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you seem to be focused on your taemin han au which is fabulous because i love this doggo son he's adorable. but omg i would DIE for your mint eye flipped au where the only 'good' characters are mc, rika and saeran that would be AMAZING.

yeah but … do u really wanna see that level of angst :D

((thank you so much btw)) ♥

BTS Reaction to you coming home crying after failing your exam

BTS Reaction to you coming home crying after failing an exam

Genre; Angst (???) & Fluff (???)

Authors Notes; Thank you so much for the ask ^_^ Hope you liked it!!


Jin; This caring little bean would instantly be rushing to your side to ask what was wrong. He’d sit with you until you stopped crying, supplied with tissues, hugs, and many kisses. Once you had finally told him the reason you were crying was because you failed an exam he’d sit with you and comfort you until you wanted to get up. He’d then make you your favourite food and go over study tips with you whilst watching a drama.favourite food and go over study tips with you whilst watching a drama.

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Suga; At first, he would be a little overwhelmed by you storming in, crying your eyes out but after a few seconds his protective side would kick in and he’d be asking you who made you cry, telling you that he’d find whoever it was and remove them from the planet. His words, although they would make you giggle a little, wouldn’t do anything to stop you from crying. Yoongi would become a soft bean around you whenever you cried – hating to see you so upset. Once he’d managed to get you to calm down and tell him what’s wrong, Yoongi would sit and go over your course study material, explaining things you didn’t understand.hating to see you so upset. Once he’d managed to get you to calm down and tell him what’s wrong, Yoongi would sit and go over your course study material, explaining things you didn’t understand.

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J-Hope; He would practically flock to you with tissues, hugs, kisses, and before you even closed the door he would have ordered your favourite take out. He’d practically scoop you up and cuddle you until you fell asleep, constantly telling you; “It’s okay Jagi, it’s okay”. Lil hobi would absolutely favourite take out. He’d practically scoop you up and cuddle you until you fell asleep, constantly telling you; “It’s okay Jagi, it’s okay”. Lil hobi would absolutely make sure that you got to re-do your exam. Whatever it took. He’d even kill a man. Okay maybe not because y’all know Hobi is literal sunshine and couldn’t kill a man if he tried, but you get my point. 😊

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Rap Monster; Namjoonie would probably be very logical about the whole situation. When you came home crying he would be startled and confused for a moment like Yoongi but then he would sit with you and logically go through every detail of the exam. Joonie would be really good in that he would be able to help you create a very solid revision and study plan. He’d colour coordinate everything with you and help you understand things you previously didn’t. Although he’d be very logical about it, it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t comfort you, soft Namjoon would come out and he’d make you both hot chocolate with little marshmallows (might also set the kitchen on fire in the process though)

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Jimin; Get ready for squishy Chim because he’s coming out and he’s here to stay. Chim chim would legit pick you up as soon as you came in the door and take you to the bedroom (not for that tho lol 😉 ) He would swaddle you up in blankets and the duvet with him and he’d cuddle you until you stopped crying. When you told him you’d failed your exam he would kiss you all over your face and whisper encouraging things into your ear until you felt better. Literally would not leave your side.

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V; Tae tae would try to make you laugh so you would stop crying. Pulling a variety of derp faces, jump about, perform silly songs and dance (pulling you into it all). By the time he’d finished making you laugh he’d sit down with you, pulling you into his lap and ask what was wrong. When you said you’d failed your exam he’d become your personal hypeman, raving about “What nonsense! We’ll get them to remark it! Or you can redo it!! My jagiya is a genius so they must have it wrong!” making you laugh even more 😊

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Jungkook; Smol bun wouldn’t know what to do at first. He’d probs make some joke in poor taste, making your cry even more but once he realised that wasn’t the right thing to say and that you were seriously upset by this, he would comfort you as much as he could, he’d curl around you in a loving hug and wouldn’t let you leave from his embrace until you felt better. Later on he’d make ramen or get takeout and watch dorky movies with you, making sure you were okay in the end.

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Kiss Me

Nico had thought he was good at keeping secrets. Nico had thought he was good at controlling his emotions. Nico had thought he had very good self-control. But then he’d accidentally kissed Will Solace and now he had to revise his opinion of his abilities.

It was a stupid mistake. One stupid, tiny, little mistake. It was Will’s fault for being so beautiful. It was his fault for being so weak.

And now Will was ignoring him.

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Alone - Part 9

Warnings; Tons of fluff & an extra sweet Bucky! 

Words; 1,435

A/N; I was going to wait until later to post but it was done and I LOVE this chapter *grins evilly* I’m actually squealing posting this because I’m sooooo excited for you all to read this chapter!!! You’ll see what I mean ;) I love hearing all your feedback ♡ 

You awake the next morning to a golden light warming your room. You held your arm up and inspected the light reflecting on your skin, you propped yourself on your elbow to gaze at Bucky who was still asleep. The golden sunlight washing over his features, making him look even more god-like. You run a finger through his hair and down his neck, tracing his body gently, thinking about last night.

It had been the most incredible night, you made love over and over again until you were both spent. He had taken you from the bath after lovingly washing you and had sat you on the bed and brushed out your hair, braiding it like you had taught him years ago for his hair. He laid you down and worshiped your body, whispering sweet nothing’s all night. You had caressed his body and kissed him on every patch of skin, spending extra time on his scars when he had told you that you didn’t have to if you were disgusted. You explained you weren’t, every single part of him was perfect to you, to which he took his metal arm and ran it all over your body causing goosebumps to pop up everywhere. He had grinned and blushed and you stared at him wondering how you had gotten so damn lucky.

You were lost in thought smiling to yourself as you traced along his metal arm. “Morning doll.” His husky voice broke you from your thoughts. “What are you thinkin’ about?”

“Last night.” You blushed.

He pulled you into him and kissed along your jaw before reaching your lips. “It was perfect.”

You nodded. “Perfect.”

You had never been this happy, and you could tell from the look on his face that he felt the same way, everything was finally working out. You had spent years keeping the secret of loving him to yourself, and one other person, that you hadn’t realized that keeping it inside was weighing you down. You felt free.

He rested his forehead against yours and closed his eyes. “I have never been this happy, you’re so perfect (Y/n) and I’m never letting you go.” He opened his eyes, his blue orbs staring into yours.

“You’ll never have to, I’m all yours.” You whispered.

He beamed and flipped you over onto your back pressing kisses down and back up your naked body before coming back to press a hard, loving kiss on your lips.

There was a banging at the door. “Hey lovebirds food is ready!” Steve called.

* * *

After you had all ate and cleaned the kitchen you and Steve followed Bucky through the house. He had said he had another surprise for you.

He opened a door to reveal what looked to be a game room, there was a pool table and foosball along one wall, board games stacked along another. In the middle of the room there was a large leather sectional, it front of that was a large screen, movies stacked on either side, game consoles in the middle and a projector hanging from the ceiling. There was a bar and a cart full of candy and snacks.

“Man this is awesome!” Steve exclaimed. His eyes lit up as he took in the room.

Bucky smiled, clearly proud of himself. “I searched on the internet on this thing called Pinterest to find ideas. It was very helpful, I spent hours on it!”

You chuckled under your breath. “What else are you hiding in this place?”

“The last surprise is the best, I promise.” He winked at you. “There’s also a fire pit out back I figured we could have a fire tonight, roast marshmallows.”

“How long were you expecting to be here? It’s got everything.” You made your way over to the board games, there had to be at least one hundred if not more.

You glanced back at him and his cheeks flushed. “I wanted it to be a getaway for you- us. I had it customized and stocked with everything I thought you might want. I wanted you to have something that was yours, where you could be you without worrying about anything else.”

He walked up to you and brushed your hair out of your eyes and kissing the top of your head. Now it was your turn to blush. You knew Bucky was sweet, he had always done amazing things for you even when you didn’t think you needed or deserved them, but this was more than that. This was incredibly sweet and your heart felt like it could leap out of your chest, tears welled in your eyes as you stared at this amazing man who was now all yours. You wrapped your arms tightly around his waist, he hugged you back, both of you standing happily together until Steve interrupted you.

“Okay so who’s ass am I kicking first?” You glanced over to him where he was holding a controller and wiggling his eyebrows.

“You wish Rogers.” You smirked.

* * *

You spent the whole day playing video games, beating Bucky at foosball, eating candy until your stomach hurt and playing board games. You were just finishing off a movie, cuddled into Bucky and your feet resting on Steve’s lap.

If this is what complete isolation was like then you could do this forever. You thought happily.

When the movie ended the sun was starting to set. “Marshmallow time!” Bucky cheered.

You laughed at how excited he was over marshmallows and followed him to the fire pit outside.

Steve brought out a bag of marshmallows and lit the fire. You all sat on chairs with metal prongs, holding your marshmallows over the flames. Bucky was grinning at you from across the fire, he was so distracted that he hadn’t noticed his marshmallow had caught on fire until you started hysterically laughing.

He blew out the fire and grabbed a new marshmallow and started over grunting in frustration. You had roasted yours to perfect golden perfection, you blew on it to cool it off before grabbing the sticky ball and putting it into your mouth. You moaned and closed your eyes in pleasure as the sweetness hit your taste buds. When you were done you opened your eyes back up to be met with four staring at you.

“What? Do I have something on my face?” You asked alarmed.

Steve looked at the ground and adjusted his pants.

Bucky grinned wildly at you. “That was really hot doll.”

“Me eating a marshmallow?” You asked confused.

Steve cleaned his throat. “The moaning part.”

You’re cheeks heated up. “Sorry, I didn’t even mean to. It was really good.” You smiled sheepishly.

“We wouldn’t know, we burnt ours again.” Bucky grimaced as they both held up their sticks to reveal blackened masses on the end of them.

“Here let me do it.” You reached for their sticks and secured marshmallows on the ends. They sat silently as you toasted them perfectly. You handed them back and waited for their reactions.

They both moaned lightly, to which you grinned at. “See? Told you!”

They both chuckled at your reaction. The sun had set over the trees and it was getting darker, the outdoor lights lit up the large backyard. Behind Bucky’s head there was a small light. You gasped and they both tensed, ready for combat.

“A firefly!” You squealed and pointed behind him to where a small bug was flying.

They looked at each other and groaned. “Doll don’t do that! You scared us!” Steve ran his hand through his hair.

“Sorry, I’ve just never seen one! Can we catch it?” You asked excitedly.

“Absolutely! Anything for my baby.” Bucky got up and pecked you on the cheek.

The three of you got up and started chasing the bugs around the yard. Giggling as you bumped into Bucky who was going after the same bug as you. Steve would huff loudly every time he just nearly missed a bug. You couldn’t stop the grin that spread across your face while watching the two tough super soldiers running around trying to catch fireflies for you. Just then a light flew past your eyes, you reached your hands out and clasped them around it.

“Ah! I got one!” You exclaimed.

They both ran over to your side as you slowly cracked open your hands to reveal a tiny glowing bug. The three of you stood there grinning like children at this small bug, so distracted by it that you didn’t notice the three burly men watching you from the edge of the treeline only a few yards away.

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Concerning Marshmallows

OK so Valinor definitely has marshmallows because why not? Its a paradise, right? If it doesn’t have marshmallows i’m not going. (They’re probably those  big luxurious handmade ones that you can buy in hipster grocery stores and such, because elves are extra like that and also not industrialized.)

So anyway, headcanon: Arafinwe aka “cool beach dad” invented marshmallows and tiny Galadriel invented setting them on fire roasting them. Finrod then perfected the art (Galadriel was mostly interested in putting them on the ends of sticks and to wave around like torches, she was very young OK). Finrod does not set them on fire. They are perfectly browned. It’s very impressive. (Tiny Galadriel does not see the point.)

Fingolfin fucking loves marshmallows, as do most of his children, and may or may not invent something not unlike s’mores. 

Marshmallows are Banned in the house of Feanor. Maglor and the twins however fucking love marshmallows, will eat them until they are sick, and hoard them like nobody’s business (the twins more successfully since they always manage to raid Maglor’s stash). Curufin dies never having eaten one. Celegorm eats like 500 of them on hunting trips with Aredhel. Caranthir thinks they’re stupid and pretends not to like them but kinda does. Maedhros can enjoy them on occasion but is not overly fond.

Neither Fingon nor Maedhros can roast a marshmallow without setting it on fire.   

credit: most of these headcanons were brainstormed in conjunction with @madtomedgar and the whole marshmallow thing was inspired by @lilac-buttons


So I need to apologize to you… I promised y'all a new chapter by this weekend, but the mister, who is having a horrid time with his job, picked fights with me aaaaallllllllll week. 

Seriously, it was everyday…. 

Because of that, I will give you a snippet of what I was working on- a Everlark first kiss!!! All mistakes are mine…. I’m the only one who has seen this, besides now you….

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“Are you sure you want a bonfire tonight?”

“Yeah, I mean we are going to use the branches that are too little to save. Besides, this is the only way to eat s’mores.” Katniss says. The way she’s looking at him—of course he’s going to do anything she asks.

He smiles and throws another branch on the fire. It’s mid-summer, and they are listening to Gloss’ warning, and chopping down more and more trees every day. After all this time, Peeta is still amazed at how quickly the forest replenishes itself.

He sits down on the log that has been here far longer than he has and watches the flames rise. She comes back, and hands him the paper package with one hand, then with the other gives him a long stick. Her moves are well practiced as she skewers a marshmallow with his stick. He goes ahead and puts the white fluff in the fire while she puts another marshmallow on another stick. She copies him, and they both turn their sticks until they reach their desired shade of brown.

Offering him a graham cracker, he gently puts his melted fluff on the cracker. “Give me your stick,” he offers putting his aside.

“Oh,” she breathes as she hands it to him. He blows out the fire, and she holds up another cracker. He does the same with that marshmallow. He sets the sticks aside, while she lays a piece of chocolate on top, followed by another cracker. “I’ve waited for this all day,” she whispers before she sinks her teeth into the gooey creation.

He watches the top cracker break, and melted chocolate along with creamy white come oozing out. Her eyes flutter shut, and she hums in contentment.

She doesn’t see him adjust himself because of the thoughts that flood his subconscious. All he knows is that in that moment, he’d give anything to be able to kiss the marshmallow and lick the chocolate off her lips.

In that moment of need, her silver eyes meet his. When they look back on this moment, neither one will be able to pinpoint if it was the fire, the twilight, or just simply wanting each other after all this time—but his lips brush against hers, asking permission.

She freezes. Those silver eyes of hers, blink knowingly into his. His heart gallops wildly in his chest as she looks deep into his. She blinks, and brushes her lips against his. He can hear her breath catch in her chest, as his shudders in his.

Their lips meet. His hands come up, to cup her cheeks and her hands grip his wrists. Her lips move under his, opening. Unsure what to do, he opens his mouth ready to say something.

She doesn’t give him a chance.

The protest stops in his chest as his lips follow hers. She tilts her head, and his heart leaps into his chest, suddenly afraid that she is going to stop—then—oh—her tongue traces his lip and his meets hers—

All thought flees his mind as she kisses him.


She shuts off her internal voice- the same one that’s screaming at her- and claims those lips that she’s been longing for. She smiles against his lips as she tastes the dessert still on his lips. She traces his lips with her tongue, licking up the crumbs left over.

His groan makes her vibrate as he opens his mouth.

times square 時代廣場 + sasa shopping haul 🍫💄

Freckles and Constellations

Originally posted by aj-squidkid

  • Reader X Teamiplier(Main: Ethan)
  • Summary: Reader is invited to a barbecue with the team, and it turns into the perfect evening. Featuring sing along! Words in italics are lyrics.
  • Non Gender Specific pronouns
  • Warnings: Mentions of food, drink and fire.

A/N: I edited this fiction as I was really unhappy with it and it had some errors. 

You sluggishly walked into the office, threw down your bag and slumped into your chair. Kathryn turned to notice you, it was clear you had barely woken up.

A few hours of editing passed and two energy drinks down, Mark walked in, remembering to ask you-
“Y/N! You joining us for the barbecue tonight?” He smiled.
“What? I’m kind of-”
“We’re gonna cook some food on the fire pit and then when it gets dark we can roast marshmallows and watch the stars!” He was like an excited child. You hesitated, but nodded.
“Yeah, I’ll be there.”

–Later that night–

You piled your hotdog with onions and ketchup, before grabbing a drink and sitting down.
You started talking to Tyler about upcoming projects, planning what games to try for the upcoming charity livestream.

When the rest of the group joined you, there was talk about video games, music and movies, to thinking about childhood vacations and holiday seasons. With the food devoured and the sun getting low, you helped clean up as Mark and Tyler went searching for some sticks to roast marshmallows on.

You watched the sunset as the wood crackled in the fire pit, Mark played some guitar and Ethan played some Ukulele, with everyone happily singing along. You made some smores and roasted marshmallows, accidentally setting some alight. Time was flying by and before you knew it the only light left was the fire.

“Whoa the stars are so bright tonight!” Mark gasped in awe

“We’re lucky we can see them at all with the smoke from the fire” Amy stated in fascination.

“Hey that kinda looks like a doggy up there!” Ethan pointed vaguely up at the sky, his other hand supporting his weight as he leaned onto it.

“What?! Where?” You asked excitedly as you scooted closer to try and see from his perspective.

“Right there! You see it?” Ethan puts an arm around you and points to a cluster of stars.

“Oh yeah! With pointy ears!” You smile at the dog in the stars 

You noticed Ethan looking at you,

“You have… freckles.” He smiled.

and constellations.” You replied with a smirk as you looked to the sky.

All those cute conversations…” Ethan sang, catching the teams attention.

Oh yes, this is happening.

The moon is bright-”

Giving us light” Ethan cut in, leaving you to sing the next line.

I really wanna kiss you and I think I might” You giggled knowing he set you up to say it.

Filling up our imaginations” He winked as he sang.

Starry eyes and galaxy minds
We’ll be dancing on the clouds tonight” 

Ethan squeezed your shoulder before singing,

I’ll be yours to keep, so just take a leap

Cause this spaceship has a passenger seat!” Amy excitedly tuned in.

The entire team joined in at the top of their lungs for the chorus, as you sang along admiring the sky, your heart filled with warmth, despite your skin feeling so cold.

Everyone’s arms had tired by this point and so everyone was laying down looking up at the stars, and you had all picked someone to lay with as it was getting chilly as the fire dwindled down. 

You laid next to Ethan with your head on his shoulder as he rubbed your arm to try warm you up. The smoky smell and the quiet crispy sounds matched perfectly with the galaxy in front on your eyes, and after a dodie sing along you couldn’t be happier, as you laid smiling to yourself.

“Are you going to follow through with what you said earlier?” 

You turned to look at his smug face.

 “and what did I say earlier?” You said with a smirk.

“I think you know what you sang.” He smiled back, admiring the freckles that were dotted across your face, as if he was looking at his own galaxy. You remained silent as with a joking pout you turned your attention back to the sky.

“In my dreams.” Ethan ruffled your hair, it warmed your heart how he didn’t even react to the rejection, even though you weren’t being serious.

You quickly whipped your head up and kissed him on the cheek, before burying your face back into his chest and speaking softly.

“I guess all your dreams come true then.”

My favorite gifs of Im Jaebum. HEART FLUTTERING WARNING.

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I lied. I don’t have a set favorite gifs of Im Jaebum. I ust love Im Jaebum. That’s it.

Toasting marshmallows with the pack would include..

- sitting next to Scott on one of the logs

-Issac handing out the skewers and Stiles bringing the bag of marshmallows

- marshmallows all over the ground because Stiles got overexcited and ripped the bag open a little too fast

- Kira bringing extra bags of marshmallows because she knew something would go wrong

- after everyone got a marshmallow the fire had nearly gone out because it had taken so long, so Scott had to relight it

- cuddling up to Scott and resting your head on his shoulder

- Liam setting his marshmallow on fire, “oh shit! Shit someone help, what do I do?!”

- Derek grabbing Liams lit marshmallow and throwing it in the fire “That’s what you do”

- Malia protesting against using skewers and wanting to use sticks from the forest instead

- Brett, Malia, and Allison deciding to go and gather sticks to use from the forest

- Scott insisting they weren’t longer than 10 minutes so they knew nothing had happened to them

- toasting your marshmallow too long and it being way too goey

- going to grab the marshmallow to take it off, only to get goo all over your hands

- Mason handing out the sticks that Brett, Malia, and Allison had gathered

- “Scott?” you asked
“Yeah babe?” your boyfriend replied unknowingly, only to have a face full of marshmallow goo wiped on his face
“Oh y/n I’m getting you back!” he declared laughing, whilst wiping his face with his shirt

- Lydia refusing to use a stick from the forest, insisting they were too dirty

- Theo, Scott, and Stiles having an contest of who can toast their marshmallow the best

- the pack making you the judge of the competition

- Scott whispering in your ear before you gave your final verdict
“If I win we can have movie night every day for a week at my house”

- making Theo win, because his marshmallow was the best and you knew you would have movie nights anyway

- everyone toasting and eating marshmallows happily until there were none left

First Time - Hakyeon (N) Fluff/Smut

Anon said: Hi! Can I please request a fluffy smut with N from Vixx? Thank you :)

Originally posted by hakyunie

A/N: So, I figured you wanted the whole thing fluffy, so I tried my best. I’m not used to writing fluffy smut so this is probably 100% trash. Please forgive me. 


It was nearly five in the afternoon when you threw the two outfits onto your bed. The one on the right, a blue, half sleeve lace dress. And to the left, a half sleeve white shirt with a navy blue skirt. You cocked your head to the side, and bit your lip. 

Today marked your first year with your boyfriend, Hakyeon. He had messaged you that morning around 8 am, telling you to be ready at seven because he had a date planned, giving you no details as to where you would be going or what you would be doing.

Eventually choosing the the dress, you walked to your vanity to straighten your hair, before applying makeup. Not doing too much, but just enough to highlight your features. You then stared at your lipstick collection, debating if lip gloss was enough. I mean, today was a special occasion. You shook your head, and decided to just go with lip gloss. After looking over yourself, you smiled, and looked at the clock. Only thirty more minutes. You sighed happily, and grabbed your phone, deciding to scroll through tumblr. 

After a while, and made your way to the living room of the small one person apartment you lived in, and went to your fridge to get a water bottle. You placed it on the table, and looked through your cabinets, trying to find that kiwi-strawberry water enhancer you liked so much. You eventually found it, frowning as you saw it on the top shelf. You groaned as you realized you didn’t have any stable chairs. Your friends all insisted that you should have backless, rolly chairs. 

Cursing yourself, you took out a pan as a makeshift step stool so you could put your knee on the counter to lift yourself up. Once you balanced yourself, you put your hand out, and grabbed the tiny bottle. You then then turned so that you were sitting on the counter, and jumped off. You made your way back to the water bottle, and squeezed the water enhancer into it, freezing as you heard your door unlock. You smiled, and closed your water bottle, shaking it to stir the enhancer into it.

You turned your head to see your boyfriend in a white undershirt, and black dress pants, with a fancy dark blue blazer, unbuttoned. You bit your lip, and he chuckled at your reaction, walking over to you, and placing a kiss on your cheek. “Happy one year, Y/N.” He smiled, before kissing your lips. You kissed back, smiled, before pulling away. “So, mister fancy, where are we going?” You cocked your head to the side, and went to get your heels. “Well, y’know that new restaurant that opened? The one close to Han river?” You nodded. “Well, we’re going there. Then we’re gonna walk by the river, and I’ll show you surprise, then we’ll come back to your place, or mine if you want, and we’ll watch movies with all the snacks you want.” He smiled. You laughed at him. “Let me get my jacket.” You smiled, walking away, but he grabbed your wrist, preventing any further movement. “You think I’d come empty handed? You know my black jacket you love so much? It’s in the car waiting for you.” He smiled, and you couldn’t help but smile back. You walked to your door, Hakyeon following, and you both walked out.

You had pulled up to the restaurant, and Hakyeon gave his keys to the valet, before wrapping his arm around your waist, and walking in. It wasn’t a really tall building, but still fairly tall. The restaurant was on the top floor, with a beautiful view over Seoul, and Han river just down the street, the lights from the bridge evident as the sun started setting.

The waiter showed you to a table by the window and placed the menu’s down, and asked for your drinks. You both got waters, and the waiter slightly bowed before leaving. You turned back to the window, amazed at all the lights as the sun had finally gone down. “It’s beautiful, right?” Hakyeon spoke up. You turned your head, and met his eyes. You nodded. “I’m so glad you moved here. Ever since I met you, my life’s been better. I smile more, I like going out and doing things. I feel like it’s my first love all over again.” He blushed. “Even my friends tease me about us.” He chuckled nervously, and you blushed. Over the course of the year you spent with Hakyeon, he never said anything like this. You were about to speak up when the waiter came back, and asked what you wanted. You mentally face palmed as you realized you never looked at the menu. Hakyeon noticed and smiled. “I’ll have the grilled ribs, and she’ll have chicken alfredo, please.” The waiter took note, then walked away. You smiled. “You know me so well.” He laughed. “It’s your go-to when you don’t know what to get. I know that much.”

You both talked about your plans for the upcoming week as you waited for your food. You were in the middle of listening to Hakyeon talk about how his friend, Taekwoon, nearly beat his brother to death because he wouldn’t shut up, when your phone vibrated. You saw that it was your mother, and answered quickly, mumbling a quick ‘sorry’ to your boyfriend. “Ah! Y/N! I’m so glad you picked up. How was your day?” You groaned softly. “Mom, I’m kind of on a date with you-know-who right now. Can I call you back later?” “Aish, are you really gonna choose Hak-” Your mom’s voice was cut off as Hakyeon took your phone. “Eomeoni!” He said happily. “How are you doing? Are eating good these days? Should I make you some food the next time we meet?” You couldn’t hear what your mother was saying, but you saw Hakyeon smiling and nodding his head. “Okay, I’ll make sure she calls you back as soon as I drop off her off.” Another pause. “Yes, I’ll make sure she’s home before midnight.” He chuckled before hanging up. You stared at him. “Maybe she likes you more than me.” You laughed. “Like mother, like daughter.” He smiled before pointing out that the food was coming.

You both ate in a comfortable silence, enjoying each other’s company. Smiling at each other every now and then. After you ate, Hakyeon paid and placed his arm over your shoulder. “So, you still up for Han river?” He smiled, looking down at you. You nodded. “Good.” He said as he gave the ticket to the valet. “Because that’s the highlight of the night.”

After the valet returned, Hakyeon opened your door, and closed it, before getting in himself. He drove the short way down the street to park the car, and you reached to grab the jacket he left on the back of your seat, pulling it over you. He parked, and you both got out. Hakyeon pouting. You gave him a questioning look. “I wanted to open the door for you.” He grumbled, causing you to giggle. “You don’t need to do that every time I get out the car. He walked towards you, placing an arm on the small of your back, dragging you into his chest. He looked down at you, and your heart started racing. “But I want to. Especially today. You look like a princess, and I wanna treat you like one.” You thanked the fact that it was dark out, or he would’ve seen how your cheeks flushed at his words. He leaned down and pecked your lips. “Now come on.” He said, holding your hand, and leading you down the sidewalk. 

You both walked quietly, and when you reached the middle, with the perfect view of the bridge lights, Hakyeon stopped suddenly. You looked at him, and he walked over to the railing, holding out a hand for you. You walked over, and he put his arm over you, standing completely behind you, with his arms on either side of you on the railing. You felt him move, but thought nothing of it. “Look straight ahead.” He whispered into your ear, giving you goosebumps at the sudden action. A few seconds passed, and still nothing. You were about to turn around when you saw the first firework explode into a beautiful midnight blue. Then a red one. Then green and orange.

The various colors continued to burst, and you were too awestruck to realize that Hakyeon had moved from behind you, to beside you. He stared at you, completely awestruck by how beautiful you looked. After a few minutes, they stopped, and you felt Hakyeon grab your hand, swaying back and forth. “Did you really plan that?” You smiled at him. “Remember my friend I told you about? Hongbin? I just had to send him ‘marshmallow’ and he set up all the fireworks, and set them off. And don’t worry. He does the fireworks here every year, so it was totally okay, because he could just say he was testing some out.” He smiled at you, and pulled you in for a kiss, you kissed back almost immediately. “I love you, Y/N.” He looked down at you. You looked up at him. “I love you too, Hakyeon.” You stayed for a while, just staring at each other. Before Hakyeon cleared his throat. “So. Your place or mine? I have more snacks.” He laughed. You smiled. “Yours. I haven’t gone to the store in a while. I’ve been living off of noodles.” Hakyeon looked at you with fake offense. “And you didn’t share?” You smacked his arm before grabbing it and going towards the car.

Once you had gotten to Hakyeon’s apartment door, you pressed in the code, and opened the door for him, him following, and going directly to the kitchen. “Jagiya! Look for a movie, or show, or whatever you want. I’m gonna get started on the snacks, okay?” He yelled as you sat on the cough, grabbing the remote. You flicked through the list of shows, movies, and documentaries, eventually deciding on some comedy movie. You tried to get comfortable, but all in all, you wanted to get into something more comfortable. Cursing yourselves, you peeked your head into the kitchen, hearing Hakyeon frantically whisper about fruit snacks. “Um, babe?” You bit your lip. He looked at you and smiled. “Yes, love?” “It’s cool if I borrow some clothes, right? I really wanna get out of this dress.” You whispered, embarrassed. His face flushed, and he swallowed hard before nodding. “You know where everything is, go get comfortable.” You smiled at him, and made your way to his room, opening his drawer where he kept his boxers. It was too hot for sweats. You looked for a pair that didn’t seem too much like boxers, but like shorts. You smirked as you found one, and placed it on his bed. Next, you walked to his closet, looking for a long sleeve. You found a black and white one, and placed it next to the boxers you pulled out. You then reached to the back of your dress to unzip it, and you pulled it off your body. You decided to take your bra off too. You know from experience that Hakyeon’s shirts are too baggy to show anything, so you weren’t really worried. You then folded your dress, and placed it on his nightstand before changing into the clothes.

You made your way back to the living room, to see Hakyeon with his blazer off, and his sleeves rolled up halfway. Your attention soon on the coffee table, a platter of popcorn, fruit snacks, some candy, and two cups, with a giant liter of Sprite. You smiled and bit your lip as you placed yourself next to him, leaning your head onto his shoulder. He looked down at you and nearly choked on the popcorn he currently had in his mouth. He had never seen so much of you. Sure, the skirts and shorts were okay, but his boxers were a litter shorter. He cleared his throat and put his arm around you, his hand taking purchase on your hip, rubbing his thumb over it. You looked up at him, smiling and leaned in to kiss his cheek. “I love you.” You smiled. He looked down at you. “I love you, too.” He said, placing his other hand on your chin. His face lowered a bit, and he stopped. His gaze going from your eyes to your lips, before finally closing the gap. You kissed back. Reveling in the feel of his lips. 

After a while, the kiss wasn’t so innocent. His hands had moved from your hips, to your lower back, helping you lay on the couch, as he hovered over you, his other arm supporting him. Your hands were wrapped around his neck. His tongue slid over your bottom lip, and you opened your mouth slightly, letting his tongue slip in. Your hands moved from his neck, to his hair, pulling lightly. He groaned and pulled away, looking into your eyes. “Y/N..don’t do that. I’m having a hard time holding myself back.” It wasn’t that either if you were virgins, he just didn’t want to rush the relationship. Hakyeon just didn’t want to ruin what you both had. He really cared for you. He just wanted to wait until the perfect time. Making out, and slight touches were the farthest you two had ever gone. You bit your lip, and looked up at him. “Then don’t..” You whispered.

You didn’t need to tell him twice. His lips were back on yours, and his hand pushed you up towards him, and he moved so you were now straddling his lap. His hands made there way to your hips, pushing you toward him. You let out a slight whimper, and Hakyeon quickly placed his hands under your thighs and got up, carrying you down the hallway, and to his room. He placed you on the bed, and leaned over you, looking into your eyes, silently asking if this was okay. You giggled and placed your hand on his hips, tugging at his dress shirt. “This needs to come off.” You smiled. He chucked, and placed his hand on the waistband of the boxers while his head leaned into yours, “And so do these.” He whispered, before placing kisses from below your ear, all the way down your neck. You pushed your legs together, in need of some friction, squirming as his lips moved to your collar bones, placing little bites wherever. You let out little moans, and you could swear that you felt him smiling. He then sat up, despite your groan from the lack of attention, and quickly started at the buttons on his shirt. Once the garment was off, you bit your lip. 

His body wasn’t built, but it was still a perfect sight, and it made you squirm with anticipation. His eyes were darker and he his voice was lower as he spoke. “Are you gonna take that off, or would you like me to do it, babe?” He licked his lips. You blushed, and sat up, grabbing the hem of the shirt, lifting it off of you, and throwing it to the side. Hakyeon swallowed as he saw that your bra was missing, and placed a hand on your hip, before bending down and placing his mouth on your right breast, his tongue rolling around the bud, while his other hand gave your left breast some attention, rolling it between his index finger and thumb. 

You grabbed his onto his hair as he moved his head to give your left breast some attention. He looked up at you, and your facial expression was enough to set him off. Your head thrown back against the pillows, your teeth chewing on your lip, and your eyes scrunched together. He pulled away, and placed kisses down your torso, and stopped at the waistband, looking up at you while he slowly pulled off the garment, placing kisses on every inch of skin he uncovered.

Once the last bit of clothes were gone, you were slightly annoyed that he was still covered, but your annoyance was gone as he ran his hands along your thighs, and kissed his way up, eventually kitten licking at your clit. You let out a gasp as his tongue slid up your slit, and his lips closed around your clit sucking. Your hands flew to his hair, and your back arched at the feeling. His tongue flattening around your clit with just the right amount of pressure. It wasn’t enough and you whined. Hakyeon mumbled something against you, and the vibrations made you shiver. “Ha-Hakyeon. Please don’t tease.” You whispered as his tongue went back to kitten licking. He pulled away, and smiled at you, working on his dress pants, and stepping out of them.

He grabbed your legs and pulled you towards him. “Wait a minute.” He said, before walking to his nightstand, opening the drawer and pulling out a condom. He ripped the foil packet, and slid it over his length. Once he was back between your legs, his tip was at your entrance, and you bucked your hips up, desperate for anything. Hakyeon tsked and you groaned. “Hakyeon, please. I need you.” You whined, fed up with his teasing. “You just look so beautiful like this.” He said, placing a kiss on your lips as he pushed himself inside of you. You moaned and he took the opportunity to let his tongue slip in, immediately winning the battle for dominance as his thrusts sped up and you completely got lost in the feeling. He pulled away, and placed his hands on yours, intertwining his fingers with yours, as he watched you. Every little moan that left your mouth was music to his ears, and it only edged him on. His pace got even faster, and he picked up your hip with one hand, causing the new angle to let him in deeper, causing your back to arch as your moans raised in pitch. “Fuck, Hakyeon. I’m-” You were cut off by his finger on your clit, rubbing harsh circles on your clit. “Fuck.” He grunted as his thrusts turned sloppy. Your hand gripped onto his arm as you felt your legs shaking. “Hakyeon~” You whined as you came, your release triggering his. 

He slowly pulled out, and took the condom off, walking to the restroom to throw it away. You got under the covers, and snuggled into his blanket, his scent surrounding you. He came back and got under the covers with you, wrapping his arms around you. “We should probably shower.” He laughed. You turned to him. “Yeah, but I’d rather lay in bed with you, and enjoy the fact that we just did that.” You smiled, and he looked at you. “I love you, Y/N.” You leaned in and kissed him. “I love you, too, Hakyeon.”

Gentle thought: Mike and Eleven, grown up and married, sit side-by-side at their kitchen table in the early single-digit hours of the morning. The sun has yet to rise, and the moon casts a soft, milky glow through the window. There’s no sound, at first glance, save for a few early-rising birds chirping and some solemn crickets. Mike is clad in his worn-out Star Wars t-shirt and gray sweatpants, and El is snuggled in her honorary Hawkins AV Club hoodie, constellation-printed pants, and bunny slippers. With a mug of black coffee and a mug of hot chocolate (with extra marshmallows) set in front of them beside a plate of homestyle Eggos, they pore over the glossy pages of a photo album filled with pictures taken by El herself (and a handful of Jonathan’s so that she could be in front of the camera too). Moving boxes and unassembled furniture are still strewn about their new home, but both of them are too giddy and in love to care, as she rests her head on his shoulder and he gingerly holds her hand between them. Mike turns the pages and El excitedly narrates all the silly mishaps and wild adventures behind each smile and funny face and new addition. When they reach one printed photo in particular, Mike and El’s hearts stop for a moment at the memory, before the two meet eyes and share a gently fond kiss

Friendly Neighbor- Part 5

Dean Winchester has been your neighbor for the last few years. He’s obnoxious and full of himself, and the two of you have done nothing but compete since he moved in.

You hate it.

Until his girlfriend Lisa moves in, and the competition stops.

So why do you miss it? And when you notice Lisa moving out, and don’t see Dean for a couple of weeks after that, why are you so concerned?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Summary of Part 5: You and Dean try the whole “just friends” thing.

Word Count: 1850

A/N: So many more parts, next part out on Friday!

This is Halloween! This is Halloween!

You watched, half-amused and half-annoyed, as an animatronic Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, emerged out of a giant pumpkin in the middle of Dean’s lawn as the music blared through the early evening darkness. The rest of his yard was decorated like an elaborate graveyard, complete with cobwebs and fog. Some of the graves had zombies emerging from them in various stages of decay, his porch was covered in intricately carved jack-o’-lanterns perching on bales of hay, and the house itself was lined in spooky orange lights.

Sometimes, you really hated Dean Winchester.

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