The morning of our trek over Thorong La. We usually are the first ones walking where ever we go (because at first we took so long and then later, we became accustomed to the solitude of the track early in the morning). On this day though, we were one of the last to leave. A light sprinkling of snow overnight, transformed the landscape. It really made everything look this cold!
At this height, I could also see that this really was the beginning of the Marsyangdi river, the absolute source (I had to find that name on google maps).
On the way up to Thorong La high camp, I managed to find enough breath to talk to two brothers from New Zealand about photography. He told me about how to have a small camera as well as a good camera. The point and shoot was good for the times when you couldn’t get your big camera out. I totally understand this now. I missed so many shots because the camera was so cumbersome and it was too much effort to take out. With a small camera, you can still be in the moment while taking a photo.
The things you learn on the side of a mountain.
Right now when I go on a trip, I’ll have three point and shoot cameras split up between us, an excellent camera in the dark, an excellent camera with super zoom and a waterproof and shock proof camera for when it’s raining. For us, that’s all we need.