Sea and water vocabulary in Spanish

el océano - the ocean
la laguna - the lagoon
el lago - the lake
el mar - the see
el agua - the water
agua salada - saltwater
agua dulce - freshwater
el río - the river
la desembocadura - the river mouth
el manantial - the spring
la rivera - the bank
el arroyo - the stream
el dique - the ditch
la ciénaga - the swamp

la bahía - the bay
el canal - the canal
la charca - the pond
el charco - the puddle
la cuenca - the basin/watershed
la costa - the coast
la orilla - the shore
la marea - the tide
las burbujas - the bubbles

el verano - the summer
la isla - the island
el archipiélago - the archipielago
el embalse - the reservoir
el estanque - the pond
el golfo - the gulph

la marisma - the marsh
el glaciar - the glacier
el pantano - the swamp
el estrecho - the narrow
el estuario - the estuary
la presa - the dam
el puerto - the port
la playa - the beach
la arena - the sand

el pez - the fish
el pescado - the fish
(“pez” is the fish that lives in rivers, seas, etc. “pescado” lives in our dishes)
la ballena - the whale
el tiburón - the shark
la mantarraya - the stingray
la foca - the seal
el delfín - the dolphin
el pez dorado - the goldfish
el pez globo - the blowfish
el pulpo - the octopus
la almeja / concha ;) - the clamp
el caracol - the seashell (“caracol” also denotates the ground one, the snail)
el calamar - the squid
la medusa - the jellyfish
la aguaviva - the jellyfish (literally “living water” are those transparent gooes that apear in the bay)
el cangrejo - the crab

el barco - the ship
el crucero - the cruise
la canoa - the canoe

el abismo - the abyss
las profundidades - the dephts
abismo oceánico - oceanic abyss
la fosa - the pit


sumergir(se) - to dive
bucear - to dive

(the difference between “sumergirse” and “bucear” is that the first one is the action of going down in the water, “bucear” means to swim underwater)

nadar - to swim
flotar - to float
ir a la deriva - to drift
navegar - to sail
ahogar(se) - to drown
hundir(se) - to sink
beber / tomar - to drink
tomar sol - to have a sunbath
pescar - to fish
remar - to row
surfear - to surf
aguantar la respiración - to hold the breath

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