Same coffee, same table. Sorry, it’s been kinda long since my last post. My phone was stolen then I had to finish my semester and I accidentally got ill the same time, so I hope I will start over this February, so don’t forget to follow me, and thanks for the warm welcome to the studyblr community 😊

❝ It all started with books ❞

Highschool!Au / Taehyung as a boyfriend: 

- You met in the library; 

- Morning study session with hot chocolate and marshmallows and lazy study session at your place;

- His selca in the morning, before lessons; 

- He makes a lot of photos, you’re his favorite subject; 

- At the end of the year, he takes you to the prom because you’re “The only one”

For anon, I hope you like it! M.

P.S. I don’t really know if in Korea they used to make the “prom”, but the idea suited with the concept. 


||16.1.29|| 11/100 days of productivity

It’s been a while since I actually took this picture while studying for APUSH final. Oh well, I am so scared to see what I’ve got!! (not to mention my grade just went down and she hasn’t even put the final grade yet)

p.s. can we just appreciate the aesthetics of hot chocolate with baby marshmallows 😍

anonymous asked:

Do you have any headcanons about a daughter of Aphrodite and son of Athena as a couple? Love your blog xx

Okay, let’s get started!

  • She’s really smart and he’s really pretty.
  • Like she’s top of her class, straight A’s, speaks four languages, talented and amazing and incredibly gorgeous.
  • But who’s more gorgeous? Her boyfriend. 
  • Gorgeous tan, perfectly fitted clothes. Always the best dressed in the room. Glasses that perfectly fit his face, eyelashes to die for, hair that always looks just perfect. He wears it effortlessly, with a perfect amount of confidence without seeming careless.
  • They’re intimidating on paper, but in real life they’re literally harmless
  • They have daily arguments over things like shoelaces, pronunciations of names and words, and anything else.
    • “no pronounces egg like that! You’re insane!”
  • Get into deep philosophical conversations at any time of the day, get too deep.
  • Go shopping together, because they both kinda hate shopping alone but love shopping with each other. Go to all the nicest stores and try on all the clothes and rate each other.
  • They’re a power couple on paper but a couple of harmless marshmallows irl.
  • They study together constantly and go on starbucks runs for each other.
  • Both of them hate exercising so they never exercise literally ever.
wanna chat? pt. 12

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holy shit its late

the miracuchat is wild and somehow we got to coffee marshmallow mème frappuccino?? i dont???? what were we even talking about??????????? i feel like this is @frostedpuffs​‘ fault for some reason

(ayy = alya
niNO = niNO
coffee marshmallow mème frappuccino = adrien
flowers are flowery = mari)
((it gets a little confusing so youre gonna want to pay attention to text styles))



something about optimism has changed their name to coffee marshmallow crème frappuccino

niNO: if i can
what the fuck

coffee marshmallow crème frappuccino: ;*
ilysm marsh
mwah mwah mwah

niNO: al?????

flowers are flowery: Alya why do you have adriens phone

coffee marshmallow crème frappuccino: um bc he got up to get coffee
i had an opportunity
i took it
pls know that this boy has autocaps and autocorrect on
its v hard to keep up The Aesthetic™

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Считается ли продуктивным день, если ты на него ничего не планировал и ничего не сделал? Отлично провела день в кровати🌚 первый урок был в 7, второй в 14.30, третий в 17 (отменили). А в 22.00 экзамен. Люблю своё расписание 😅

How the Famous Marshmallow Study Explains Environmental Conservation

In the Stanford marshmallow experiment, arguably the most famous study ever conducted on the concept of delayed gratification, children were offered a choice between receiving one small treat (like a marshmallow) immediately or receiving two treats later (like, 15 minutes later). In the years since, the ability to choose deferred rewards over smaller immediate rewards has been associated with numerous positives such as enhanced self-esteem, academic excellence, and physical fitness. 

Marine biologist Ayana Elizabeth Johnson speculates that this trait may also have something to do with being better at environmental stewardship.

Johnson thinks a lot about how humans interact with ocean resources (like fish), and what drives us to exploit or conserve these resources. One question she returns to, over and over, is: How can we enable people to take a long-term view when it comes to the wealth of the oceans—"to save some for later, to use the ocean without using it up?“

The answer to that question has more to do with people and the psychology of human decision-making than it does with fish and ecology. So, while doing field work in Curacao and Bonaire for her marine biology Ph.D., Johnson ended up designing a behavioral economics study.

Read more. [Image: Ayana Johnson]

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What advice would you give someone who can see the consequences of something, but choose to do or not do it anyways? Example: dropping a class even though financial aid might be lost, or not cleaning room and laying around the entire day.

There was a psychological study done several years ago called “The Marshmallow Study”. Kids were placed into a room with a marshmallow on a plate and told that they could eat the marshmallow now, but if they waited a period of time, they would get two marshmallows in total. The kids were tested years later longitudinally, and the study found that the ones who waited scored higher in school, and in general had more successful lives. What this suggests is that the human capacity to plan and use executive functioning to delay gratification is an important one. My advice would be to first understand that this skill - the ability to delay pleasure - is partially based off of biology, and partially based off of practice. Take time to prioritize your goals into a list, and decide what you’re willing to sacrifice to achieve those goals. 


Hot chocolate marshmallow + my planner.

I’m a huge fan of bullet journals, but I don’t have the time or the ability required for designing one, so I have a planner. You could tell it’s a planner for women since its theme is Aleida, a cynical, critical, ordinary feminine character drawn by Vladdo, a cartoonist.