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Kousuke’s Christmas event at Osaka today~! Got the first row center block, and Kousuke sat right in front of me UvU ♡
he glanced at me several times, and I managed to catch one of the signed ball he threw towards the audience! Watch out y'all my catching skill is still on point ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧
Kou also praised me “you look great today! I love your beanie~” and yup he temembers me as always (灬ºωº灬) little did he know, I gave him the same beanie today! Nobody was able to give their present directly to Kousuke, so he won’t know it until he open my present (♡´艸`)
Another thing, Kou also gave us a marshmallow set with his faces printed on it, and a special christmas card!
Probably the best christmas ever so far,
Merry Christmas everybody! Have a wonderful one! 💖💖

times square 時代廣場 + sasa shopping haul 🍫💄

My favorite gifs of Im Jaebum. HEART FLUTTERING WARNING.

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I lied. I don’t have a set favorite gifs of Im Jaebum. I ust love Im Jaebum. That’s it.


He has discovered that cars blow up. This can only end well, obviously.

Hufflepuff things

-That hug your friend gives you when you’re crying

-That warm homemade meal after a week of takeout

-Falling into bed after being on a long trip

-Smelling all the flowers when you walk outside

-Hot chocolate with marshmallows

-Seeing the sun set over the ocean

-Snuggling up with your favorite blanket

-Over-sized sweaters/sweatshirts 

-Seeing your favorite relative on Christmas

-That warm fuzzy feeling you get when you look at a friend/partner and realize how much you love them

-Photos with a polaroid camera

-Soft acoustic guitar music

-Laughing until your stomach hurts

-Warm pudding

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Headcanons for a Misono, Lily, Mikuni, and Jeje family bonding trip? (Lily set it up because he thinks Misono and Mikuni need some bonding time)

Mom Friend Lily strikes again:

  • A camping tip is decided on, but they do swear to stay on Alicein property just in case something goes wrong or surprise vampire attack of whatnot.
  • The other three make a collective vow to protect Misono not only from himself but from nature.  He doesn’t do very well in the great outdoors, but he wants to be part of the group trip.
  • Cooking s’mores at night!  Mikuni sets his marshmallows on fire just for shits and giggles which terrifies Lily and Misono.  Jeje has perfected the art of toasting marshmallows to a delicious golden brown.
  • Brotherly cuddles at night.  Misono and Mikuni share a tent and Lily and Jeje share a tent and, because space is a premium, they have to cuddle close together.  Not that they mind that much.
  • Misono falls right over into a mud puddle and, after making sure he’s okay, Mikuni laughs his ass off.  Well, at least until he goes to help his baby brother up-only to be yanked down into the mud himself.
  • Jeje and Lily make flower crowns for everyone.  They all wear them during the whole trip.
  • Mikuni is a good big bro and gives piggyback rides to Misono during their hikes when he gets too tired to keep walking.  Misono would complain, but it’s nice to bond with his brother again so he doesn’t.
  • Quite talks at night; there’s a lot of unresolved tension between the group, but at night under the stars it all doesn’t seem so bad and it’s a bit easier to talk about everything.
  • Lily is amazing at packing picnic lunches for their hiking trips, and Jeje is the one to carry the basket.  They’re like second parents to their Eve’s.
  • A group photo taken at the end, so that Mikuni doesn’t only have baby pictures of Misono.  Jeje offers to be the one to take the picture, but all of them insists he should be there to so they rig a camera up on a tree stump to take the pic. 
Hm... Seokmin?

You stared at the giant smile that sat on your boyfriends face with worried eyes. “Seokmin,” you began, but, he cut you off by running his fingers over your cheek, “Y/N-ah, it’s fine..” You sighed heavily and watched as he skillfully removed the marshmallow, from the fork we used to roast it on, and slide it onto a graham cracker with a piece of chocolate. He quickly made another one and managed not to burn anything, this time. Last time, we began freaking out when he set the marshmallow on fire and threw it into a towel causing that to catch on fire. He then spent the next few seconds screaming and running around our kitchen before I threw water on the burning towel and scolded him for running around in front of a fire and destroying a perfectly good towel.
I watched as he ate a toasted marshmallow, some of the gooey texture sticking to his lips. I walked in front of him and kissed the marshmallow off his lips. He placed his hands on my hips and gripped them tightly, kissing me back. My hands found their way around his neck and my body somehow was lifted, so I sat on the counter behind me. Seokmin stood in between my legs, one of his hands moved to cup my face as his lips moved swiftly against mine. We pulled apart to look into each other eyes. His dark brown bangs hung over his half-lidded eyes and his nose pressed against mine. His lips parted and moist from saliva. His cheeks flamed pink and his soft gasping breaths hit my lower lip. He broke out into his award winning smile and he said against my lips, “I love you Y/N..” He pecked my lips down to my neck, kissing my exposed skin. I pulled back and looked into his eyes, “I love you too, Seokmin…”

Yes yes, we just had a surge of goods revealed in the past few days - but it seems like the company is on a roll! XD This is a set of marshmallows (yes, those edible fluffy things) to be sold island-wide on 29 January 2016 and priced at ¥1,080! XD *BUT* you can have these faster if you attend Comiket 89 as they are going to be pre-sold there!

And not only that - you’ll also get a Kuro Birthday Card when you preorder before 01 January 2016 *OR* a Tsubaki Birthday Card if you place your order after that! :3


Once again, snagging Bratz things for my Monster High dolls. This time it’s Bratz Music Festival Vibes tent set. It’s a cheap little set ($16) and comes with markers to color the light portions. I like it as is, it’s very hippie and I won’t be coloring it. I’ve been wanting a camping line for Mh for a long time, so this will have to do.

It comes with two smoothies that look more like wine glasses, a guitar and campfire.

I need to add Heaths marshmallows to this set.