Today I was having a horrible day at work. I’m partially sick and to top it off my coworker was doing everything he could possibly to make it more worse on me. A customer bought a scratch off from me and said “You didn’t give me anything” b/c generally I actually pull a lot more winners then losers so I told him “Today isn’t my lucky day”

To which he replied “That’s not true. Everyday is your lucky day. Do you know why? Everyday you get up in the morning and are able to get out of your bed. To be able to come to work. To be able to do the things you do. That’s a lucky day. There are people who can’t do that.”

I think everyone needs to be reminded of this fact. We are always caught up in our own inward struggles. The “I"s and "My"s and "Me"s are endless. We should all appreciate all we have and all we can do with our abilities whatever they may be. I needed his words today to get through the rest of my shift. I thought someone else could use them just the same

I am legit going everywhere and announcing to the world. I won a prize for Yamashita Tomohisa’s aka Pi-chan’s 3,000 Commemorative Diary Post. From like a year ago. I don’t have a clue what I’m receiving in my package. But I won something from Johnnys. I’m still shaking. I’ve never had that sort of luck. Idk who I killed to do it. RANDOM SELECTION. HOW

I don’t know if you care, but here goes. I’ve been uber busy for the past few months. These two semesters have been the devils but I wanted to out due myself and get flush As etc. Cause I’m a nerdy bitch like that. Since I got into my Uni I was busy doing all the transfer procedures as well. Had my orientation part 1. Registered for the fall semester. Been taking a summer session to finish up and graduate. Which the semester ends this week. Four more days. Sobs. Finally almost summer. Thanks to all those lovely followers who stuck around even though I like pop in and out. I’ll be active starting Thursday evening but most prob starting Friday. As you saw last week I decided I want to give it another go w/ gifs. So that’s also something new I plan to do with this blog. I also am finally getting well deserved time to sit down with my Sony Vegas Pro 9. Planning on my making them AMVs and MEPs hopefully with bubbles. Thank you for being with my blog for so long. It’s been 3 years! Wow~ how time flies. Also I had my birthday this month so I’m now 20!! Whooo!!! Bare with me and my ever changing degree of busy. Love you all. If you read this let me hug y'all.