mart carts

ratherthepoint  asked:

Ok but I like modern headcanons so... Idk Newsies in Walmart

u guys are just picking random shit now arent u

  • they have cart races. they have SO MANY cart races. they got kicked out of 3 wal-marts because of their cart races
  • race once broke a wii demo game on accident
  • spot once broke a wii demo game on purpose
  • albert and finch like to hide in the display tents and jump out at people when they pass by
  • they once did this to katherine on accident and she kicked them so hard she broke albert’s nose
  • they’re the reason emergency services had to get called to a wal-mart twice in one year
  • they once threw romeo into the ball corral thing. they forgot about him and left. he only got let out when an employee found him while they were closing.
  • they once got high in the bathrooms, ate a bunch of snacks and just… left
  • that was the fourth time they got banned from a wal-mart
  • these kids are running out of wal-marts