marshmallow latte

something I never understood as a kid that I now completely get as an adult: how big of a deal fun and fancy bath products are. the boring stuff smells nice and works just as good right? why spend extra money on soap that’s just gonna get washed down the drain?? BECAUSE!! IT’S INCREDIBLE!!! using special fun scented hand soap like marshmallow pumpkin latte or twisted caramel gelato for the first time is an Experience. it’s like trying faerie food for the first time and being unable to enjoy human food for the rest of your life. it’s amazing how much more fun your life gets when you’re using Christmas cookie shampoo and pumpkin cupcake bodywash and honey vanilla soap. you’re just taking a shower? NO YOU’RE NOT YOU’RE LIVING

@idontgettechnology, I hope you enjoy this mistaken identity ShieldShock!

Darcy’s entire life was her coffee shop. She had followed Jane to NYC when she had moved to Stark Tower, but less than a week after getting there, Darcy had seen the little shop for sale and couldn’t help herself. She still did some data entry and proofreading for Jane, but nearly every other minute of her time was spent in the shop. She kept odd hours, but that was part of why it worked. She opened at  8PM and closed at 8AM. She loved her late night crowd, usually students and couples, and her morning rush was full of busy people that always gushed about how necessary she was to their lives. She slept in the middle of the day, worked her butt off for 12 hours, and did it all again. Her night owls knew to ding the little bell when she was in the back with the roaster or doing her books, long ago getting over any anxiety about pulling her away from work. Which is also how she knew all of her regulars and their orders.

Johnny had started off as kind of a dick, but once he realized they were not going to ever go on a date, he had turned into a pretty decent guy. She was vaguely aware that she should know who he was, but she was pretty wrapped up in the coffee and Jane’s stars, so she didn’t bother learning. At first it annoyed him, but later he seemed to get a kick out of it.

“Darcy, I love that you don’t give a shit who I am,” he was sighing to her that night.

“Uh huh,” she said, focusing on her laptop screen. It was 3 in the morning and no one else was there.

“Seriously,” he said earnestly, which made her look up.

“What happened?”

“It’s just…I know where I stand with you.”

“Who hurt you, Storm?”

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PoE coffeeshop customers AU, pretty please?

If Aloth is there with the company, then he takes green tea or black coffee and drinks it carefully and gracefully, like a Victorian lady of the etiquette exam, with the little finger sticking out and everything. If he’s alone, then he orders the biggest latte with marshmallows and devours it, helping himself with a spoon.

Durance is the worst customer there is. You can’t even get an order out of him, he just starts an incoherent racist and sexist spiel about religion that is ultimately about him wanting to fuck his goddess, who he keeps calling “whore”. He keeps yelling and he’s sweating and there’s spit flying everywhere and you just want to quit your job right there, until Siara notices that he’s harassing you and sends Eder to drag him away. She then apologizes for him, leave you a nice tip and tell to bring Durance a cold cola.

Hiravias is a fearless experimentalist. He asks for a coffee with 5 espresso shots, and before you can start trying to figure out if it’s even legal to make coffee that strong, he also asks you to mix in about 3 different syrups that seem like a worse combination possible. Like, Lavender, Strawberry and Anise. You do it out of morbid curiosity. The staff gathers around, pretending not to stare, but everyone wants to see how it goes. Hiravias grins widely in a cavalier manner, winks at the prettiest waitress and takes a huge sip. Everyone stops breathing. His face is tense, but still smiling, and only his good eye twitches a bit. “It’s great!” he proclaims. “I invented an incredible recipe!” Everyone is now curious to try it, and this is where Hiravias breaks his posture, makes a grimace and says “No, it’s terrible, don’t try it ever again.” After which he proceeds to gulp down the rest of his coffee in one go to the horror of the audience. “I already had this horrible taste in my mouth,” he explains, grinning again. “So why waste a strong coffee underneath it?”

Pallegina doesn’t look at the menu and asks for the coffee on the sand, like it’s the most usual request. You tell her that this chain of coffee shops doesn’t make it, feeling like you’re in backwater village trying to sell a hot-dog to the royal family, as she raises a single eyebrow. She then stifles a sigh and politely asks for the black coffee, no sugar, no milk. As you bring it to her, you’re sweating that you somehow managed to fuck this up despite incredible simplicity.

Kana asks for coffee with pepper and when you tell him it’s not on the menu, he gives you a huge smile and says that he’s going to tell you how to make it, it’s very easy. You know you should refuse, but he’s so eager and charming, you give up. He tells you in details what to do, and it does sound easy, but when you start making it, he keeps talking, telling you the history of this drink, and where it comes from and where it’s popular, and other colorful anecdotes about it, so you end up messing up because you were too distracted listening to him. He tries it, gives you huge sunshine smile and tells you that it’s bad, but he’s sure you’ll do it better the next time.

Siara is very friendly and usually efficient, she just tells you all the details of the order you need in a coherent list. It’s normally a big cappuccino with chocolate & mint or melon syrups. However, if she sees a bottle of syrup that sounds weird, but could be either great or terrible, she gets curious. “Popcorn? They make popcorn syrup? Wow, it smells like a sweet acid explosion… I feel like it has potential to be good, but I’m not sure and I don’t want to taste it if it’s horrible. Okay, wait a minute. Hiravias! I need you to try this one for me and tell me if it’s good!”  

Eder takes cappuccino with three sugars, and then Siara behind his back tells barista that if he draws anything remotely resembling cat, dog or any cute animal there, then he’s going to get the HUGEST tip.

Sagani is the indecisive one. She knows what she likes, but she doesn’t know what precisely is going to fit her needs on your menu. She asks you for advice. She asks you to describe everything and what’s the precise difference between different types. She goes over the list for 3 times so you’re already not sure what anything means anymore yourself, and then finally she takes “americano with milk”.

Cold Coffee

A/N: Very inspired of that lovely picture Ashton posted recently along with this mood board by @nightchannelsmikey​. I love it, it’s amazing all credits to her! 

Pairing: Y/N/University!Ashton

Rating: All

Request: No

Words: 2.000+

A smile broke on Ashton’s beautiful face features when he came outside of the coffee house down by his dormitory, the warm coffee in his hands heating up the skin even if the temperature outside was below the freezing point.

The crystal snow flakes glided down from bright white sky, the naked trees, dotted along the edges of the lane, groaned and mourned under the weight of the snow that lay innocently on their branches. Students around the park of the University were trying their best to walk through the paths which were still coated by the blankets of light white snow. They were laughing, holding onto each other to keep their balance from the icy frost.

His rosy cheeks were shocked when they met by the resistance of warmth hitting his skin as he walked inside again, and he let out a shaky breath by the sudden rising of the temperature. 

The maroon fireplace was lit to heat the whole entrance of the girls’ dormitory, wanting everyone to collect the heat before being met by the snow covering up the whole city over the cold night.

When he came to your door he stopped in track, thinking whether or not to just bark the door open or be polite and wait. He pressed his ear against the wooden door with furrowed eyebrows, trying to hear if you were puzzling around with your stuff, but taking him aback you opened the door with a smile on your lips.

“Impatient?” You lifted an eyebrow with a giggle by his current position and he straightened his back and reached his hand forward to deliver your coffee – a latte with marshmallows, caramel and a touch of fresh cinnamon.

“I didn’t want to wait for too long like last time.” He smiled and grinned by your attire, a big sweater of his and a huge black scarf twisted tightly around your neck. 

The both of you looked like someone who hadn’t observed the snow outside, but none of you wanted to wear your winter coats. It was just a small trip down to the morning class - Reflect of Am Society on Stage – something the both of you shared on your university schedules.

This was something you did every single day. Following each other to the morning classes with laughter and bright smiles to start out the mornings. At first, you wanted to switch between so you would meet up at his dormitory as well, but with your constant habit of being slow, Ashton decided that he would be the one showing in front of your door every morning with the same cup of coffee in his hand and a smile on his face that could light up your whole day.

“Last night I slept over my alarm. If it wasn’t for you constantly knocking on my door I wouldn’t have made it for the first class.” You grabbed your keys from your dresser and shut the door, heading down the hallway with him and took a sip of the warm coffee, just enough to give that burning sensation on the tip of your tongue.

“And breaking the pact? That would have been a shame.” Ashton commented and held the door for you, smiling brightly when you thanked him politely and walked outside, being welcomed by the sudden world of no other color than white.

You examined the whole place and felt the freezing temperature color up your cheeks in a bright red color, matching Ashton’s ones whose nose was starting to get the same scarlet red color. He was looking right ahead of him, his hand resting nicely right above your bum on the smaller part of your back, making sure that the two of you wouldn’t slip on the icy walks.

Your shoe attire wasn’t proper for this situation at all, the grey converse pushing down into the snow and icing the blood, making your nerves almost numb and your teeth starting to clapper by the lack of clothes you were wearing on your body.

“What?” Ashton asked, feeling your vibrations against his arm and he looked beneath his glasses to get a better look at you. Even if he was wearing the exact same layer of clothes like you, he seemed like someone who didn’t mind by the cold.

“I forgot my gloves.” You mumbled and looked over your shoulder, torn between hurrying back to get them or suffering through it the last mile until you guys were at the class. But your feet were so cold now it would have been impossible to even hurry back and besides you and Ashton were halfway there, might say it wasn’t worth the walk.

“What? Your hands are freezing?” He giggled down at you and took of one of his gloves, and you eyed him skeptically as he kept the other one on, but offering you the one he took off gladly. You accepted it confused and did as he motioned you to, putting it on your right hand and looking up at him for his next move.

Without looking at you and keeping his eyes on the horizon in front of him, his warm hand found yours and he intertwined your fingers, smiling by his move but avoiding the awaiting eye contact from you. Giggling softly by his goofiness you kept your hand in his, feeling his thumb caress and drawing patterns on the back of your hand.

It wasn’t the first time he had done it. It had been several occasions where he would do it but without looking at you, almost like nothing was happening. You had no idea where it was leading your friendship but it was something you enjoyed. The feeling of his hand against yours was one of the most magical things. And it was somehow showing to people that even though you weren’t a couple, you were still his.

“So it’s a cold day, huh?” He commented casually after some minutes of silence, looking down at you with the same contiguous smile he always wore.

You rolled your eyes by his way of handling the otherwise half awkward situation and nodded your head agreeing to his statement. This had gotten to be the coldest day to date but it was still so wonderfully beautiful and seemed to make people more connected to each other.

Honestly you didn’t know what was going on between the two of you. The more you guys met up at mornings the more your relationship would take different turns. Ashton would inch closer and closer to you by each day that passed by, without being aware of what he was doing, and if he did he would only shrug it off with a giggle, and you didn’t want to confront the situation.

It had become a rather touchy relationship where you guys in between were so offensive towards each other your friends would conclude it was hardcore flirting. But to you, it was only like a game, teasing the shit out of the other person and almost pretending to be an old wife and husband. The pair of friends who were totally perfect for each other but pretended like it wasn’t true.

You were the pair of best friends who did everything together, took the same classes, studied down at the library, kissed slobbery and cuddled around when you were drunk and one of your favourite things – drinking coffee in the morning. Ashton was the only friend that really made you feel like something special, someone you could commit yourself 100% to without feeling the fear of getting judged or misunderstood.

In people’s minds you guys were already the ultimate couple of the university. If there would be a contest on who would be the couple of the year people would vote for you because they were so sure that the way Ashton would glimpse down at you and the way you would be jumping onto his shoulder and cuddle into his chest wasn’t just the normal thing to do in a friendship. There was more to it than that.

Occasionally your friends would whistle at you, sometimes yell such things as “Do us a favor and get together fast, the anticipation is killing us” or simple just laugh at you guys. But regardless of the constant chants and teasing from your friends, you guys decided to shrug it off. Neither of you wanted to take the next step because you both thought it was nice having things as they were right now in the situation.

“So is your hand starting to heat up?” Ashton asked awkwardly, shrugging it off with a giggle.

“Stop being so awkward it’s making me awkward.”  You laughed along with him and nudged your shoulder into his, but agreeing to his words by a small nod with your head. He grinned down at you apologizing and ran a hand through his curly locks, dusting off the falling snow flakes that fell down from the sky.

An idea popped into his head, and he looked daring between the snow and your small form next to him, the tempting choice of doing something stupid lingering in his veins.

“Y/N, do you remember that time where Luke and I carried you outside your dorm at our first year and we rolled you around in the snow?” You looked up at him with a raised eyebrow, not liking where he was leading.

“Yeah, you gave me pneumonia afterwards I was bedridden for days and had to cancel all my classes because of my fever and coughing.” Ashton laughed by the memory and slowly took the cup of coffee out of your hand, placing his and yours on top of the trashcan before he looked down at you daring.

“Ashton, no.” You warned, looking at him with daring eyes and he grabbed both your hands to intertwine your fingers, and he started to back you away from the benches and towards the grass area that hadn’t a single touch of a footprint.

“Wouldn’t it be a shame if it happened again? I mean, we need to inaugurate the new fallen December snow somehow and by giving you a small snow shower it would be a perfect way to start out the day. Not to mention when you get your hair wet you get the same cute matching curls like me that I know you adore so damn much.”

Without further ado, Ashton reached down to grab your thighs, lifting you up in his arms and laughed loudly by your constant squeals and begging to put you down. “You want me to put you down? Alright.” Ashton grinned and bowed down with you, and another squeal came from you in protest, “It wasn’t like that, Ash!”

“Well I’m just obeying to your request.”

When there were less than centimeters between you and the snow he cocked a small smirk before letting go, your body burying inside of the cold snow and a whine was loud from your lips in response. “Ashton you shit if you think you’ll get away with this you don’t know well.”

He looked at you challenging but his expression changed to a surprised one when you grabbed him by the shoulders and wrapped your legs around his waist, pulling him down on top of you but not enough to crush your body.

By his confused state it allowed you to take the chance of flipping you around, the two of you wrestling around the white wonder, the snowflakes clutching onto your bodies like dear life and making the both of you almost look like snowman. Ashton’s hair was a mess along with yours, barely seeing his brown locks and your cheeks were so red it almost stung in pain.

The military print on his sweatshirt was barely visible now, and he swore under his breath that he knew the two of you would be chattering your teeth throughout the whole class but it was worth it. Nothing could compares to hearing the two of you laugh your asses off while playfully teasing each other. You even took a shot of taking a handful of snow and forcing it under Ashton’s shirt, a girlish scream coming from him in response to the cold against his warm toned stomach.

The both of you were left breathless when you seemed to be defeated by Ashton, his hot breath ghosting against your face as he was hovering over you, your lips barely ghosting over yours. You giggled when he shook his head to get the snow out of his hair, falling down on your face like it was falling down from the sky.

“We should probably head back. Our coffee is getting cold.” He breathed and looked down at you with a soft smile, but you shook your head at him disagreeing while grinning.

“I love cold coffee in the mornings.”

We’re Okay (Bias x Reader)

This scene (my fav) is what inspired this story: watch

P.S: I barely know anything about the military except for what I see in army movies.

I’m okay. You’re okay. We’re okay

You tried not to think about how long it’s been since you last spoke to him. It’s only been three weeks, which in military time could mean anything. He said contact would be delayed and not to worry. But how could you not worry? Didn’t he know you better by now?

You try to focus on taking the orders of the customers. The cafe is busy, but even when your mind is supposed to be occupied on serving everyone, you can’t help but worry. If something had happened to him, you’d know. They’d call his parents. But how long would it take to know? Your mind is wandering, which gives you more anxiety. 

Once you hand the last person their oddly named latte, you lean against the counter. Life of an army girlfriend was hard, but you can’t imagine how much harder it is for him and his family. Someone knocks on the counter and you look up to see an annoyed customer. 

“I asked for a caramel marshmallow latte, not whatever this is,” Why was it so hard for people to kindly ask for you to correct their order? Usually you say you’ll fix it right away with an apology, but you take the cup from her hands, tossing it into the garbage. You make the original latte, place it in front of her and walk away. 

You know that was terrible customer service, but she’s lucky that’s all you did. She walks away mumbling something you can’t bother decipher. You check your phone. Nothing. No calls or messages. You’re tempted to call his parents but you’ve done so twice a day for the past week. 

When you’re about to leave, your manager pulls you aside, “I heard what happened,” 

You’re worried for your place at this job, so you apologize even though you don’t really mean it, “I shouldn’t have acted that way, I’m sorry,” 

He sighs, “This is a warning. But because you’ve never done this and the customers like you, I’ll let it slide,” 

You thank him, but before you leave he asks, “Your boyfriend. How is he?” Your boss never inquires about your personal life.

You shrug with a sheepish smile, feeling tears spring into your eyes, “I don’t know,” And the thought of not knowing is driving you mad. 

He doesn’t know what to say, so he hands you a bag of cookies, “I’m sure he’s fine,” 

You smile, appreciating the gesture. As you walk home, you’re usually aware of your surroundings but you can’t bother to look around. You try to focus but nothing works. You’re not even sure where you’re going. It’s dark but not late enough for people not to be walking about. 

But there are way more couples than usual. Everyone’s holding hands, arms around each other. Too many people are wearing red and pink. Wasn’t Valentine’s Day last week? You never cared for the day anyways, but today the sight of so many couples doesn’t even spark you with jealousy. It just makes you want to cry. 

You sit on the bench as you wait for the train as you eat the cookies. Eating was a good way to stop your tears but it doesn’t really work this time. There’s people but they’re only paying attention to each other. So you cover your face and cry quietly, because in the real world no one gives a damn. 

When someone taps your shoulder, you put up a hand to say you’re fine. But they’re persistent, tapping you again. 

You wipe your face before you turn to them, “What?”  

It’s some old woman holding a handkerchief. Funny, B/N was also one of the few people to still carry one around, “No one should be crying on the day of love,” she says.

Hesitantly, you take it, “It’s not Valentine’s Day anymore,” You almost wished it was B/N who was beside you, but this is not a drama and he’s not here. Who knows where the hell he is. You wipe your tears away, the scent of the cloth familiar. Holding it in your hands, you see words in an odd penmanship saying ‘I’m okay. You’re okay. We’re okay’. Exact words that he would always end the conversation with to prevent you from crying. 

You turn to the woman, “Where’d you get this?” 

The train arrives and she steps on without another word while your heart picks up speed, “The person who gave you this, is he here?” she’s taken a seat on the train, smiling to herself. It’s useless pressing her, so you resort to looking around, trying to find him. There’s too many people and you hate this hopeful feeling.

But you keep searching and spot the odd one out. The only one standing still while everyone else is running about. The only one dressed in camouflage from head to toe. 

His shoulders seem to relax as you set your eyes on him. His arms go wide and you see a bouquet of flowers in one hand with fingers beckoning you to come to him. You don’t need to be told twice and you’ve never ran so fast. When you throw yourself onto him he staggers back, holding onto your legs that are wrapped tightly around him. 

His laugh sounds heavenly against your ear, “Can I see your face?” he asks but you can’t bear to let him go for even a moment. You pull back and he uses one hand to wipe the remaining tears from your eyes, “I’ve missed you,” he walks you onto the train, you sitting beside him. with you glued to his side.

You can’t stop looking at him, “Are you really here?” He nods, lightly touching your face and your hair.

“I thought something happened to you,” you manage to say. 

He kisses you, the gesture feeling new, yet welcoming. He kisses once more and then again, whispering his apologies in between.

After he’s kissed your face to mush and you remember you’re on a public train, he says, “Had to pay that old lady $20 to give this to you,” 

“Very romantic,” you say as you squeeze the handkerchief in your hand.

He sits back suddenly, “Do you have any idea how long I followed you around? Do you have no care for safety? And how you could cry like that by yourself? No one even helped you. I felt so bad, but I couldn’t ruin the surprise,” 

He snaps his fingers, “Speaking of surprise, happy belated Valentine’s Day,” he holds the flowers he brought with him, except they’re a bit bruised from your intense embrace. You laugh at his disappointed face. You touch the petals, “I love it,” you plant a lingering kiss on his lips. 

Then he takes something out of his chest pocket and your heart beats a bit faster than when you saw him, “And I love you,” he gets down on one knee as best in a moving train, his smile making you smile, “Y/N, will you marry me?” 

To whoever requested this, thank you. I’ve also gotten a few requests so I’m seeing what I can do with them ^-^

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