gamma table

marssafari design. ▽△
matt hilley.


This is a project I had done for my Resistant Material class at GCSE level.    The brief was to research and design a product that would be used for storage.

My design was inspired by a bedside table designed by Chris Ferebee for Danish design company Gubi. What appealed to me was the flow of the wood; being able to create a quality product using a piece of formed wood. I designed all the pieces of the product, even down to the fastening screw.   The main body is made of a laminated plywood construction (6 layers) - 10 mm thick. I first had to construct a mould for which I would laminate the plywood on - this was made of MDF & BSF (blue styrofoam). Once the mould was made I glued the sheets of plywood together with wood glue and quickly shifted the large sheet into the mould and clamped it down. After the plywood was fitted into the mould it wa put into a vacuum pressing bag so as to speed up the laminating process. I left the main body in the bag for 3 days before taking it out and seperating it from the mould. When I removed the mould it became evident that the ends of the table were to long and not inline with each other - I therefore had to cut off the ends using a jigsaw whilst making sure that the top of the table was level (by using a spirit level). To make sure that the sides and the ends of the table were nicely finished, I sanded them down with a palm sander. I then removed and paper or glue left from the laminating process and applied MDF sealer to stop the table from getting dirty. After the MDF sealer had dried I sanded it off and applied a polish so as to give the table a nice glossy finish.  The custom made aluminium screw was done on a metal working lathe. It would be a countersunk screw so as to make the top seaminglessly flat. The diameter of the head of the screw is 12mm which sinks 6.5mm down, the shaft is 5mm in diameter and 24.5mm long. Using the lathe gave me the most accurate control and measurements for the perfect screw. I then treaded the screw and polished the aluminium with Brasso to give it a shining finish.  I chose to use clear acrylic as the top of the table (520 x 430 x 10 mm) to give the impression of there only being the wooden wave below, this was to create a platform for the user to place stuff on whilst still enjoying the flowing aesthetics of the Gamma Table’s wooden wave. There is one fastening hole drilled into the top to fit in the custom made screw. To give the flat top a nice glossy glass like look I sanded it down with Wet & Dry sand paper.

dundee in transition

marssafari design. ▽△
matt hilley.
mar. 2012.


another project for the ‘design studies’ module in 1st year.

for this project it was our task to create a collection of poster ideas to promote dundee’s new waterfront development and to encourage visitors to come to dundee.

the first image in the gallery is a mind map that we created to decide what would be the best way to promote dundee.

everyone in the group eventually decided that the best manor in which to promote dundee was to create a simple poster with an outstanding image so as to capture the attention of anyone driving or walking by. the poster would also include a small selection of text pertained to the image and dundee.

we chose 4 iconic landmarks which we thought would represent dundee well: dundee law, hms discovery, the tay rail bridge and the city centre (depserate dan). we had our primary poster (the law) and three secondary posters.


the truth about stuff

marssafari design. ▽△
matt hilley.
dec. 2011.


this project was for my ‘design studies’ module in 1st year.

for this project we were learning about the significance of up-cycling and making use of the products already in existence rather than manufacturing new ones. the task given to us was to create characters out of scrap material that we would have to buy from the tayside recyclers or stuff we found lying around.

below you will find the project boards that were made for this project. the first 2 are boards to display our character. each character needed to be given a biography so that when we created a storyboard for an education clip the characters would have a persona.

the storyboard (the next 2 images) are for an educational clip on the importance of upcycling, recycling and the fact that humans waste far too much energy on creating new products.