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theme thursday: valentine’s day gift ideas for kids

pink valentine’s day candy finds by sweetniks

your fifth kid-friendly find for valentine’s day is a pair of treats in pink, sparkly hues. choose from colorful glitter heart lollipops or handmade marshmallows — this particular listing is for a delectable rose-honey flavor.

Gen Fic Rec List

okay some of these aren’t exactly gen but I did my best to find as many quality fics as I could that don’t have heavy ship-leanings that instead focus on team bonding and friendship and shenanigans

In Good Faith We Swap Our Aces (15k, G)

So many questions. Will Oikawa break down first, or Akaashi? Is Bokuto the bigger alien, or Ushiwaka? Who really sent a lamb for slaughter - Daichi or Kuroo? Are bonds being made or broken? What exactly is Karasuno scheming? What kind of purpose is this activity meant to achieve? And just who does this sort of arrangement please?

Jump the Gap (G, 1.2k)

Being 191 centimeters tall with a resting face like a slab of granite is just fine when you’re the cornerstone of the “Iron Wall.” For going out in public, not so much. No one wants to sit next to Aone on the train, so Futakuchi, who can’t resist a captive audience anyway, takes matters into his own hands.

and they never really leave us (G, 1.8k)

Karasuno doesn’t need official cheerleaders with the group they’ve earned.

(( or: a set of seven times when hinata finds various people cheering on their side of the stands ))

Sunburst (G, 4k)

Karasuno’s volleyball team through the eyes of Hinata. Genfic, character studies. Slight Kagehina.

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RFA + V + Saeran reacting to a MC afraid of heights??

I apologize for not adding in the Cinnamon Roll and Edge Lord into this. I couldn’t think of anything for them :/


  • you feel incredibly bad
  • like very bad
  • your nugget wanted to go on the ferris wheel 
    • he just wanted to cuddle with his sweet s/o, overlooking the pier
  • but you just HAD to freak out in line and Yoosung took you somewhere quieter
  • once you calmed down you told him about your fear of heights
    • all stemming from the time your uncle dangled you over the bridge in Seoul and hE ALMOST LOST HIS GRIP
    • since then you never trust uncles, water, bridges, or heights
    • just thinking about it gave you anxiety
  • he feels so BAD because he felt like he was forcing you to go
  • but the face he makes just kills you because he was looking forward to a romantic view with you
  • so you suggest just sitting on a bench at the pier to watch the bright ferris wheel


  • you never realized how TALL the C&R building was until you stood in front of it
  • it practically reached to the SUN
    • why does Jaehee work here again?
    • haha oh the money!!!
  • she told you to meet her at the restaurant but you really wanted to see her
  • it takes all of your tiny courage to storm into the building and get on the elevator
  • but it was kind of crowded going in, you didn’t get a chance to press for Jaehee’s floor
    • and people just kept coming in
    • panic started to set
  • so you were trapped in the elevator going up and down
  • 10 miserable minutes later Jaehee walks into you in fetal position in the corner of the elevator in the middle of your panic attack
    • “jaEHEE AM I DEAd?????”
  • you were NOT looking good so she made sure you two got to the bottom floor and rushed you to the hospital
    • you felt extremely bad because you just VOMITED on beautiful Jaehee’s skirt


  • Zen sort of surprised you with a hiking trip
  • at first you didn’t want to say anything because Zen was super gung-ho about hiking
  • you just did your fake smile and pretended like you were into it too
  • and you thought it probably wasn’t that bad
  • oh yep nope it’s a fucking mountain
  • anxiety intensifies
  • you made sure to walk close to Zen, away from the edge
  • what seemed like hours, you made the mistake of looking over the edge
  • were trees ever that small???
  • you tried walking but your legs were shaking and you KNEW you couldn’t go up any further
  • thankfully Zen didn’t go up any further
  • the moment he turned around to say something to you he saw you on your knees crying
  • after taking a few minutes to calm you down he insists they head back down the mountain
    • he wanted to pick you up but it would not help your anxiety any further
    • ends up holding your hand and taking you down the mountain
  • you feel extremely guilty but he understands
  • he puts your health and safety above all else the beautiful marshamallow~


  • every time anyone mentioned “penthouse” you imagined it like it is
  • but you didn’t imagine it to be this TALL
    • and he’s on the top floor???
    • Jaehee is it too late to ask him to meet you down here???
  • just looking at how high it was gave you anxiety
  • yet you manage to buck up your strength (and stomach) to be escorted in
  • things went well at his place
  • you thought you could handle just staying up there for an hour or two
  • but what was an hour turned to days
  • every day made you all the more anxious
    • you could swear you feel the building move
  • especially if he wanted you to see the view
    • “Yeah it’s great.”
    • “MC, you’re not near the window.”
    • ;;;
  • one time he leads you to the window
    • oh god can’t get out of this one
  • and IMMEDIATELY you latch onto him
  • no just no
  • he’s confused but just lets it happen
  • when he asks you about it later and you explain it to him
  • you just see this hint of sadness in his eyes
    • because it’s another reason why he needs to let you go
  • once things in the RFA clear up, this donut remodels his penthouse so his home is on the bottom floor


  • omg
  • you were going to murder this jellybean’s ass
  • he talked about taking you somewhere blindfolded 
    • both of you had talked about going to the park
    • and it was kind of boring in the house
  • you heard you were in a car, then takes you to an open area where you heard birds and smelled of grass
  • then at some point, he scooped you up and slung you over his shoulder
  • you laughed because Seven was just being Seven
  • but then you felt the two of you going up
  • like he’s climbing something
  • what concerned you the most is the fact that he’s CLIMBING
  • he stopped and took off your blindfold
  • now if you were a normal person, you would be in awe of the view you had of this wooded area
  • but you happen to be an anxious individual with a phobia of heights
  • you never clung onto anything more than you did his body
  • at first he just thought you were playing a joke on him
  • but when he noticed your eyes weren’t on the sights and buried in his chest
  • you seemed petrified so he brought you down to the ground
  • every word that came out of his mouth was an apology to you
    • it wasn’t his best grand gesture
  • it was a rather silent car ride back home until you wanted him to lay down on the couch with you to nap
  • because anxiety can be exhausting

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if I could request something fluffy for Ignis and a sweet and shy S/O, please and thank you? A lot of imagines and reader fics have a flirty and outgoing S/O but not much for shy ones.

Absolutely, anon! I’d love to show a little love for shy s/o’s.☺️

I think that as compelling as outgoing and confident characters can be, sometimes quieter and more reserved ones can be charming in their own regard, too.

I decided to have a little fluffy, winter time fun, so buckle your seat belts and brush your teeth, because this one is so sweet you’re gonna leave with a mouth full of cavities, guaranteed.☃️

Note: the s/o is implied to be fem

Song: “Train Leaving Grey” by Mason Jennings

Winter is one of nature’s best kept secrets: a secret wonderland tucked away in low temperature.

The world becomes a snowglobe, spinning and twirling ever so slightly, as cascades of fluttering snowflakes dust the world like powdered sugar atop a cake.

Mittens sit snug around cold hands and lovers wrap tight around their shivering partners.

Exhausted from a particularly snowy afternoon of ice skating in an outdoor rink along the outskirts of Duscae, the once green, autumn escape that now resembled a frosty scene of fluffy white whipped cream, Ignis and his s/o took refuge in a small cabin for the night.

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anonymous asked:

About cuddler tobi ...When he was a baby his mother gave him a stuffed cat to make his nights (origin of his passion for them), for his first mission Touka gives him a plush booby (cold feet Senju? I have an affinity suiton , Not everyone is lucky enough to be a radiator on leg Uchiwa...) and Madara gives him a big plush hawk when he has to take some misson out of the vilage. Sound good?

(about this fanart)

Oh yesssss! Let’s bury Tobirama is plushies and feather pillows! He’s always cold at night, so he veritably burrows in blankets - and on top of that, he likes to burrow in pillows. No one would ever tell it looking at his cold motherfucker face, but he’s a marshamallow. His relatives learn not to comment on the plushies and pillows because it tends to have bad consequences.

Except from Hashirama and Touka, Those two tease him mercilessly - but they also give him new pillows at his birthday or when he’s down, so he guesses he can forgive them.

Andreil vs. London

Neil and Andrew are in London and Neil decides that they have to go sight seeing

The first thing they have to do is navigate London transport. Which doesn’t sound too bad until they realise it’s winter and England literally cannot cope with anything (I mean really just can’t cope, a millimetre of snow brings the whole country to a standstill)

So there are trains out of order because of problems with the wheels from the weather. And there are parts of the tracks shut for weather and for planned engineering works which just makes everything even more complicated

And honestly neither of them really thought about rush hour on the tube being a thing. A legitimate thing that means there are thousands of people crushing onto underground trains to try to get to work- not so much on the weekend but still they feel packed in like sardines and Andrew is getting really twitchy because people are touching him

And Neil is claustrophobic. I firmly believe this. But he’s really good at keeping it under wraps but someone gets a little too close on the tube and Andrew notices the way Neil’s breathing hitches just a little and he reaches out to comfort him but pauses and says “yes or no”

Neil just kind of nods because really he can’t do anything else and they’re stood by one of the doors so every time they stop Neil gets a little reprieve and leans out just a little bit and Andrew is using Neil’s panic to try to distract himself from his own discomfort

He always leans back in when the automatic voice calls out ‘please stand clear of the closing doors’ and everything is fine and then someone gets off so Neil plants himself between Andrew and people as he tucks them into a corner so no one can get at Andrew

But one journey between stations is longer than the others had been. And it gets really bad. So when he leans out of the door he doesn’t quite lean back in fast enough and so the doors reopen because that’s what they do

Andrew pulls Neil back inside but the station is busy and they have employees on the floor and one of hem calls over the microphone “do not lean out of the doors and waste all of our time” and Andrew grips Neil’s arm a little more tightly in a show of support because he will not allow Neil to feel bad about this

And maybe also to control his urge to stab but he couldn’t get his knives through customs so even if he wanted to he couldn’t

They finally get out at Embankment because Neil wanted to go see the Winter Festival at the Southbank. And getting out of the station is hell because there are so many people and Andrew clenches every time someone comes too close and is read to push them away from Neil

When they get out and Neil is breathing properly again they head over the bridge and there are these little cute wooden huts and it’s really nice to look at but when they walk through it’s just a little too full of people not paying attention and carrying huge bags and Andrew gets increasingly murderous at all the people getting in his way

But Neil is enjoying himself with a hot chocolate cupped between his hands a little light in his eye that he only get when travelling without having to be running so it’s all ok

And Andrew gets a message from the girls asking him to take photos. So he takes a candid shot of Neil looking super excited by the christmas carvings on one of the stalls

And then he loses track of Neil and he starts to panic because that boy has enemies

But Neil is back a few seconds later with a little cellophane bag tied with a bow and full of christmas candy, including but not limited to: candy canes, snowman marshamallows, chocolate coins, and chocolate santas

They move on to walk along the south bank towards the Globe and there are just so many people and it just gets so frustrating to Andrew and to get to Tower Bridge they have to go through this really thin section of cobbled path just outside Borough Market and neither of them are particularly slow walkers, despite small statures

But they get stuck behind this large group of large men. And they try to weave but there are people coming the other way and they get around two of them and try to get around the rest but they can’t because they’re in a line of three and they’re just not moving

But Neil and Andrew can see the end of the bit of short narrow path so they just put up with the snail’s pace


Until. One of the men stops at the end of the narrow path and starts point to a restaurant and talking to his friends and the whole group comes to a standstill and no one can get past them in either direction

And Andrew has has enough so he just reaches out and pushes the men forward and out of the gap and ignores the shouting of them for the rude behaviour but honestly they were just so ignorant they deserved it

The next time they get held up behind tourists it’s on Tower Bridge and Andrew is just done at this point. He’s navigated the tube. He’s dealt with being trapped like a sardine on a train. He’s dealt with the crowds at the market. He’s dealt with the ignorant group of men. And now he’s dealing with selfies taking tourists and enough is enough

He grabs Neil’s arm (which he’s been holding almost all day) and he charges through the people. He doesn’t care he just pushes people to the sides. And when they get back north of the river he heads straight for the tube station

“We’re going to the hotel. Now.”

And Neil just nods because honestly he is also very frustrated at the people in London at the minute and they decide to wait until Monday to go out again because maybe then it would die down

But they’re on the way back and there’s a signal failure and so all the trains get held. And they get held there for twenty minutes. And Neil is mostly ok, they’re not jammed in at the minute but it is still an enclosed space and it’s not great because they’re being held in a tunnel not at a station and so they’re just surrounded by dark

So Andrew tries to distract Neil by getting him to talk about exy and honestly it’s the best thing that Andrew could have done

They get back to the hotel and Andrew just sullenly walks to the bed, sits, and opens his bag of candy

And all they do for the rest of the night is watch British TV and snack

This will be a mini series of when things bug me in London or I find them amusing and just sticking our favourite exy players into the situations all will be tagged ‘andreil vs london’

anonymous asked:

Do have any favorite/recommended haikyuu fics or doujinshi??? You write amazing ones and I thought you might have awesome recommendations!

Oh, golly. YESSS. I do. I do. I’ve been meaning to make a rec post and I haven’t yet, so…. Here we go, okay?


Saturday Night Sendai by memorde 
Summary: Two teams, one restaurant. What could possibly go wrong?
Me: So Yamaguchi and Futakuchi have the same birthday, and because of that there is this fic, and I am SO HAPPY. This is AMAZING. It is everything I could have dreamed for in Datekou/Karasuno interaction. And the Yamaguchi and Tsukishima interaction is frigging perfect. Love Yamaguchi feeling shy and awkward and Tsukki being an asshole to protect him. That’s just…yeah. Who they are. And Futakuchi was hilarious. But Aone and Hinata were the best.

Don’t run on wet wood by boxofwonder 
Summary: Karasuno takes a trip to the lake on a hot summer’s day.
What could possibly go wrong?
Me: Slightly less well-known than boxofwonder’s fandom classic, Shadows Don’t Matter Close to the Light, but to me this one is just as perfect. Wonderful team interaction, mostly just a happy fun fic. Until SOMETHING goes wrong, and oh wow, it is heart-in-your-throat awful. But the team makes it better! Hinata and Kageyama are completely perfect in this fic.

Delinquent Marshamallows by Crollalanza 
Summary: Tanaka Ryuunosuke is a boy with a mission. He’s gonna be part of the best team in the Miyaga Prefecture and power Karasuno High Volleyball Team to Nationals. He’s brash, loud and argumentative, which irritates his senpais no end. But underneath it all, his sister Saeko sees another boy. One who’s struggling to cope as the team fractures.
Me: I’ve recced this before, but I don’t care. Doin’ it again. It’s a fantabulous fic, and my personal canon for the Tanaka siblings. Everything I write with those two, I have this background in mind. Including the way they interact at the end of Split Second, the way their house looks, why Saeko calls her dad, “real paranoid”. Y’know, for what it’s worth.

We’ll Figure That Out When We Get There by SterlingLee 
Summary: Moniwa runs into a little trouble at the train station, and Datekou tries to help more enthusiastically than is really necessary. The question of who saves whom from what may actually be beside the point, but this much is clear: the Iron Wall is a full-time occupation.
Me: DATEKOOOOUUUU. They are so precious. omg. THEY ARE SO PRECIOUS. Adorable boys being protective of each other, ugh, I will never. ever. get over it.

Extraordinary by soups 
Summary: Bokuto is a sunrise, a beast, a role model, a storm, a child, an ace and a captain.
Me: Bokuto through the eyes of multiple teammates. Really sweet and cute character study. Does a lot to fill the hole left by not enough Bokuto in the manga. (WHERE ARE THE OWLS. WHERE ARE THE OWLS.)

I Really Need A Translator by FriendshipCastle
Summary: My anime bud chucked me into the volleyball anime fandom and I am officially lost to these boys and their boundless enthusiasm for volleyball. I’m mad because I can barely ship them, they love volleyball to the exclusion of everything. But whatever, here’s a bunch of relationship headcanons disguised as fics. In this one, Hinata breaks his wrist and Kags is in charge of him because he can’t be trusted.
Me: You may have noticed that I have Kind of a Thing for Hinata getting hurt and Kageyama taking care of him. THIS IS A GOOD ONE. They feel incredibly real and touchable in this fic. Te adoro.

I’m Not Walking You Home, Yamaguchi. by Feathers_Fall_Like_Snow 
Summary: I just have some stuff to do and happen to be going in the same direction. -Tsukki Yamaguchi doesn’t greet him at the bus stop (Not that Tsukki cares.) Or practice (Not at all.) Then Tsukki sees that Yamaguchi has a black eye and a swollen lip, and finds out he was jumped on the way to school. He just happens to need to go that same direction after school now. Low and behold, Yamaguchi’s attackers are there too! Pathetic.
Me: I also have Kind of a Thing about Yamaguchi getting picked on and then getting protected by…well…pretty much anyone. Tanaka is my favorite, but Tsukishima will do. THIS IS ALSO A GOOD FIC. It feels very in-character and very believable, and it makes my heart ache.

Maybe Not Really Gen (But Close Enough for Me to Love): 

wear a necklace of hope by Authoress for maychorian
Summary: Someone like him couldn’t win. He didn’t have the looks or the personality to wheedle life-saving gifts from sponsors. He wasn’t charming. He didn’t have a sob story. Tanaka couldn’t win the Hunger Games, that much was certain. But he could do his damnedest to beat it. (Or, The Fourteen Lives of Tanaka Ryuunosuke.)
Me: Okay, yes, so this was written for me. So maybe it’s not surprising that I love it. I have also recced it before. BUT I DON’T CARE IT’S SO GOOD AND IT DOESN’T HAVE ENOUGH KUDOS. Go and read it. It’s…agghlajkljsoiaiqeqrklsfvdalk. I cannot express myself well.

melt your headaches, call it home by roisale (strawberrysonatina) 
Summary: “A lot of people end up hating each other after their first Drift,” Nishinoya says, helmet tucked in the crook of his elbow. “But you know,” he adds, looking up at Ennoshita with a cheeky sort of grin, “I don’t think I could ever hate you.” “That’s,” Ennoshita stumbles, feeling his face freeze somewhere between confusion and embarrassment, “That’s nice of you, I think.”
Me:  Yep, it’s a Pacific Rim AU. But. BUT. Ennoshita babe is perfect. It’s very him. And Noya-san is such a bundle of utter joy. And they interact in the most precious and perfect ways. It’s all about connection, and learning to be in each other’s space, and it’s utterly, utterly beautiful. I would read every PacRim AU in every fandom if they were all about the pilots just cuddling constantly. (I have SUCH a THING for CUDDLING.)

As It Should Be by PrussianBluu 
Summary: Based on a request I saw on Tumblr that someone send fanfics where “Hinata is bullied without the team knowing and then they find out.” I like the idea of everyone (including Tsukishima) enraged and vengeful. So I. Did that. I’m so sorry.
I’m also really really sorry that the ‘ungrateful second-years’ aren’t really in this because I wanted them to be but I couldn’t find a good place for them, since this focuses so much on just Kageyama and Hinata.
Me: Yeah, another fic with Hinata getting bullied and everyone being protective. I LIKE THIS THEME OKAY. This one is really well-written, and the conclusion is EXTREMELY satisfying. Two thumbs way, way up.

While you’re at it, you can also read everything else written by these authors. I have a few more recs in my bookmarks on AO3, too. 

There ya go! Just a few, not nearly enough to cover the breadth of the awesome fic in this fandom, but I hope that gives you a taste, and a few hours of happy reading.