marshmallow peeps


I really want to see Jaskier’s face here.

I know it’s hard not to look at Geralt’s so soft face in this scene, but if you look at Jaskier’s little head tilt.

It’s a scoff, a sceptical huff, “saved my life? Hah!”

But right away, like he can’t help it. HE SMILES.

Grins really.

See the way his jaw narrows and cheeks round out? We’ve seen his face do that before. Usually when he has that cheeky grin on his face.

And really, these two grinning at eachother with soft eyes.

We were robbed.

“what the hell is this OQ”

it’s for Easter, idk what you expect from me.

been working on this for a week or so, and the result wasn’t as great like i wanted it to be. yes, i could’ve added more Peeps in any version, but i think this is enough.

now you (or someone else that may have stated this would be a thing) know that this exists for anyone who would look up “characters as marshmallow Peeps” or something around the topic.

including alt version which was the original output with some tweaks here and there, but thought it was a little touchy on the whole subject of Easter.