marta iwanek


A rededication of the tombstone of Pte. James Morrison was held at St. Luke’s Anglican Church in Burlington. Morrison was the first casualty of the RHLI 146 years ago and as part of the group’s 150th anniversary year, they fixed his gravesite and had a memorial service with church members and members of the RHLI 13th Battalion Ceremonial Guard. Photos Marta Iwanek/ Metroland Media Group

First Sight

My first sight of Poland. You know that feeling, when you just pull into a place and you already know you like it. Yeah, Poland was one of those.

Despite the fact that my roots are Ukrainian, wars and time displaced the majority of my family to what is now Poland. I’ve been to Ukraine three times, and yet never visited Poland. Although, this trip was a short stay, and I didn’t have enough time to see all the relatives I would have liked, I hope to come back to this place and really learn about it.