLEASE I want to see more of this the POTENTIAL for their relationship warms and breaks my heart.

Ship that is most misunderstood: 💢
Harley/Joker. And I do not mean that in a good way. 

The one weird grandparent who has to squish your cheeks

carnival-phantasm  asked:

Who are your favorite nasuverse characters?

MY MY, LET’S SEE, in no particular order:

Night of Wallachia/Zepia Eltnam Oberon (Melty Blood): The guy you could say really got me into saying “god damn dude, Nasu can write some solid concepts”. Aside from being my main in Meltan and my most trustworthy companion in those long nights at the parking lots, the explanation and lore behind his abilities is mind blowingly fascinating, and to elaborate on them between his use of what amount to “weaponized rumors” and malignant information modified to grant the wishes of the populace in an Asshole Genie-kind of way that invariably means “I suck all of their blood”, as well as his ultimately well intentioned beginnings before becoming a conceptual cancer of the world, would make this the Great Wall of China of text walls, so I maximally recommend checking his wiki page if you or anyone is interested. All in all, definitely what catapulted me to going into Fate, in a way, because if this relatively obscure game had concepts this cool, the popular franchise by the same guy has to have some game-changing shit (and it does).

Cursed Arm Hassan (Fate): I MEAN, ANYONE THat’s followed me for a couple of seconds has probably thought “god damn this dude loves himself some Hassan” and that is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. Young Drimito would read about Hassan-i Sabbah as a wee lad, and he was utterly fascinated by this absolutely ridiculous individual whose superpower was basically “REALLY GOOD AT KILLING DUDES” but not in the traditional mythological way of just being Super Powerful and going Dynasty Warriors on armies, no, this dude was subtle, he was bold, but knew that, in the end, smart and resourceful fighting was obviously better than screaming at the top of your lungs and alerting the Entire Turkish Army of his presence. Then, what they did with Hassans in general in Fate is just outright fucking fascinating and appeals directly to my tastes, between the identity masks, how he is absolutely mild and by all means weak in Fate/Stay Night and [HEAVEN’S FEELS SPOILER] doesn’t lose a single fight during HF, despite being pitted against monsters like Artoria or Cu, and eventually his whole backstory actually being revealed in the Camelot chapter of FGO, I just love my uncle, man, I love my uncle and his noodle arm to pieces.

Medea (Fate): Bear with me, it’s not just about her having a really nice design. I am a huge mythos buff, but Greek mythos is one of my favorites, so seeing what they had to do with such an universally reviled villain was honestly great. Medea hits that mold where she’s not really a villain as much as she is an antagonist: She wants to win the war for her own goals, much like any of the other Servants. Yet, she more or less says her wish was already granted throughout the war, anyways, which was “a loving husband for once” all along, which she found in Kuzuki. Their team was honestly damn cool, and I’ll never forget how much I lost my shit when I read what basically amounted to “KUZUKI GRABBED SABER BY THE NECK AND FLUNG HER AT A NEARBY BUILDING” or when he was punching her in the back of the head from the front while she’s in the back pumping him full of buffs and no doubt pulling off the smuggest fucking face.

Kotomine Kirei (Fate): Now here’s one fascinating son of a bitch. Kirei is that character that, whenever he did something, I would go into deep contemplation, I would focus my chakras, decalcify my pineal gland, and open the 64 Gates in order to understand his labyrinth of a psyche. In the end, I realized that’s what makes him so utterly and freakishly unsettling and fascinating: He is not relatable in any way. He is the most unhuman human you could possibly conceive. His brain works in such logical and precise ways, and yet, in ways that absolutely alien to how the normal guy thinks. He is a Fuckhouse through and through. I dare say that Kirei is absolutely the backbone of Fate/Stay Night, like, you got a solid concept, you got a solid execution, what HAVE YOU, but no work goes Out There without some sort of exceptional aspect, the Money Shot element, if you will. Kirei, for me, is definitely the Money Shot of F/SN. It simply wouldn’t have been as good without him.

I think those four are a good approximation to “What I Love About Nasu’s Penwork”, but those are defo not my only favorites: Nursery Rhyme, Medusa (and by extension, Gorgon), Tiamat, Solomon, Waver, Iskandar, Fujimaru Ritsuka (male and female), Medb, Ilya (BOY I HATED Ilya at first and then she REALLY grew on me by the end of HF), Penthesilea, King Hassan, NOBU, Aoko, Sion, and Saint Martha I’d say are my favorites For Sure.


David having fun behind the scenes of Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks

From the Doctor Who Confidential episodes and David Tennant’s video diaries.

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