marshmallow coated with chocolate

Dating Yeo Changgu (Yeoone)
  • before you start dating everyone already knows it’s going to happen
  • your friends know
  • his friends know
  • you know
  • he knows
  • your parents probably know too
  • I mean let’s be real here he really would not try to hide that he has a thing for you either
  • He would always ask you if you have eaten yet
  • and buy you a meal if the answer was no
  • tell you to dress warmly
  • all the things
  • he would be so sly and into making you blush
  • and when he confessed to you, you two were practically dating already
  • okay Changgu is chivalry
  • he hold all the doors open for you, he pulls all the chairs out for you
  • he would carry you so you don’t have to step onto the wet ground with your new shoes  that he probably bought you too
  • he would treat you like a princess
  • honestly he would never upset you
  • would always make sure you were happy
  • and would always put a smile on your face
  • you two would be the definition of relationship goals
  • all your friends would approve and absolutely swoon over everything he does
  • and so would your parents
  • he is that type of guy your parents want you to date
  • in his eyes you would be the most precious thing on earth
  • and he would want everyone to know you are his girlfriend
  • would always hold your hand in public
  • a peck onto your temple would be in too
  • in private he would love to cuddle you and just hold you close
  • because you are his world and he feels best when he can hold you
  • and he would give you short kisses all the time
  • after every sentence
  • but he would definitely be a slow, passionate kisser too
  • kissing is one of his basic needs probably
  • making out is a regular occurence
  • and it would range from love filled, light and soft
  • to heated and rough showing you a whole new side of him
  • he would call you the cheeeeesiest pet names
  • Princess, honey, baby, cutie, kitten, buttercup, sugarflake, chocolate coated marshmallow
  • to an extent he would just do it to make you cringe and laugh
  • but you secretly not so secretly love it
  • speaking about love he would tell you he loves you everyday
  • not that you didn’t know by how he treated you
  • but he would want to tell you still
  • it doesn’t make it less Special t him he just really really loves and appreciates you
  • he would need affirmation and affection back too
  • he wouldn’t be afraid to show you his emotions
  • even if that means crying in front of you
  • and to an extent I feel like he would need you to open up to him too
  • you two would totally want a puppy
  • but then again you have Yanan so
  • you two would still get a puppy
  • probably a small, really soft one
  • like a teacup poodle or a maltese
  • and always put it into outfits and put bowties in it’s fur and treat it like your baby
  • and he would take ultimate advantage of it
  • so he could call you “Mommy”
  • in the context of
  • “Oh look who’s home! It’s Mommy!”
  • testing the waters bc he knows that he will marry and have children with you
  • he would love eating out!!!!!!!!!!!
  • he would like to explore the fanciest places with you to do it
  • if any of your friends needed recommandations you’d be the ones they would come too
  • if your friend wanted a cozy, warm place?
  • the café downtown that has armchairs and a very vintage but homelike vibe
  • if someone wants to impress their s/o?
  • the fancy French restaurant 10 minutes out of town
  • further he would like date locations that are romantic and intimate places
  • he would love to make you compliment and he would mean them
  • no matter if you spent four hours getting ready, wearing fancy clothes
  • or if you were in joggers and a sweater
  • in his eyes you were so beautiful!
  • but if you would go out to shop together he would tell you his honest opinion
  • if something doesn’t look good he isn’t ‘boutta tell you it does
  • and you two would take so many pictures together
  • as a present for your first month together he would already gift you a full album
  • I feel like Changgu gives the best gifts
  • he is really attentive to what you say and that way would evaluate what you want and need
  • not only in terms of gifts
  • Overall: You would be Changgus Queen and he wouldn’t want you to see a bad day ever again! He would spoil you and you two would be the ultimate definition of relationship goals. One of the couples who never fall out of love.

(Valentine’s chocolate depends on peanuts after all♡♡)

Happy Valentine's~♪
This year us girls of zero desire, Chika and Kanan, are having two-girl snack time♪
A lot of chocolates show up in stores during the Valentine’s season, so it’s really fun~♡♡ There are super expensive ones, and cute ones, and funny joke ones, so just looking makes me want all of them, but.
Seeing as January is already over and I’ve used up most of my New Year’s cash―.
I don’t have much money to spare♡

But, I want to at least taste the mood, so I’m enjoying this handmade chocolate!
My favorite is the heart-shaped chocolate with peanuts♪
Kanan remembered that I like these― so every time she goes to Numazu, she buys some for me♡
The sweet milk chocolate tastes more refined than you would think.
And when you bite down, the peanuts burst open aromatically― it’s a lot lighter than it looks, and it’ crisp and delicious!
And then, Kanan’s favorite is― a chocolate bar full of volume, or so you would think!
It’s actually fluffy marshmallow coated in chocolate~♪
She says it’s nice how soft and fluffy it is when you put it in your mouth!
She’s cute in unexpected ways― Kanan is.

But even so― in the end, what it comes down to is.
With our huge and ample sweets, we’re only distantly related to those fashionable chocolates that come in boxes.
But, you know, like this we can distribute it to everyone bit by bit♪
It’s pretty great♡
Next time everyone should come and eat, okay?
Everyone who hopes to participate in our Valentine’s party is always welcome!

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for top 4 characters you like: if they were desserts, what desserts would they be?! (BONUS: FULL 3 COURSE MENU)

You konw what? I;m gonna do my OCs, becuase I don’t talk about them enough.  Also, this is a great question, though I;m gonna modify it to their ideal meal)

Marion Charleston:
So when my mom was in grad school, the head of the psychology department had this weird obsession with cheesecake and would make the most ridiculously ornate cheesecakes- were’ talking liquor-infused, towered, structurally complex cheesecakes with things like spun-sugar cages over them that had to be broken with a small special hammer before they could be served.  World-class cheesecakes.

She learned how to do this pretty much entirely becuase the first time she went to a PTA meeting, she brought store-bought brownies, and the other PTA moms told her “Well, we understand you’re a Working Woman, but we really expect some Effort here.”

So Marion, who is pretty much the living incarnation of “The best revenge is living well”, is a stupidly fancy, spiteful cheesecake.

Alex B. Chesterson:
If Alex were a dessert, he’s one of those sundaes you make at 4AM in a fit of Mania with ice cream, cool whip, the last dregs of chocolate sauce, coco puffs, mini marshmallows, oreos and like, six cherries becuase FUCK YOU I’M AN ADULT.

Geist is the fucking bizarre but inevitably delicious chocolate things my prospective mother-in-law makes.  She used to be a choclatier at Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory, and kind of accidentally stole the melting machine and recpie book on the way out, so now she makes these bark desserts that are like… chex mix and mini marshmallows in chocolate ganache and covered in a whie chocolate/pretzel coating.  

Howard Phillips:
Howard is one of those unholy artifical fruit candies that LOOKS like it’s goign to be sopur but it’s not.  It’s an off-orange color and tastes almost exactly, but not entirely unlike grapes.  They’re kind of squishy and you have to be in exactly the right mood for them but when  you are they’re the most disgustingly satisfying thing ever.

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By marshmellow cookie cake things, do you perhaps mean whoopie pies? They're a staple in the state of Maine!

Those aren’t what I was talking about but GOSH whoopie pies are yummy!! I love eating around the outside first and then saving the middle for last lol!

In that one post I was talking about these, they’re called pinwheel cookies! It’s basically marshmallow on top of a plain soft cookie with a chocolate coating!

(The best ones were Little Debbie marshmallow supremes!! But they stopped making them! :( I’m so sad they were soooo good)

Wellllllll Finally,  This Is The STONERS SNACK BOX $25.00  (+p&h)

The Toasty OOOOOOOO, OOOOOOOOOO’S ,, Oh Yes These Infamous Snacks right here maynnnnn… This is what is in the stoners snack box. no not the whole thing lollllllll,,, but you get

  • 2 Toasty OOOO, OOOOOOO’s which contain overmedicated handmade microbatch honey based caramel; made with medicated unsalted hormone free butter, fresh sumatran cinnamon; and shards of freshly roasted almonds. all hand turned into a gooey, sticky, buttery, oat bar treat. It’s Just Shameful,, so when you eat it, please throw the wrapper away. just keep my name out of it. ya nana don’t need no problems.. Drake tol y’all We got Enemies, and they want to take ya treats away soo,,


  • 2 Krunk Krispy Treats - they never last long enough to take a picture of; but we’re sure you’ll get the picture from this graphic description - freshly crisped rice, with a buttery double medicated marshmallow coating, dipped in overdose milk chocolate, yeah decadant and we dont’t gaf,, butterahhh y’all already know - these ain’t fo the po-po’s sooo,,
  • These bars come with your choice of hard candy or chocolate candy. 

you get enough for a nice netflix and chill session for sure. this is our treat to you, so that you can try the delicousness in your own chillaxtime this weekend.

BTW, If your mom smokes, This is a GREAT Mothers Day Gift

She will say, Wow How Thoughtful. she may even share a piece of candy with you, if you’re a good kid Lollllll,, but seriously kids - this is from Grandma Weed so you know, it’s Mom Approved - A#1 for uniqueness and most certainly deliciousness. Mom will truly appreciate your thoughtfulness with this healthy microbatch treat, made just for HER.

Remember Kids - Message me right here @thefourtwentytimes to order, and yes we take paypal and google wallet

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Moonpies are a treat (marshmallow between two cookies that are dipped in a candy coating (usually chocolate, but other flavors exist. 😀). They are most popular during Mardi Gras here in the South. ❤

Ahh thank you. I’m not the biggest fan of marshmallow so I would probably not be a fan.
And thank you for the cultural context as well!

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23 25 28 35

23. Red Leaves V.S. Orange Leaves

25. Already answered

28. Coats V.S. Oversized Sweaters
both, but mostly coats

35. Whipped Cream on Hot Chocolate V.S. Marshmallows on Hot Chocolate
i uhh, actually don’t like hot chocolate


Meet the Melania Trump Bar - Gluten Free, White Chocolate dusted with Sliced Almonds; Very White and Rich..

This bar is for someone who wants something special, and by special we mean medicated and gluten free.  This bar is named in honor of the incoming First Lady Mrs Melania Trump.

Whats in This Decadent Bar Treat -

Crushed Rice Cereal coated with White Chocolate Marshmallow and then Covered in Delicious White Chocolate and Thinly Sliced Toasted Almonds and yes it’s Kosher.  we use our delicious Cannacoconut Butter so theres no animal fat other than the milk in the chocolate; thats it, light and rich for the sophisticated taste

we make it easy to enjoy our treats during the holidays with smaller sizes for trying and sampling

 you get 4 delicious bars for $25.00 or 8 for $45.00  (shipping is additional)

This decadent special occasion bar will magically disappear after the holidays.

Order NOW * Our Sale Ends December 15th, 2016. That way your shipment arrives before the thick of the holiday mail crush. We ship USPS Priority Mail so you get the tracking.

This delicious treat is available as one of the four cookies in this years Stoner Snack Box Special .  Ask About it When You Order.

To Order holla @ momma on the tumblr dashboard in messaging

Thanks for supporting a microbusiness who is all about YOU !


Ginger & Mina

Hello, hope your day started well. Here it’s raining day. I had a craving, lol, chocolate/marshmallow, you can see my first picture and a Wiener Kaffee (it’s a Vienna coffee), we put whipped cream on top and some cocoa on top of the whipped cream. 

In the USA, the chocolate-coated marshmallow treats , it’s called “mallomar”, I liked too when I lived there, here  the interior is also white eggs/sugar but it’s like a foam and very soft, it melt in the mouth, Switzerland and Germany it’s a popular sweet, both countries makes good ones but I like the German ones, the interior is so soft, now I bought those with milk chocolate but there are also with dark chocolate or white chocolate and also bigger sizes and in Sweden/Denmark they are also very good, they have dry coconut around the chocolate, I find them at Ikea food shop. A link about it:

Have a lovely day/evening.

Thank you very much for the wishes and comments: @andrewgraemegould, my birthday was in August, the post you saw, I simply reblogged. :-)

Thank you for the comments/smileys: 

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Teach Me

Pairing: JongTae

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 2500

based on this conversation from twitter

“You don’t know how?” Jonghyun guessed and Taemin laughed, cheeks flushing brighter. “It’s not that hard. I can show you, if you want.”

“I- um…” Taemin began but Jonghyun was already setting down his plate and wiping off his hands on a bright red napkin, taking his hand boldly and pulling him onto the floor. “Okay.” he chuckled as Jonghyun stood in front of him.

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A little restaurant/coffee/tea shop in which it is autumn all year round… 

 Blankets in a basket for patrons to snuggle up in. 

 A small library in the corner with really good mystery and horror stories open to everyone as long as they’re returned, as well as the classics… or you can always bring your own book. 

 A roaring fire place to chill out in front of with a good book and a pumpkin spice latte or something. 

 Halloween and autumn decor everywhere. 

 Hot chocolate in any way that you can possibly think of. 

 Pumpkin spice and apple cinnamon everything. Cake. Pies. Ice cream. 

A toast-your-own-marshmallow station with chocolate waterfalls and toppings to coat the ‘mallows in after dipping. 

 A miniature haunted house that you can go into and “trick or treat” whilst getting a fun scare or two. 

 A spoopy radio station that plays consistently satisfying spoopy music to keep up morale in the weary soldiers of the skeleton war. 

 Everyone is always welcome to, and even encouraged, to wear their Halloween costumes when they visit. The employees will be wearing theirs, too, and will likely compliment your choice of spoopy attire. 

Costume contests every month correlated to age groups. Whoever wins gets a huge surprise and a visit from the skeleton king to be offered a position in the skeleton army for the skeleton war.

 A little host of real life witches that will do divination for patrons for whatever fee they decide works for them, whether it be monetary means or cat pictures (looking at you notcoolghoul). Any witches (new or not-so-new) looking to further their skills are always welcome to sign onto the roster, because the schedule rotates every few days, and they might learn a thing or two from their more experienced divination peeps. There may also be a weekly spell swap involved…

 A room with bean bags everywhere and a big telly that plays only the most awesome spoopy shows and movies. Addams family. The Munsters. Silence of the Lambs. Nightmare on Elm Street. Young Frankenstein. Alfred Hitchcock. (Maybe some Harry Potter to quell my low-key HP addiction…) You name it, they probably play it. 

 Want to find other people to share your book obsession with? Coolio. The book club meets here on Tuesdays. They’ll be talking about their favourite Stephen King novels. Or maybe it was Anne Rice this week? 


A shop to relax and have fun in where it’s autumn and Halloween year-round.

Recipe of the Day: Alex’s Birthday Cake with Marshmallow Frosting        

Coat a chocolate chip-studded yellow cake in a cloud of homemade marshmallow frosting for a slice with extra fluff factor.

Calum Imagine (You Want S'more)
Anonymous asked you:Kristin, I’m literally obsessed with reading your imagines and preferences omfg you are perfect and your writing is perfect and your blog is perfect <3 I was wondering if you could write an imagine where Calum and the boys go camping at the same place as you and your friends and while your looking for wood for the fire or something you guys see each other and it’s like love at first sight. :-) You’re camping for the weekend with a few of your friends and have just finished putting up the tent–after some heavy struggling. The sun is beginning to set, and it’s about time to prepare a fire. “I think I saw a pit somewhere back there when we were looking for a place to set up the tent,” you say and wait for a reply, but your friends have already started unpacking their things, so you head off alone in search of the fire pit. You pick up twigs and large logs as you stumble your way to the one fire pit in range of your campsite. “Found you,” you mumble to yourself as you drop the wood into the pit. There’s already a few logs there, but you just assume they’ve been left by the previous users. “Excuse me,” you jump at the sound of another person, “what are you doing?” You look up to see a boy, probably close to your age, walking towards you with an armful of firewood. You look for the words to respond, but nothing comes to mind as you’re lost in his matching dark hair and dark eyes. “Oh, uh, fire,” you mutter idiotically, pointing to the pit. “Nooo,” he says, drawing out the word and therefore making you focus on his mouth again, and how soft-looking his lips are. “This is our fire pit. I’ve got wood in there already.” Oh, that was his wood. You resisted the temptation to make a dirty joke in your head. “Sorry, but that’s the only fire pit near our campsite,” you reply, pointing back in the direction of your tent, and your friends who are now having fun without you. “Too bad, it’s the only one near ours too,” he retorts, pointing behind him to his own campsite. “So you’re gonna steal the only fire pit for miles from a couple of innocents girls? What if we get cold and hungry?” You pout. “Well, we’ll have plenty of s'mores and room around our fire if you’d like to join us.” He adds an adorable half-smile at the end that virtually seals the deal. “Hmm, sharing a fire in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of cute strangers? Sounds tempting, but we’ll make do without a fire, thank you.” You hope this playing hard-to-get doesn’t backfire. “So you think I’m cute?” He asks, his smile growing, making your heart swell too. “No, I did not say that..outright,” you smile too, skirting around directly flirting. “We’ve got wieners too…you know, hot dogs,” he laughs. “Okay, I’m sold,” you say, giggling along with him. “I realize I haven’t said my name yet..I’m Calum.” “(y/n),” you smile. “Uh, well I better get back to my mates. They’ve probably already eaten all our food.” “Yeah okay, me too,” you say, starting to walk back. “I do really want you to come,” Calum calls suddenly, making you to turn back around. “Count on it,” you call back, then return to your campsite with a giant ass grin on your face. When you get back, your friends are all ears about why you look like you’ve just won the lottery. You give them a recap, and they are more than ready to laugh around a late-night campfire with a bunch of boys. Talk about jackpot. By the time you find the spot again, the area is pitch-black save for the roaring fire the boys managed to get started. By the glow of the flames, you make out four boys including your tall dark and handsome hottie, Calum. You do a quick round of introductions, and find that his friends are Michael, Luke, and Ashton. Your group takes up one side of the fire while his friends sit on the opposite side, though Calum doesn’t stay by them for long. As soon as you situate yourself, he scoots his chair right next to yours. “Glad you came,” he whispers. You’re momentarily focusing on how close his face is to yours, but manage to say, “I promised, didn’t I?” “Yeah, just, you know, thought you’d run into an even studlier guy and go to his fire instead.” “Yeah, you know how these parts are just crawling with studly guys looking to steal fires from unsuspecting girls like us." Dear God. The flirtation going on between you two is thicker than the smoke from the fire. ”My logs were in the pit first. You were the one trying to steal it!“ "Oh, so that was you calling savesies on the fire pit?” “Yes. And this is me calling savesies on my chair while I go make some s'mores. You want one?” He asks just as smoothly as he gets up from his chair. Damn. He is rocking the casual, yet cute look like no other. It’s dark as hell yet you could still feel his smoldering eyes gazing down at you. And you’re thanking your lucky starts that its too dark to see your cheeks burning hotter than the fire you were sitting around. “Yeah, extra toasty,” you smile. You unashamedly admire his ass in his tight jeans as he goes to grab a marshmallow fork. You take a sec to check out the rest of the circle. Everyone else seems to be getting along fine, but clearly not as well as you and Calum are. One of your friends catches your eye as she makes smoochy faces at you, to which you reply with an extremely exaggerated eye roll. You turn away and see Calum, crouched over the fire, twirling the fork, all the while his eyes studying you. You blush immediately, and gaze back, until he breaks focus to talk to one of his friends. You busy yourself with picking at your nails and drawing in the dirt with a stick, until Calum plops back in his chair. “One for you,” he says, handing you a s'more, marshmallow oozing out the side. “Thank you,” you say, trying to find a place to hold onto it without getting your fingers all sticky. “Not afraid of getting a little messy, are you?” Calum asks, wiggling his eyebrows, making you giggle. “Of course not. What kind of camper would I be?” “Let’s see you take a bite then,” Calum dares, giving you an evil grin. “I’m just..waiting for it to cool down.” “It’s cool enough. "Let me help you with that,” Calum taunts and he smushs the s'more onto your mouth. Melted chocolate and gooey marshmallow coat your lips and a bit of your chin as your mouth hangs open in surprise. Before Calum can even get a laugh out, you knock his s'more from his hand. He frowns as it hits the dirt, then turns his sad puppy face to you. “You just don’t mess with a man’s s'more,” he pouts. “Payback,” you simply state and smile, quite satisfied with yourself. Suddenly, it feels as if you’re unable to peel your eyes away from his. They’re bright in a way you can’t understand when everything around you is pitch black. Your ears pick up the sound of his shoes as they shuffle back and forth in the dirt, the sound of him shifting his body in his chair so he’s facing you dead-on. Your gaze flickers to his lips when they move to say, “It’s okay. Looks like there’s some s'more of your face.” His fingers reach out to swipe some chocolate from your chin, but stay put, moving along your jaw to slowly pull your face to his. Everything seems to move in slow motion as his lips touch yours, gently at first, as if just to brush yours. It doesn’t take him long to apply more force, gliding his lips to fill the mold of yours, swiping his tongue across your lips, then into your mouth to meet your tongue. You can feel and taste the sweet combination of chocolate and sticky marshmallow on his mouth and tongue, along with a flavor that is all his own. And the leftover taste of the s'more is nowhere near as delicious as Calum, your new favorite treat. When you part, you’re left wanting more, wanting to crave your sweet tooth for the guy you just met but feel like you connect with more than anyone. You didn’t notice your eyes were closed until they slowly open. You’re happy to see Calum with an identical look of infatuation, and a matching messy mouth as well. “This isn’t the romantic fire and complete isolation in the wilderness talking when I say that I really like you, (y/n),” Calum says. His words are heady and seem to surround you like the cloud of weightless smoke. “Me too,” you mumble back, before your hands make their way to the dark curls at the back of his head, and pull him back to you. His hands search for a place to rest on you, gliding up your arms and neck, then finally taking root in the spot where you hair starts behind your ears. It’s you that breaks away this time, still reluctantly. “Can we wash this off?’ You ask, giggling a little. Once again, you’re hoping your blush isn’t visible by the firelight. "Yeah let’s take a break from the fire,” he nods, getting up and threading his fingers through yours. Calum leads you away from the fire, the light soon growing dimmer the farther out you go. Soon, you rely solely on the heat radiating from Calum’s body for succor. There’s only three things left on your mind as you walk hand-in-hand through the woods. 1) The feeling of kissing Calum, 2) Where this is leading, and 3) How motherfucking glad you are that you stumbled upon that fire pit.
Knee Deep in Snow // [C] // Jun&Silver

“Nghh,” Jun sniffed, pulling his favourite coat, an enormous padded brown thing that made him resemble a chocolate marshmallow, tighter about himself. Despite zipping the coat all the way up to his nose, and having the hood wrapped firmly around his face, he was still freezing. Not only that, the snow here was so deep. It clung to his legs, and froze his shins so quickly that it made it difficult to even move. In fact, he was pretty sure he’d been stood here for at least ten minutes, and the snow was closing in fast.

Glancing up at the darkening sky, he began to wonder why he ever thought training on Mt. Silver had been a good idea. His Pokémon were wiped out, with his Staraptor barely able to open his wings. Even Rapidash couldn’t put up with the constant snowstorm, and Jun had eventually returned her to the warmth of her Pokéball, leaving himself alone, and freezing, near the peak of Mt. Silver.

He shuddered, teeth chattering, glancing around in the hopes of finding shelter, but the storm was so strong now, with huge flurries of snow whipping up around his face. His eyes stung from the cold.
“I-it’s s-so c-c-cold.”He managed.


He landed in a heap as his legs gave way, before finally blacking out.

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Congrats on 100 followers, and many more to go! I have a prompt: Killian cooks some exotic meal for Emma and surprises her with his culinary skills.

I’m sorry this prompt took me so long, Anon. I’ve been working on it off and on in between BtH updates.

I decided to make this a two parter, so here’s part 1 (rated PG, so far)

Hearth and Home

For a realm without magic, it was certainly impressive in other respects.

A cornucopia was spread out before him, tiny glass jars of cumin, coriander, cinnamon, star anise, fennel seeds, and dozens more. Shelves were stocked with sugar, both coarse brown and refined white, teas, flour, there was eggs by the dozens and so much butter that he knew it couldn’t possibly be churned by hand here. In the Enchanted Forest many of the items on display were the rarest of luxuries, reserved for the nobility. Especially the spices, while he had always preferred a cargo of gold or silver, he had certainly not turned up his nose whenever he had plundered a ship carrying vanilla beans or saffron. They were nearly as valuable as precious metals there, and treated as such, but here they were all just sitting out in the open, marked with prices that made his jaw nearly drop.

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