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tbh I hope they put some nods towards Awakening in it since, yknow, Valentia is literally just Valm but, like, 1,700 years or some shit before Awakening…

The Mila Tree, the Demon’s Ingle… they weren’t mentioned on the original Gaiden but I sure hope they get mentioned on the remake. I mean, why is there suddenly a massive tree in Mila’s name on Awakening? Is that on top of where Mila’s “remains” are? Also, why are Duma’s “remains” under the Demon’s Ingle when he was “killed” way to the northeast of there? Why is the Demon’s Ingle all angry and erupt-y and shit when Duma vows to stop being a massive dick at the end of Gaiden, anyways? He and Mila are supposed to be dormant, not active… Also, while Marth/Chrom/Lucina’s Falchion was made by Naga using one of her fangs, Alm’s Falchion was made by Duma to seal away Mila. So like… what the fuck happened to that sword? It’s not mentioned anywhere on Awakening and I have a hard time believing such a sacred weapon would just kinda… get lost :(

I do like how Awakening made pretty sizeable references to the religious aspects of Archanea though. Like, by showing how Plegia, the country built on the ruins of Dolhr, had a more Dolhrian faith by worshiping Grima, the corrupted remains of Medeus’s earth dragon tribe. Ylisse, the country that emerged out of Archanea, worshiped Naga, the divine being that saved their country from both Medeus and Grima. But what I don’t get is why when Pheros speaks to Chrom, she tells him that she worshiped both Naga and Mila, but makes no mention of Duma. It makes sense for someone from Valm to worship Mila and Duma given the fact both their countries and faiths were merged together under Alm and Celica’s rule, and it would even make sense for them to create some holy trinity of Mila, Duma, and Naga at some point when contact between the two continents was made and they learned about her, but it doesn’t make sense that they’d just stop worshiping Duma… Unless Pheros comes from some long line of extremely hardheaded Zofian nuns that still refuses to accept Duma even after all these centuries lmao

EITHER WAY… Shadows of Valentia is a great opportunity to fill in lots of plot holes in the Archanean lore and I really hope they take advantage of that :O


An apartment discovered in Paris, after being left untouched for 70 years.

It was originally abandoned during world war 2, and the rent continued to be paid every month without fail until the death of the owner, the granddaughter of a Parisian socialite named  Marthe de Florian.

The secret love story between Italian artist Giovanni Boldini and de Florian was revealed after the discovery of a painting by artist and the accompanying letter. The piece was estimated at a value of 2 million Euros.