Deadpool #4 Variant Color

Pencils (and I believe inks) by Tradd Moore

Colors by Marte Gracia

Check it out, guys! This is a variant cover for Deadpool #4 and my first piece of artwork done for MARVEL. I’m very honored and grateful to have been given this opportunity and couldn’t have asked for a more fun character to draw for my first Marvel gig! This one hits shelves January 2013, I believe.


All-New Captain America #4 (April 2015)

A number of things in this issue seemed… different to me. Rick Remender has been suggesting that Sam Wilson will be a more complicated Captain America, someone who questions his role in the modern world and who thinks politically about his actions. But he’s also done a lot of punching so far. 

Now there’s this:

The precise words are so key. Would Steve Rogers ever have described himself as “distracted by combat”? Sam Wilson’s been around as a Marvel character since 1969, but the gravity of his new role seems to be compelling him to rethink everything.

At the same time, Baron Zemo is proving to be a more thoughtful villain:

He doesn’t only want to take over the world. He wants that take over to be seen as a natural function of human nature, as something right and true. Hiding in the Everglades is just temporary.

Between the Zola-verse arc and the new, less certain Captain, Remender really is putting fresh life into a hero that will be seventy-five next year.


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