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Jurassic World

Ok.. almost EVERYBODY knows what Jurassic Park is, as now the the movie Jurassic World.
Last saturday, i went’t to the cinema to watch it. So was it good?

Yes it wasn’t a marterpiece, but a good entertainment movie, with a somewhat good story, (people say that it has some faults in history). So i liked in the movie?
The sound/music they maintened some of the original songs/theme, i felt so nostalgic when they played :). Also mr DNA wasn’t forgot! they used to explain if i’m not wrong, how was made the Indominus Rex (IREX), and what they did on the jurassic world!
I was expecting more dinossaurs on the movie, but they didn’t appeared more, (the Brachiosaurs, more Triceratops, Stegossaurus, Oviraptors, Iguanadont, and so on).
The main screen was stollen by the raptores, and the IRex, some memorable scenes on the movie for me are:

- Clair released the Trex
- Fight with Trex and Velociraptor again’t the Indominus Rex.
- Indominus Rex,“eaten” by Mosassaurus.
- The opening gate scene of the Jurassic World.
- There was an Aviary with Pterosours (why didn’t they show tell the public this first)

Can’t remember more… so if you have free time avaliable, go watch it with yours friends.
I saw it in normal cinema, will try later in IMAX cinema..
This is the movie, that is most talked right now