marsoc impression

Day 13: Kit pics
First, I’d be posting a picture of my rifle instead as it’s more complete but it’s getting fixed so here is my kit.
I know the belt is slanted; that’s what happens when you don’t tighten your dropleg’s thigh strap kids :(
It’s missing my rifle, sling, Wellco boots and ESS Profiles.

Kit List:
- Camelback Max Grip gloves
- M81 BDUs (being replaced by FFIs or Allwins)
- Wellco Jungle Boots
First Line (just need dump pouch) :
- ACM Blackhawk! Rigger’s Belt (courtesy to the beautiful iTunesTomato)
- 2x TMC 9mm pistol pouches in khaki
- Gcode XST for G17 in CB
- Gemtech pistol lanyard in tan
Second Line (not even close baby) :
- TMC 6094 in khaki
- TMC 3x2 M4 pouches in khaki (I only put one mag in each)
- TMC 3x1 insert
- Conderp GP pouch dusted khaki (soon to be replaced with Eagle canteen pouch in khaki)
- ACM MICH 2000 with Emerson H-nape
- ACM Norotos 3-hole
- Petzl Tactikka XP Adapt
- ESS ICE Naro 2.0s
- ESS Profiles
- Block 1.5 SOPMOD
— ACM TD grip
- Stark G19
— 1x G19 magazine
— 2x G17 magazines

By the way, 100 followers ^_^ thanks guys and I’ll keep this blog updated for ya