Game of Thrones houses: astrology..

House Martell: Aries

Independent, fiery, fierce and aggressive. Much like Aries the Martells will not hesitate to fight for what they believe in or stand up against injustices.

House Baratheon: Taurus

Stubborn, indulgent, head-strong, sure of themselves, honest, brave and straight-forward House Baratheon makes the perfect match for Taurus.

Faceless Men: Gemini 

Faceless Men are hard to pinpoint motive-wise or pin down, they’re constantly changing and much like the air sign Gemini are multi-faceted and independent.

House Greyjoy: Cancer

This self-contained, sensitive, tenacious and grudge-holding house captures the collective spirit of the sign Cancer.

House Lannister: Leo

Are charismatic, cunning, and fiercely protective of their family much like the sign Leo.

The Nights Watch: Virgo

They sacrifice sex, marriage, glory and inheritance to serve the realm- they’re dutiful and are supposed to have pure intentions much like Virgo.

House Tyrell: Libra

This attractive, graceful, constantly fluctuating, intelligent and idealistically romantic house perfectly correlates to the sign Libra.

House Targaryen: Scorpio

Determined, loyal, either very loved or very hated- much like Scorpio whose key phrase is “I desire..” the Targaryens have strong desires and passions and are vengeful to those who have wronged them.

The Dothraki Warriors: Sagittarius

The adventurous, wild, sometimes brutal, free-spirited and temperamental Dothraki collectively capture the spirit of Sagittarius. 

House stark: Capricorn

The Starks are tactful, duty-bound, hard working, honorable, trustworthy, cautious and loyal to those they love much like Capricorn.

The Free Folk: Aquarius

The Free Folk don’t want to bow to anyone, they pride themselves on being independent and doing what they wish and are quite rebellious- much like Aquarius.

House Tully: Pisces

They prosper in times of peace, strengthen their allies with the unwavering nature of their love and are not naturally war-like.