anonymous asked:

can you recommend marvel comic books with good artwork?

Sure thing, nonnie. I’m recommending you some of my favorite artists. Put your glasses on and check these out:

Spider-Gwen - art by Robbi Rodriguez & Rico Renzi

The colors used in this series is always bright and loud really gorgeous, which suits Gwen’s costume design well. Storywise, it’s engaging. It’s set in an alternate universe and makes it all the more refreshing. 

Young Avengers - art by Jamie McKelvie

There’s always a unique twist with the interior art in every issue and it’s really awesome. Google it.

All-New X-Men - art by Stuart Immonen (inks by Wade von Grawbadger & colors by Marte Garcia)

This team is really awesome, and the series also features other awesome artists like Sara Pichelli, and Mahmud Asrar.

Black Widow - art by Phil Noto

Nonnie, this is absolute good shit. Words are insufficient. His style is to die for. I get art boners all the time. I just adore the painting style and the depiction of Natasha that’s so effortlessly beautiful.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Steve McNiven & Sara Pichelli (colors by Justin Ponsor)

I love their styles so much. I mean, they’re amazing. Specially the way they draw the human figure. <3

Hawkeye - David Aja, Annie Wu (colors by Matt Hollingsworth)

I highly recommend this one. The paneling, expressions, and colors are awesome. There’s minimal use of color here, and the way Hollingsworth uses limited palettes is very masterful and same way goes with David Aja’s paneling that makes it really action-packed and paced. Annie Wu brought Kate Bishop to life and I think her style really suits Kate’s personality. Beautifully engaging, the story made me fall in love with the two Hawkeyes (Matt Fraction’s writing is great).

Thor - Russell Dauterman, Jorge Molina

I really like that the new Thor is a girl. Sidenote, Molina also drew A-Force #1 which features a badass all-female team up.

1602: Witch Hunter Angela - Marguerite Sauvage, Stephanie Hans

This was sooooooo beautiful!!! Marguerite and Stephanie killed it! The art is hauntingly beautiful and eerie.

Deadpool #4 Variant Color

Pencils (and I believe inks) by Tradd Moore

Colors by Marte Gracia

Check it out, guys! This is a variant cover for Deadpool #4 and my first piece of artwork done for MARVEL. I’m very honored and grateful to have been given this opportunity and couldn’t have asked for a more fun character to draw for my first Marvel gig! This one hits shelves January 2013, I believe.