From the desk of X’Grolax Sleen II of Martar

potential topics for the general human pamphlet

-human genocide. millions upon millions have been slain in thousands of different ways whether for power, glory, or ownership. Some humans are proud of it, others are shamed. It’s best a topic to avoid talking about, however it shows that humans, together, could win a war
-let’s be glad they’re on our side

-fiction entertainment. humans tell long lies to entertain children and adults. they are referred to as stories. humans get invested in the lies of people that don’t exist. from what I’m aware it is a replacement for regular socializing/a social life
-I find the “series” Star Trek very interesting, although disturbing.

-mental illness. some humans have disorders in their controlling organ (brain) which makes them not like others. their nerves do not match up correctly which can cause different things to happen. prolonged sadness with no real cause is called Depression, which can make a human unwilling to do much and needs lots of therapy, patience, and understand to help. There are disorders which make them have very different moods quickly, which can be helped with medication and patience from peers. then there are others with hyperactivity and extreme inattentiveness. I think my favorite human has this disorder, called ADHD. There are lots of different disorders, patience and understand are key to helping them. most of these disorders are life-Long and uncureable. No matter how much affection a human with a disorder (mental illness) gets, it usually will not make the disorder go away.
-“normal” humans are called neurotypical, mental disorder humans are considered neurodivergent. Neurodivergency is a very interesting topic.

-earth. A very interesting planet. I could do a whole pamphlet on it’s biomes alone, without even mentioning humans or earth’s other life and life processes

Note to self: full general human pamphlet due in 14 cycles to MPA education group

Secondary note: the ones I didn’t put in could go in the next one they asked of me