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cutest warm marshmallow thing………that’s it………I’ve figured out what my art is like it’s like a marshmallow

Marshmallow & Hot Cocoa (Harry Styles Imagine)

Summary: A christmas miracle happen over a small café with a marshmallow and hot cocoa 

Pairing: reader x harry 

Warning: only really cheesy words 

 Harry’s POV 

I look up the sky. Snow falling to my face. Christmas is one of the holidays i like. Family and friends gather together, enjoying good quality time. Everyone where they supposed to be. 

 With their love ones

Well except for me. I’m still finding her, she who i don’t know yet. This life is getting empty without her. All the people the touring, I long to share it to her. My very own someone. Shrugging my thoughts I shouldn’t be sad or gloomy in christmas eve. I should be happy, this is the first day off I can get after long times of working in the studio. Sadly, I can’t be with my family this christmas. The weather is getting colder. Tightening my coat, I step in to a small café. The place looks cozy and expectedly hardly anyone is there. Except a girl there sitting in the corner near the window. She’s caught up in her book. Constantly reaching to the bowl in front of her, now empty. I looked down to mine. Oh marshmallows. I decide to order a hot cocoa to the waiter. Inspecting her further, I think to myself. 

 She’s beautiful. Intriguing actually. 

Reaching out to my bowl, I pick it up and walk towards her.

“Out of marshmallows?” I said and smile when she lifted her face from her book and stare at my presence.

Have you ever seen an aurora? Even from the tv or even google? Its magnificent. I may sound cheesy right now but God help me. This girl in front of me, would be like a hundred auroras and flowers combine together with all those others nice and sweet things.

“Haha yea.. Seems like I’m too caught up.” She smile as she reach forward taking one from mine. “Thanks um?”


“Y/N”. She said smiling.

“Well what are you doing here alone in christmas eve?” She asked me

“Didn’t get to see my family. So currently being a loner.” I chuckled.

She frowns. “Same, I guess we can be two loners then?”

I grin at her. “Definitely.”

“What about girlfriend? Boyfriend? Hey I don’t judge!” She wink. 

“No, I’m single as a pringle.”

“Really? I am having a hard time believing Harry Styles doesn’t have anybody up his sleeve. No offense.” She lean back to her chair.

“No.” I chuckled. “I see that I blew my cover.” I said meaning she recognise me.

“Haha, sorry if I creep you out. But I try my best to start a normal convo, I think you don’t fancy me screaming when Harry Styles is talking to me.” 

I smiled again. She is something, okay. 

“So, what about you? Taken by anyone or just book and marshy over here.” I point to the marshmallow on the table.

“Nah, same luck as yours haha.” 

“Well care to hang out with me?”

She seems to be thinking for a while.

“Well why not? Not like I have anything to do.” She smile and closing her book.

After we finish our cocoa and the marshmallows, We decide to have a walk around the freezing river.

“So, hows life?” I asked as we stop and take a seat at one of the chair. 

“Well, always been a slut fucking with everyone’s life, but well, its good good. Wbu Mr. Curly?”

“Just got my day off after long time working in the studio. Just my luck, cant spend it with my family, but hey! I got you! That’s much better than I can ask.” I said truthfully making her blush, her cheeks reddening even more in the cold weather.

“Well for me this gotta be the best christmas eve ever. I met you, and now we’re both hanging out.” “True.”

We just stare at each other for a while before I lean in. Her lips just looks so enticing. Inviting.

So I did, I kissed her. And it taste like marshmallow. Sweet, but at the same time magical.

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I had a headcanon about Tomco where Tom visits Marco frequently but his parents abuse him and he try to hide all of his scars and wounds of Marco and one day he dont come anymore and Marco use his dimensional scissors to see him and he find Tom unconsious and i dont know You can make a fanfic about that if you want

Aww, this was such a sad idea! But I really really loved it! And I loved writing it, I hope you like it! I sort of got carried away writing this, so sorry if it’s a little self-projecting and stuff. Just enjoy!

TRIGGER WARNING (Abuse mention and violence)

Tom stumbled into the bathroom and managed to lift his head up. He felt sick when he saw the state his face was in. A horrible bruise covered his right eye and went over his temple. Another dark bruise was on his jaw. Tom bit his lip and then realized his mouth was bleeding from the blow to the jaw. He shakily reached up to touch where he was bleeding, thinking he bit his tongue or cheek badly again. But he gagged when a tooth fell out from little force being applied to it.

Tom looked around, feeling anxiety fill up in his chest and stomach. This would be harder to hide, normally he could wear long sleeves and pants, maybe even a hat on bad days. And Marco would give him an odd look for the outfit. But he tried his best to hide it. But Marco always seemed to figure it out, and he got worried enough as it was. Tom looked back in the mirror and saw he had a gash along his hairline. If Marco saw him like this he would have a heart attack! He’d be so upset with him and he’d get worried and it would be all Tom’s fault and-

Tom shook his head and tried to get these thoughts away. He dabbed the blood away from the wound on his head and put a bandage over it. He then teleported to the only place he could think to go. Tom kept his head down and tapped on the door. “Star?” He mumbled.

“Tom? Are you okay?” Star opened the door to her room and immediately got a worried look. “Oh my god! What happened to you!?” She cried. Tom shushed her.

“Shh, keep your voice down.” He begged. “I-I need to borrow makeup.” Tom told her.

“Sure, sure come on in.” Star brought him in her room and sat him down. “What happened to you though?” She asked again.

“It doesn’t matter I just… I just can’t let Marco see me like this.” Tom spoke. Star’s shoulders dropped and she got a sympathetic look.

“Oh Tom… you know Marco and I only want to help you… He won’t be angry or upset. None of this is your faul-”

“Star!” Tom cut her off. “Please just help me.” He begged. “I don’t have time for this right now.” He mumbled this part. He was told this by Star and Marco what seemed to be a billion times. And every time he didn’t believe a word of it, and at a certain point he felt like he was being lied to. Because if it wasn’t his fault, whose fault was it? Somebody had to be the cause, right? If he didn’t mess up he wouldn’t be hurt. Star didn’t understand that. It’s just how things work… right?

“Okay… well I don’t have concealer that matches your skin so I’m gonna have to use eyeshadow.” Star took out a purple pallet and Tom shrugged.

“I don’t care just make it go away.” He told her. Star sighed and got to work. She took out some hairspray to make sure Tom’s hair would stay in the position that covered his head wound. And she used the eyeshadow to cover up his bruises.

“Are you missing a tooth?” She asked, when Tom opened his mouth to say something. He cut himself and closed his mouth. “W-wait one second.” Star told him. She was trying to act like it was no big deal. She would cover up a bruise and say “It’s not that bad” or “I can’t even see it anymore!”. But she was lying, and she wasn’t sure of it was to make Tom, or herself feel better. Star came back with a little package. “These were from halloween I never used them.” She told him, opening up the set of fake vampire teeth. Tom nodded and Star put the epoxy on. “Hold it in place until it stays.” She instructed.

Tom nodded and stuck the tooth in. “Does it look real?” He asked, smiling really big for her to see. Star forced a grin and gave a thumbs up.

“I-I can’t even tell the difference.” She tried. Tom gave her a hug and pulled away, looking relieved.

“Thank you, Star! Thank you so much.” Tom gave her another hug but then got a serious look. “Star, you can NOT tell Marco.” He told her, gripping her arms.

“Tom I-”

“Promise me!” Tom pleaded with the girl. Star sighed and nodded.

“I promise.”


“Star? Have you seen Tom around?” Marco asked, opening up the door to her room. “We were supposed to meet up for lunch but he never showed.” Marco explained. Star put her hairbrush down and turned to looked at her shoes. “Star?” Marco asked, moving closer.

“I… I need to tell you something.” Star decided. Marco looked confused and a little worried. “Tom came to me earlier today and he was… not so good.” Star went on to tell him the events of the morning and Marco fell back. His eyes widened and he began shaking his head.

“No, no, no, no… he was hiding from me?” Marco asked, tears were beginning to form in his eyes and Star nodded.

“I promised him not to say anything but…” Star trailed off and burst into tears. “I don’t know how to help him by myself and I think he really needs the both of us right now.” She explained. Marco pulled her into a hug and hushed him best friend.

“I know, I know. It’s okay.” He assured her. Star nodded and wiped her tears away. “He’s fine… he-he always fine. I’ll just go get him to make sure he’s okay… and he’ll stay here for the night again.” Marco took out his scissors and opened a portal. “He’s always fine.” He said again, before vanishing into the blue portal.

Marco poked his head out and looked around Tom’s room. It looked like a tornado had swept through. Things were knocked over and broken. Marco looked around and saw a glimpse of pink poking out from under the couch. He crouched down and saw the rabbit Marshmallow quivering under the torn up sofa. “Hey, it’s okay little guy.” Marco cooed, he scooped the rabbit up, it twitched and panicked, but relaxed after a moment. Marco pet the terrified creature and looked around some more.

Marco let out a loud gasp and almost dropped the bunny. He darted over to where he saw Tom curled up on the ground, unmoving. “Tom…?” Marco shook him gently. When the demon didn’t move Marco shook him more. “Tom!” He cried. He looked at him, the makeup from earlier had been rubbed away by this point, and in addition to his collection, Tom had some new bruises and wounds.

“Oh my god…” Marco’s breathing picked up and he pulled Tom up to be resting in his arms. He lifted the demon up bridal style, and Marshmallow curled up on his chest, sniffing Tom’s face as if he was trying to get a response. Marco carried Tom over to the portal and gave him a kiss on the head. “It’s okay, I got you.”


“He’s waking up.” A voice cut through and Tom opened up his eyes wearily. Everything looked foggy and his head was pounding. “Tom?” A soft voice called. “Tom can you hear me?” Tom blinked his eyes a few times and looked up to see Star and Marco come into view, standing over him.

“Marco…?” Tom mumbled, rubbing his eye. Marco smiled and gently brushed his hair from his eyes.

“Yeah, yeah I’m right here. We both are.” Marco promised. Tom closed his eyes and felt Marco running his fingers through his hair.

“What happened?” Tom asked.

“I don’t know.” Marco responded. “Star told me you weren’t doing too well, so I went to check on you and you were passed out on the ground. Your room was destroyed.” Marco explained, reaching down to hold Tom’s hand. Tom opened up his eyes and tried to sit up.

“Wait… Star told you?” He asked. Marco nodded and tried to push Tom back down but the demon refused. He looked over at Star. “You promised you wouldn’t tell him!” Tom cried. Star sighed.

“I-I didn’t know what else to do.” She told him.

“It doesn’t matter!” Tom yelled at her. “You promised me not to tell him!” He gritted his teeth.

“Tom, stop.” Marco told him. “Star did the right thing. You need help.” He spoke. Tom was about to say something else but Marco hushed him. “I know you feel embarrassed and ashamed about this… and I’ll admit it’s for a reason I don’t understand. But you need help and we both want to help you, please stop hiding.” Marco begged. Tom felt tears pick the back of his eyes and he held tighter onto Marco’s hand.

“You… you don’t think I’m weak?” He asked, sniffling. Marco shook his head and wrapped the demon up in a hug.

“No, no, sweetie not at all.” He promised. “I think you’re stronger than a lot of people.” Marco explained. Tom looked up and Marco smiled warmly. “It’s hard for you, and you FEEL weak and helpless but you don’t let it stop you. You’re still here! You’re still surviving and that is so amazing.” He told the demon. Tom sniffled again and wiped away a tear.

“I-I’m sorry Star I… I shouldn’t have put you in that position and… thank you for telling somebody I…” Tom tried to talk but he was getting choked up. His friends just hushed him and both gave him hugs. Tom finally let himself break down and sob; everything hurt. His cuts and bruises, and his brain and heart and feelings and even his arms and legs. Everything hurt. But it was getting better.


It still unorganized but, Hope you enjoy!


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