marshmallow trees

Astrology thoughts

Aries: Strong winds that bite your face, dark red roses, thorns, laughing so hard it hurts, supernovas, bright light that blinds you when you step into a room and you have to wait for your eyes to adjust, dry lips, dry acrylic paint, peeling paint off of palettes, burgers, when a tooth is wobbly and it won’t come out, when your ears burn, loving a friend like they are your own child

Taurus: Soft skin, calm breezes, long walks, strolls, slow ambles through the forest, leaves that crunch under your feet, puddles, wearing an apron whilst baking, baking with your children, yellow roses, sleepy eyes, that yawn you do when you first wake up and you feel all refreshed by achy as well, coffee cups that have been forgotten and gone lukewarm, staying out in the garden for hours and going all red in the face from the cold, loving your someone comfortably, knowing they love you too

Gemini: Static from a TV, hurricanes, buttons, running, endurance, dirty coffee mugs, not leaving tea to brew for long enough, farms, takeaways, Starbucks frappuchinos, turtlenecks, grey skies, the calm before a storm, classical singing, choirs, organs, chipped cups, battery chargers, loose wiring, when a plug is right next to your bed in a hotel room, glossy magazines, waiting rooms, clear nights away from air pollution so you can see all the thousands of stars, gel pens, concerts, loving someone so much it hurts

Cancer: Sleeping, big jumpers, pulling the sleeves over your knuckles, grey, light rain, head colds, being comfortably sleepy, hot chocolate, marshmallows, barren trees, Winter, lips, collar bones, going running, getting damp from the rain, kissing in the rain, the click of keyboards, the feeling on your breath after drinking alcohol, homeopathy, when people smile with their whole face and their eyes light up and their cheeks dimple and all their teeth show and they just look like the embodiment of happiness, bright eyes when someone is working too hard, chewing on lips, competitive sports, loving someone unconditionally

Leo: The tingle on your lips after sipping a fizzy drink, sniffing your nose when you having a cold, duck taping wires, tearing off nails, all black outfits, aluminium cans, lingerie that doesn’t give you a visible panty line, watching someone from afar, gatherings with friends at home, board games, cracked phone screens, rose gold iphones, charcoal, smile lines, eyelashes, vases, skinny jeans, ugg boots, loving someone with all your heart but constantly guessing whether they love you back

Virgo: Big cardigans, nike lingerie, matte lipstick, eyeliner, trainers, studyspo worthy revision notes, lying on an armchair so that your feet are swung over one arm, and your back is against the other arm, twitter, watercolours, crowds, the underground, headphones, long hair, petals, marine life, vodka, parties in fields, social media, nutella, driving, foundation, children’s picture books, back ache, dependable friendships, when someone texts you exactly what you needed to hear that day, loving someone and being sure of their love for you

Libra: Glossy lipsticks, rolling up your sleeves, hoodies, licking your lips, that half smile people do when they’re out of breath, grunge aesthetics, comic books, dressing up, yoga pants, nike trainers, crop tops, perfect eyeshadow with a gradient, beer, angels, Jekyll and Hyde, wings, walking in the twilight, bluetooth, flicking through a book really quickly and you can feel all the pages slipping through your fingers, black leggings, sore feet after a long walk, loving someone and being angry with them

Scorpio: Dark lipsticks, strong winds, snuggling up with someone in a chair, friend the tv show, daydreaming, when you share a look with someone and they instantly get what you’re trying to tell them, secrets that are funny, deja vu, butt workouts, that shiver that runs down your spine but you have no idea why, a warm bed in a cold room, sweet potato fries, swimming pools at expensive hotels, mortages, lacy lingeries that’s actually way comfier than your other lingerie, the word lingeries because it’s pretty, the moment before you kiss somebody, loving somebody and knowing they love you and being tentatively close to being in a relationship

Sagittarius: Maths problem solving, when you really get on well with a teacher, when your laptp gets really hot in your lap, the feeling when a plane takes off, cold feet, not wanting to get up and change the channel, low necklines, pins and needles, ladybirds, youtube, accents, the excitement around elections, drawn blinds, being curled up with your cat when you’re in bed with a book or your phone, loving someone so much you think you’re going to burst, and then loving them some more

Capricorn: Trying to find the head hole in a jumper and getting lost and panicking a bit, university professors, blushing, handbooks, holding hands with somebody, macbooks, sucking your thumb, cooking and feeling really professional, making pancakes on pancake day, full on snogging somebody, dancing when you’re slightly drunk and just really into the music, dancing witha bottle in your hand, barely being able to keep your eyes open, working on something until really late, loving somebody but keeping it a secret even from yourself and not wanting to admit it to yourself

Aquarius: Fringes, dying your hair dark purple, politics, smiling and splitting your lip, mythology, short skirts, LED lights, festivals, waving your arms at a concert, that kind of dancing where you just jump up and down and never get a stitch, hearing your parents talk and laugh and not fight, gardening books, diaries, lists, the humanities, kissing someone on the noes, poking someone to be annoying, loving your friends and being able to make fun of each other without hurting their feelings

Pisces: Giggling and kissing and giggling again during sex, open windows, when your stomach hurts after the day after doing ab exercises, competitive team sports, mouth ulcers, sleep in your eyes, rubbing your eyes and feeling more refreshed, waking up early for an aeroplane flight, olde english, two piece swim suits that don’t show your belly button, sarcasm, keeping a straight face, that one person who is seriously photogenic and are really good at pulling the exactly right face at the exactly right moment, loving someone just a little bit, so that it nags you when you look at them, like a little tingle in your toes

Need Some Summer Inspiration?

My friend Sofia always brings the zen I need in my life.  I can’t cook for my life, and I definitely wouldn’t call myself a nature queen.  This is where she comes in!  I asked Sofia to share her best summer fun ideas for the ultimate ladies bucket list.  Can you cross everything off?

 College Girl: What’s Your Summer Bucket List? By Sofia Porta

Schools coming to an end – preparing for finals, packing up your dorm/apartment and getting ready to head home! But wait, what’s the plan; what’s there to do? So much is the answer!

If you want the best summer yet – a bucket list is a must!

Whether you Instagram, Facebook, blog, or simply put your photos in a scrapbook, you will want these memories for a lifetime; here are a few ideas on how to make this summer one to remember.

1.  Go on a roadtrip – To the ice-cream parlor two towns over for some famous homemade rocky road, or to New Orleans for some French Quarter fun, choose a destination never explored and head on over with some friends!  It’s where you go, but the people you’re with.
2.  Try a yoga class – Who doesn’t need some zen in their life? Check out local yoga studios nearby where you can meditate in childpose for the entire class, or sweat it out with handstands and arm balances. There’s a pose for everyone 
Hydrate yourself 24/7- Wake up, drink two glasses of lemon water to energize, detox and clean your body. Throughout the day, add chia seeds and your choice of fruit (watermelon & strawberry are yummy) to water and you’ll be staying healthy with a delicious combo.
3.  Have a bonfire & s’mores party – There’s nothing better to bond with your girlfriends over than pulling sticky marshmallows off a tree branch while listening to John Mayer and caching up on boy drama. The essentials are minimum – marshmallows (Dandies Vegan Air-Puffed Marshmallows, gelatin free version are a s’mores fan fav), chocolate (dairy free Dream Milk Chocolate is tasty), graham crackers, a few sticks from your backyard and a fire.
Have a picnic – Plan a weekend getaway to a local park or wildlife area and bring your food basket! This can include mini sandwiches, a bottle of Long Island white wine and strawberries for dessert, or for those under 21 – sparkling apple cider will suffice.
4.  Check out a thrift store – College students appreciate nothing more than a good deal, especially with cute and trendy clothes. Check out a local thrift store that you and your friends can delve into, hunting for some affordable new looks. (Ps. Crop tops are out; Vintage tees are in!)
Make homemade granola – There’s nothing like going on a walk accompanied with some trail mix in a zip lock baggy, except granola is way better. So make your own, personalized to you and no one else! Gather up your favorite ingredients: almonds, cashews, macadamia, hazelnuts, chocolate chips, craisins, pumpkin seeds, coconut, chia seeds and vanilla; toss that all together, add some honey pop it into the oven and voila!
5.  Dedicate a day to do nothing – Literally, just do nothing. School is over, there is no work, no studying and most importantly, no stress! Go for a walk, observe a tree in your backyard, listen to the birds chirping and enjoy the silence. These moments aren’t forever, and they certainly are peaceful.
6.  Get a hammock – Building a tree house is a little complicated for us gals, lying in a hammock is half the effort! All you need is a little space, indoor or outdoor, two standing poles or trees to latch the ends onto. Lay back and enjoy the sway of the hammock with a good read.
7.  Fisher up – Whoever said only guys fish is clearly mistaken – Grab a fishing pole, take some bait, and launch’er out to the water! It’s a game of patience and how many drinks take it till you catch something. Once the little fighter has been caught, try out your sushi making skills or throw it onto the grill for a paleo filled dinner. Squeeze on some fresh lemon and throw on a dash of seasoning for taste. Anything guys can do, girls can do better! Right? 

Dramione Christmas Aesthetic

Draco: Softly falling snow on Christmas morning, packages wrapped in shiny paper, heirloom ornaments passed down through generations, expensive pea coats, figgy pudding, hot apple cider with anise stars, green peppermints, an elegant dining table with silver settings

Hermione: Knitted stockings hanging over the hearth, colorful Christmas cards arriving by post, strands of twinkling lights, thermal pajama sets, gingerbread men cookies, oversized mugs of hot cocoa with marshmallows, candy canes, trees trimmed with red and gold baubles

OH!! Sweet moments!!

Send me “Oh! Sweet moments! with _____ and ______” and I will roll a random number so they can:

  1. Go on a picnic in a field
  2. Build a treehouse // Hang out in a tree
  3. Roast marshmallows over a campfire
  4. Dance like dorks together
  5. Get football tackled
  6. Fly a kite together
  7. Go diving/swimming together
  8. Find some treasure in a cave
  9. Grab some face paint and decorate each other’s faces
  10. Go to a photo booth and take a photo or two!
  11. Create something together (ie. a painting, an outfit, a story, etc).
  12. Take part in a festival together (ie. Midsummer, Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese New Year, Hanami, Oktoberfest, etc).
  13. Are late for school! THINK FAST!
  14. Go fishing together
  15. Attend a fancy dinner
  16. Best part of the movie
  17. Attend a beach party
  18. Do some training at the local gym/outdoors
  19. Swing from a rope into a lake/pond
  20. Star gazing when a shooting star goes by
  21. Going through a time of trial, one character consoles the other
  22. In a hot spring