New Video! Made Lego Marshmallow Pops with my friend @ijustine

Junior (William Nylander)

Prompt: Hey, I love your writing and that’s why I was wondering if you could write a William Nylander imagine where you two randomly start talking about what you might name your kids and you tell him that you are not going to name them after him because that would be child abuse because it’s so long. Just a bunch of fluff, please.

William Nylander x Reader

Requested: yep

Includes: fluff

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Lego Marshmallow Pops

Yield varies upon preference

The things you’ll need

  • Yellow candy melts
  • Large marshmallows
  • Small marshmallows
  • Candy melting pot
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Tray lined with parchment
  • Foam block
  • Edible pens
  • Small knife and cutting board

Let’s get started!

  1. In a candy melting pot, heat candy melts with a little coconut oil or fat flakes and mix until smooth.
  2. Dip a lollipop stick into the melt and then push the stick into a large marshmallow. Make sure to press through the top of the marshmallow to make room for a mini marshmallow.
  3. Cut a mini marshmallow in half and then place on the tip of the large marshmallow.
  4. Dip the pop into the candy melt to coat evenly and then repeat to make as many pops as you would like.
  5. Place the pops into a foam block to cool and harden.
  6. Using the paint pens, draw on the faces of your favorite Lego characters.
  7. TaDa! Everything is awesome when you have a Lego pop!

so i kinda have this headcanon/au type thing where a few of the objects have music jams and play songs. the other objects come to watch them. they usually do it at night and sit around a campfire.

ok so tissues can play guitar. he’s still learning how, but despite being sick 24/7, he has an amazing singing voice. its hard for him to sing, but he pulls through. he really loves all kinds of music.

fan can sing ok, but he’s better at playing ukulele. he saw some emo group that has ukeleles (like twenty one pilots) so he decided to find lessons on youtube, bc hes a huge fanboy. he really likes those indie bands that are really popular and he thinks they’re “"real music”“

lightbulb has a random pair of bongo drums, and she thinks they’re really fun. sometimes she can’t keep rhythm though, and ppl get mad when she drums randomly, and they have to calm her down. she can also sing and rap some pretty LIT rhymes. her music taste is really random and she likes a variety of things.

paintbrush actually likes to sing, but they’re pretty nervous about singing in front of people, but lightbulb always encourages them to join the music group, and painty ends up enjoying themself a lot. paintbrush likes older music.

marshmallow really loves singing, but can also play recorder. its the only instrument she can play bc she learned in elementary school. apple gave it to her as a gift :3 she can play pretty well. marshmallow really likes upbeat pop music and love songs and always writes really gay songs for apple

apple loves to play the triangle, even though she doesn’t know what triangle means. she occasionally sings, but she plays the triangle more. she found it lying around hotel oj.
soap can play guitar and sing. she has been doing music since she was a little kid, so she’s pretty good. apple still likes kids music and only knows the kidzbop versions of songs.

mepad can sing extremely well. he’s actually a slightly well known musical artist. his singing voice is very soft and gentle. he usually sings calming songs and is good at backup vocals as well.

soap has been doing music since she was five years old. she’s really good at playing guitar. she and microphone really like the beatles and usually do songs by them. soap practices guitar and singing a lot, and she’s very perfectionistic about it.

microphone plays bass guitar, and she sings pretty well too. sometimes she sings too loud so people sometimes get mad about that. when she sings, she’s very good at projecting her voice, and people choose to follow along with her if they don’t know a song.

sometimes mephone and toilet sing as well. they on,y come occasionally though.
the other contestants come as well, but they usually just watch.

so ther you have it!! my inanimate insanity music au

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What Your Favourite 80s Band Says About You

The Smiths: I like Oscar Wilde and cry a lot and wear cardigans and wank while reading poetry and am very fond of tea.

New Order: I was raised by a family of drums but was not hardcore enough for Joy Division.

The Jesus and Mary Chain: I like fuzzy noises and heroin. Mostly heroin.

The Cure: I am in love! So in love! I have also never seen the light of day.

A-ha: I like marshmallow soft pop.

The Police: I like reggae music but not weed.

U2: People liked me better in the 80s.


So a few days ago I answered a prompt and wrote this
Some people asked for a continuation, and since I am a woman of the people, I obliged! (Edited by the wonderful @alittlemissfit)

The music playing in the mansion was so loud Scully could hear it outside. Rolling her eyes she inwardly groans, starts fantasizing about a vanilla scented bubble bath and a glass of wine.
Mulder comes up behind her and holds out his elbow with a smile. Blushing she promptly takes his arm.

The one positive of tonight was that he was attending the New Years party with her. When he’d picked her up at her apartment she nearly did a double take. Mulder looked handsome on a bad day, but he could clean up nice if prompted to. He was wearing tight jeans, a white button down shirt, a black suit coat and no over the top tie. He looked like he’d just stepped out of a GQ ad, and as pleased as she was he was her date tonight Scully was struggling to keep less appropriate thoughts out of her mind.

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Vodka Marshmallow Pops🍭

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Ichigo and Rukia having hot cocoa together.

Rukia discovering marshmallows.

Rukia discovering mini marshmallows.

Ichigo having to take away and hide the mini marshmallows.

Ichigo absolutely banning any form of marshmallow from the household because Rukia found the mini marshmallows and almost choked trying to stuff a whole bunch in her mouth.

Rukia is persistent in her demands and Ichigo finally relents.

Ichigo and Rukia compromising that she can only eat certain foods with his supervision.

Rukia piling on the mini marshmallows into chappy in her hot cocoa and does the same to Ichigo despite his griping. He does have a sweet tooth after all.

Ichigo having to control the mini marshmallows when Rukia seems too bouncy and hyped up on sugar.

Ichigo and Rukia throwing mini marshmallows at each other trying to catch it in their mouths.

Ichigo feeding Rukia mini marshmallows, getting embarrassed and flustered when Rukia accidentally licks his fingers or brushes her lips against them. Rukia too happily engrossed in her treat to notice.

Rukia offering Ichigo a mini marshmallow only to pop it in her mouth at the last moment.

Ichigo grabbing Rukia’s wrist to make sure she feeds it to him properly this time, both ending up in a compromising position from their banter and light wrestling over the sweet.

Kurosaki family walking in to find Rukia feeding Ichigo said mini marshmallow while holding her wrist and straddling her in a compromising position.

Ichigo trying to defuse the situation while Rukia takes advantage and eats more mini marshmallows while Ichigo is distracted.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Stanford Pines trudged back towards home in the pouring rain, thinking about anomalies. 

He had been out cataloging migrating cryptids in the grassy fields above town when inclement weather had rolled in from the West, turning the sunny evening dark and dreary.

Head tucked down into his collar, he clutched his journal close to his chest to protect it from the wind and rain. A chill ran through him as the temperature dropped and the evening grew darker. He raised a six-fingered hand to the top of his head to shield himself from the rain. Of course this would be the day I forget a hat, he thought with a chuckle. Ah well, c’est la vie.

Thunder rumbled in the distance, but no lightning illuminated his path. The windswept grass was soft underfoot. The wind howled and the rain fell in sheets.

At one particularly loud crash of thunder, Stanford looked up and over the town laid out before him. The grassy hill rolled down to the treeline below. Small soft lights that marked homes and business shone through the downpour. Thick fir trees and tall pines and spruce swayed in the wind. In the distance, the crash of waves from the lake could just be heard over the noise of the storm.

Stanford was hit by a wave of nostalgia and memory. 

A thousand rainy landscapes flashed across his memory. Purple skies over white forests, dark grey clouds pouring rain so blue it burned your eyes, dark green forests drenched in rain made of light, serene grey skies over a town so similar to this one (but it wasn’t, he knew that at the time, but it was perfect; it was so hard to leave that dimension, and he missed it sometimes), skies that defied explanation and belief and filled a person with wonder and awe and fear. 

Skies that were not home.

He stood in the cold and the rain, lost in memory, for a long time. Long enough to get soaked to the bone and start shivering. Long enough for the evening to grow into night. Long enough to remember the family probably waiting anxiously for his return.

Stanford Pines trudged back towards home in the pouring rain, thinking about family.

Everything was so different now from when he had first arrived. When he and Stan had been at each other’s throats and too stubborn and bitter to try and fix things. When Dipper had worshiped him like a hero and he had drunk up the praise and adoration, monopolizing the boy’s attention in a bid to make up for so many years spent alone and unloved. When Mabel had been unsure of herself around him and had been desperate to please him and win his approval. 

When he had been closed, and guarded, and alone because of it.

As he neared the Shack, he caught sight of a small brown-haired face in the window. It disappeared, and a moment later the back door burst open with a cry of “Grunkle Ford!” Stanford smiled. Dipper came running towards him, obnoxiously large umbrella open and threatening to lift the boy off the ground in the wind. Huffing and puffing, Dipper finally met him and stood on his tiptoes to hold the umbrella over Ford’s head.

“You forgot to bring an umbrella! I didn’t know if I should have come and gotten you when it started raining, Mabel said you usually bring a hat so it was probably fine, Stan said you were too smart to catch a cold, and—“ The boy continued to ramble as they made their way back to the house.

The umbrella was discarded and the door shut as Dipper pulled Ford into the kitchen. “—reassured her that the power shouldn’t go out, it’s not that big of a storm, but Mabel still insisted on getting all of the candles out and going through and making sure all the flashlights have batteries in them. Anyways, I think she’s making hot—“ Dipper’s rambling was cut short as a squealing Mabel barreled into them.

“Oof – Mabel! Careful!” Dipper said. She ignored him in favor of grabbing Ford’s other hand and beginning to chatter herself.

“You’re just in time, Grunkle Ford! I’ve completed a batch of Mabel’s uber-fantastic marshmallow madness hot chocolate! It’s sure to warm you right up! Waddles even tested it for me, didn’t you?” she grinned at the pig sitting in one of the kitchen tabled. Waddles snuffled happily back at her. “Good pig,” she said.

Stanford was directed to sit in a chair close to the stove. He laid the journal on the table, out of the way of any table traffic. The warm smell of hot milk and melted chocolate drifted over from a pot bubbling merrily on the stovetop. Stanford shivered. His coat left puddles on the floor and the chair.

“Has the nerd finally returned from his quest?” a gruff voiced called out. A moment later, Stan walked into the kitchen. 

“Whoa, Poindexter, what did you do – jump in the lake?” He let out a loud laugh and slapped his knee. He wiped a tear from his eye before moving over to Ford. “No but seriously, get outta that wet coat. You’re dripping water all over my floor. Do you WANT to catch a cold?”

Stanford rolled his eyes at Stan but shrugged out of the coat nonetheless. “That is not what causes colds, Stanley. I have told you that a million times.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” Stan blew him off as he took the soaked jacket and disappeared into the other room. Ford rolled his eyes.

A steaming mug of hot chocolate was pushed in front of him. At least six marshmallows floated in the drink. He smiled up at his great-niece as he wrapped cold fingers around the warm mug. “Thank you, Mabel. This is wonderful.” He took a sip. Ah. That hits the spot. Warmth spread through his center.

Mabel laughed. “No problem! And there’s LOTS more where that came from, so drink up!”

“Please do,” Dipper piped up. “She’s already had three cups and she does NOT need any more sugar tonight.” This earned a playful shove from his sister. Dipper just grinned at her.

Shuffling footsteps marked Stan’s return. Before Stanford could turn to greet his brother a large, warm quilt was thrown around his shoulders. A small noise of surprise left Ford.

“Science or no, I’m not having you freeze to death on me,” Stan said. He shuffled over to the counter where Mabel’s hot chocolate supplies sat. “I smell hot chocolate, and where there’s hot chocolate there’s gotta be – AHA! Marshmallows!” Stan scooped up one of the bags and popped three marshmallows in his mouth.

“Hey! Grunkle Stan, save some for the rest of us!” Mabel jumped up from her seat.

A wicked gleam lit Stan’s eyes. “Oh yeah, and what are you gonna do about it, pumpkin?”

“Oh,” Mabel said, cracking her knuckles. “It’s on.”

Stanford looked around the kitchen at the warm, bright, laughing family. Stan and Mabel were using spoons to shoot marshmallows at each other from across the room while Dipper kept score. The small projectiles bounced everywhere, giving the already messy room a fluffy white sprinkling. He pulled the blanket Stan had placed around his shoulders a little bit snugger and took a long sip of hot chocolate. The warmth sitting comfortably in his chest grew, as did the smile on his face.

“What are you grinning at, nerd?” Stan shot in his direction. Mabel used the distraction to bombard him with marshmallows. Stan shouted something about ‘marshmallow war misconduct’ before renewing his siege. Dipper shook his head, grinning, and muttered something along the lines of ‘all is fair in love and marshmallow wars’ as raucous laughter from his brother mingled with his great-niece’s cackles of delight. Ford’s smile grew wider still. The warmth he suspected had nothing to do with the hot chocolate (and everything to do with the people around him) spread to the tips of his fingers and toes.

“Nothing, Stanley. I’m just happy.”

At his words, there was a lull in the festivities before a very warm, very marshmallowy great-niece barreled into him. Dipper set down his notepad in order to hug his other side. Stan chuckled before walking up behind Ford, pulling him into a partial headlock, and giving him a good noogie. Ford protested but could do nothing with his niece and nephew still wrapping him up in identical bear hugs. The headlock soon shifted into a genuine hug from Stan. Ford felt the warmth inside him grow impossibly stronger.

“We’re happy too, Sixer,” Stan whispered.

The cold rain beat down on the roof and windows of the Shack, but inside the family was warm and happy and whole.

This is a little gift-fic for the lovely @miss-azura who made this beautiful piece of art earlier, which inspired this little fic of mine. 

Thank you so much for your wonderful artwork. You are an inspiration and a truly gifted individual. Keep being lovely!


Hi guys! Here is a short rainy day fic! I hope you enjoy! 

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when it’s raining

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Camping trip - Platonic! Hamilsquad X Reader

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“Welcome to Hell, population: Me.”

You grumpily said as you sat down in one of the fold up chairs circling the large fire Hercules had built. Somehow, your friends had convinced you to go camping with them for the weekend and you had already gotten sick of it.

“Chin up, Y/N. We haven’t even made smores yet! Don’t be so quick to dis camping” Alexander came up from behind you and leaned down, wrapping his arms around your neck and resting his head on yours. 

“Speaking of smores,” John and Lafayette came to the circle with large bags of marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. Alexander was quick to snatch the bag of marshmallows and pop one in his mouth, giving a blissful smile 

“Make way!” Hercules, out of nowhere came with a mountain of firewood and dumped it into the blaze, embers flying. You gave a sigh as the heat warmed you and everyone had picked a fold up chair to settle into.

As the night went on, you became more comfortable with your surroundings, You had to admit, the fire was wonderful, the stars that flew above you enchanted you every time, and the smores were pretty bomb. Everything seemed to be going ok

“Let’s tell some scary stories,” John said, holding a flashlight to his face in ominous lighting

You spoke too soon. 

“They thought they were safe, their heartbeats were racing and sweat beaded on the young couples brows. They bolted for the man’s car, legs shaking with aftershock and fear. The woman ran to the door and furiously pulled on the locked handle. The man fidgeted and patted his pockets for the keys, but everything seemed to freeze when the knife-wielding maniac was JINGLING THEM BEHIND HIM-“

“AAAAAAAH” You and Lafayette screamed in unison. John was cackling and took the light away from his face, shining it on you and Laf.

“Not funny!” You said, pissed off as Laf pouted in his chair. You gave a sign as the other two joined in on the laughter. Your face heated up from embarrassment and from the warmth of the fire. You rose from your chair and sighed, brushing the Graham cracker crumbs off of your lap and walking towards the tent you had set up

“Hey, Y/N?” Alexander said from the circle. You looked over to him to see him grab the flashlight from John and shine it ominously on himself

“Have fun sleeping tonight, scaredy cat”

Sakamaki: chubby bunny. Requested.

It started off as a game then it turned into a challenge and you sat in the corner regretting telling them about it.

He was the overall winner, none of his other brothers could beat him. Not even Subaru, who glared with annoyance as he spat all the marshmallows onto the floor and the maid hurried over to clean it up.
You smiled as you got up and kissed Kanato on the cheek causing him to blush a light shade of pink as you snapped a picture of it.

“Give it up brother, you can beat me.” He smirked as you took a marshmallow out of the bag of marshmallows and pop it in your mouth.
“Oi!” Ayato growled, “you can do that we need them!”
“Leave her alone big brother.” Laito’s tone held a bit of a protective growl.

Even though Kanato had beaten him, Subaru did look like a chubby bunny. With his white hair and red eyes, though he did look a bit angry. It was cute.
“Awe!” You cooed as you came up behind him and slipped bunny ears on him.
He turned red all over.