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So, I have an auditory processing disorder, which means sometimes I can’t hear things very well. Normally this isn’t a problem (I say I have a hearing problem and apologize and the customers are always very nice about it.)

Anyways, the other day I was working self checkout. Out in front of the self checkout area we have big bins of assorted candy. I noticed a woman was leaning against one.

“Hi ma'am, are you ok?” I asked.

She responded, but my disorder made it sound like she said “I’m having trouble with my blood pressure”.

“Oh, ok, would you like a mart cart?”

She stared at me before saying “Excuse me?”

My coworker chimed in, saying “a mart cart is one of the motorized carts we have to help-”

“Oh I KNOW what it is. How DARE you say that to me” at this point she starts walking towards me glaring like I just kicked a puppy. “How DARE you assume I can’t walk. You’ve just insulted me. Do you understand that? Or are you too stupid?”

I was flabbergasted at this point, and I said “I’m sorry ma'am, I have a hearing disorder, sometimes I can’t hear what people are saying….”

By now she’s literally inches away from me with her finger in my face and she says “then may be you should get a different fucking job since you’re clearly too inadequate to do this one with your defect”

I can usually handle rude customers but this fucked me up and I just walked away and let my manager deal with her (she told him I was harassing and insulting her) while I cried in the breakroom.

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jihan (Joshua jeonghan) at the grocery store 😂😂 OKAY DONT JUDGE BUT I THINK grocery store is the cutest place to have a date bc you learn so much about the other person, like what they like to eat and how they go about shopping and idk it's cute af PLUS YOU GET FOOD

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A Date with Svt: Jihan at the Grocery Store

  • “Hyung Hyung!” Mingyu peaks his head out of the kitchen
  • “Yes?” Seungcheol answers, looking up from his phone
  • “We’re out of ramen and eggs!!!!”
  • literally chaos
  • “YAH!” Seungcheol shouts getting all their attention
  • “Jeonghan and Jisoo can go get some it’s okay”
  • the two were basically forced out the door
  • “thank you hyungs we’ll see you later~”
  • standing out side their closed dorm door, they exchanges looks
  • “okay well them let’s go!” jeonghan grins grabbing Joshua’s hand
  • “okay~” Joshua answers softly
  • they take this moment to spend time together, just walking along the street, hand in hand
  • going inside the nearest mart, Joshua pushes the cart while Jeonghan’s quickly browsing the aisles
  • and not finding anything
  • until Joshua chuckles and is like, “Ramen’s right behind you”
  • “Right I knew that” Jeonghan tries to play off cooly
  • Joshua ends up getting distracted by all the snacks
  • until Jeonghan comes up, wrapping an arm around his waist
  • “is this your favorite?”
  • Joshua nods
  • “let’s get it too then!”
  • lowkey mini arguments but not really
  • Jeonghan proceeding to grab a bunch of snacks and throwing them into the cart
  • and Joshua we have to take them out like “we already have a bunch of these”
  • Jeonghan just grins like, “the more the better”
  • shaking his head, Joshua simply smiles before agreeing
  • and Jeonghan giving him a peck before moving onto the eggs
  • Joshua would be the one to totally forgot about the eggs until Jeonghan tells him
  • they’ll be finishing up and heading to the check out line
  • until Jeonghan stops Joshua, pointing out two kids cheerfully picking up fruit and putting it into their parents cart
  • “they’re so cutee” Jeonghan says
  • knowing exactly what he’s thinking, Joshua smiles softly
  • “one day, we should have some too, right?” * turning back to Joshua, Jeonghan grins, “girl or a boy”  
  • laughing Joshua shakes his head, “both?”
  • “we could name the boy Jihan,” Jeonghan jokes
  • side eyeing him, Joshua snorts amused, “you’ve been reading carat posts lately?”
  • “why of course~”
  • when it’s time too pay they wouldn’t even have the chance to argue
  • because Jeonghan already swiped the card
  • “i’ll pay next time” Joshua says, feeling bad
  • “pfft. next time Seungcheol can pay” Jeonghan winks, “he can take the kids and we can be at the dorm alone”
  • obviously understanding at what he’s hinting, Joshua chuckles,
  • “we are in public.”

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Ok but I like modern headcanons so... Idk Newsies in Walmart

u guys are just picking random shit now arent u

  • they have cart races. they have SO MANY cart races. they got kicked out of 3 wal-marts because of their cart races
  • race once broke a wii demo game on accident
  • spot once broke a wii demo game on purpose
  • albert and finch like to hide in the display tents and jump out at people when they pass by
  • they once did this to katherine on accident and she kicked them so hard she broke albert’s nose
  • they’re the reason emergency services had to get called to a wal-mart twice in one year
  • they once threw romeo into the ball corral thing. they forgot about him and left. he only got let out when an employee found him while they were closing.
  • they once got high in the bathrooms, ate a bunch of snacks and just… left
  • that was the fourth time they got banned from a wal-mart
  • these kids are running out of wal-marts