marshmellow the snowman

The signs as Frozen Characters (requested)
  • Aries: Sven (The reindeer)
  • Taurus: Duke of Westleton
  • Gemini: Oaken
  • Cancer: Queen
  • Leo: King
  • Virgo: Pabbie
  • Libra: Anna
  • Scorpio: Hans
  • Sagittarius: Kristoff
  • Capricorn: Elsa
  • Aquarius: Olaf
  • Pisces: Marshmellow (big ol' snowman thing)

The Future of Frozen: The Monster

As Elsa grew stronger she had one question,
What to do with Marshmallow? She no longer needed his protection.
She thought about others but her heart could not ignore this,
Then she thought, “Maybe he could protect the snowy Arendelle forest!”
And the Trees in this region were cleaved by no man,
For future generations told tales of an Abominable Snowman.