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“Family. Familia. Famille” - [Tom Hiddleston - One shot ].

Based on: Imagine: Tom being your ex, the one your family loved and welcomed when the two of you were together, and even wanted you to marry but things never worked between you. A couple of years later, he’s invited to a family event, which makes things super awkward for you because you’re still single but you don’t want him to know, and you’re well aware of how communicative and pushy your relatives can be, not to mention how much they will be praising him all evening long.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Notes: Family drama/fluff. 


Mia rolled the end of her side braid around her bun and secured it with a bobby pin while staring at herself in the mirror.

The curtain next to her billowed open and the cool ocean breeze raced through her, reminding her to pay attention to the sound of the crashing waves outside her parents’ beach house; something she hadn’t indulged in, in a long time.

Her bedroom door opened and it took her visitor less than 5 steps to reach her and rest her chin on her shoulder while putting her hands on her arms.

“Isn’t it odd how even when we look the same, I’m still the prettier one?”

Mia rolled her eyes at her identical twin who stared back at her in the mirror.

“Fuck off”.

Ava laughed.

“You look nice. I wonder why”, she said and Mia caught an ironic note in her tone but brushed it off.

“It’s been a while since the whole family’s gathered”, Mia said with a shrug.

“Oh, I’m sure, Aunt Marie will appreciate your effort. Come on”, Ava chuckled.


Ava frowned and studied her sister for a second.

“Oh!” she exclaimed raising an eyebrow, “You don’t know”.

“Ava”, Mia sighed, “You’ve been here for a minute and you’re already getting on my nerves. What is it?”

Ava stood up, walked towards the door and opened it before glancing back at her dumbfounded and two-minute younger twin.

“Mother invited Tom”.

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anonymous asked:

what are some of your fave scenes from the americans

oh man… the “in the air tonight” sequence from the pilot, the tooth pulling scene, the wedding!!!!!, elizabeth yelling at paige about her needing to report to them about what pastor tim does, the philip/elizabeth fight about martha and gregory and all that you know the one, when elizabeth asks philip if he would go with martha and he’s like are you crazy i love you, paige asking philip and elizabeth to speak russian, the dinner with pastor tim and stan, the season two finale scene with nina and oleg where you see nina in front of the lenin portrait……. so many more

On one occasion Manigault and Francis Kinloch, who had also left Geneva, walked to Chelsea to have tea with Martha.

Gregory D. Massey, John Laurens and the American Revolution

So Kinloch knew Martha Manning…

That gets me thinking about what if Hamilton knew either of them? Unlikely as there’s no evidence but still possible.