marta ryczko


I haven’t written an update in quite some time, despite the fact that I’ve actually been making a lot of new work. 

Most recently I started a brand new daily project: Every Day Letter. I’m posting both on tumblr and instagram so you can keep up with it daily. I haven’t been this excited about a personal project for quite some time. I just realized that I really love lettering and I just wanted to be better at it. 

I also got to table at City of Craft for the first time. It was an amazing experience and I hope to be there again next year.

Another big update is that I am buying a small screen exposure unit, so I will be able to screen print at home. It’s such a big step for me because it’s chunk of change and it’ll be interesting to figure out the logistics of doing it without the luxuries of working at Open Studio. I think it’s worth it though and hopefully the next year will be full of art making and experiments!


A little bit more than a week ago, I reached my 900th post of my 1000 days of design. I don’t even know how I managed to reach this and now, as I’m in the last 100, I’m wondering if I should continue the project after I reach the thousandth post. My annoying competitive streak is telling me to keep going, but I don’t know if it’s overkill and I should move on to something else.

Anyways, you can follow the next 100 days here.

A lot has happened in the last 100 days. I took part in the Brooklyn Zine Fair (which was seriously the best zine experience I EVER HAD), did a lot of screen printing, started riding my bike again, but most importantly I quit my job at the National Ballet in order to go work at a small studio called Sovereign State

It was a stressful decision for me, but I think it’s one of the best ones I made in my life so far. I am working on projects that I never imagined I would get a chance to be a part of and I finally have the design mentor that I always wanted. I have also been insanely busy with freelance work, including setting up a catalogue of Jack Bush’s work. It’s funny because I still don’t feel like a “real” designer and yet people are trusting me on all these big projects. I’m excited for the future (for once!).