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heres something to help brighten the mood!! you have a shapeshifter partner, and they always try to scare you by shifting into something and popping up as you open the front door. this stopped working on you YEARS ago, but they keep doing it anyways. why? because you always laugh and/or kiss them, and they love your happy face & the sound of your laugh

yesss love this. i love the image of like a big scary beast popping out and making a big show of fake snarling an inch from their humans face and they just, totally unfazed, give them a lil smooch on the muzzle and walk on past.

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imagine adopting a hellhound with ur monster partner,,,, his name is cookie and he likes to steal bread

haa i love this

im imagining a somehow demonic/chthonic monster sweetheart who moves in with you on the surface but cant help but miss some things about living in the underworld so cookie is kind of a way of helping them adjust.

he smells like charcoal and leaves ash footprints on the carpet and absolutely terrorizes the neighborhood squirrels but he’s sooo cute and you come home one day to find ur partner trapped on the couch because the pups asleep on them and they cant stand to move him.

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sorta related to that recent zombie ask: "in the flesh" is a good show to watch for zombie lovin! it's about this one former-zombie, kieran walker, after humanity finds a cure for being a zombie. kieran's also gay & gets a boyfriend sometime around season 2 (or 3? cant remember). the only sad thing (to me at least) is the zombies aren't too monstery looking, but it's still a great show. fair warning though: it's a pretty serious show & has a lot of homophobia, violent scenes/gore, etc etc

oh yeah i vaguely remember hearing about that a while back. i think there were some mixed opinions of it and if i remember right it got canceled like very abruptly? or something. i am definitely interested in checking it out at least so i can form my own opinion. i’ll put it on the watch list.

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cookie the hellhound person returns!!! imagine the following: its the middle of winter and youre really cold and tired after a full work day. you come home and your naga spouse already has a pillow fort built, a selection of movies ready, and hot comfort food for dinner. you ask what this is all for & they remind you that you were texting them all throughout your lunch break complaining about work. you then spend the entire night wrapped in their tail & a big blanket marathoning your fave movies

aww omg this really especially Hits me. i’m a big ol sucker for these kind of simple domestic scenes. also yesss i wanna cuddle up in that naga tail so bad ;u;

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cookie the hellhound person here!! now consider the following: you and your monster partner find a small quadruped alien that looks vaguely like the result of a cat and a praying mantis being smushed together, and you both take it home. for some reason it refuses to eat anything but tissues, toilet paper, cardboard, and sometimes pancakes. it 100% fine but its weird and makes sneezing and going to the bathroom an issue. it loves cuddling tho!

jyghk sorry i didnt see this for a while since i been out of commission but Yes this is super cute and cat+praying mantis is a weirdly appealing mental image

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sorry this one isnt as long as my past asks but..... werewolf gf who wears cutesy sundresses on sundays, mondays, and thursdays, but then bright hot pink booty shorts & whatever shirt shes in the mood for every other day. she refuses to wear anything else no matter what.

i forgot i never posted this ;; this is very cute tho. werewoofs in sundresses is a Look tbh. i feel like cool lightweight clothes would be essential if you already had fur to worry about.