I made some gods~


Here is their outline bio, all in order- more information on them soon
Pathognomy: Male, The god of life, protector of Amestris, is now in the middle of the floating city holding his white heart to keep the city afloat- has wings on city to keep it in the sky- is basically a flying snake

[Sign: The X ]

Materialist: Female, The goddess of action, protector of Yebat takes the form of a mature woman with the head of a Spider. She is inhumanly tall and has a graceful build. She is usually portrayed as wearing a classy uniform and various pieces of jewelry. Hair is made out of Spider Silk. Her heart is purple. City is on spider legs.

[Sign: swirly line thing]

Oelignocyan: No Information given.

[Sign: triangle]

Marshalsea: Male, The god of tranquility, protector of Voda, 2 heads- one of a dog and another of a human. Has a body of a dog and the torso of a man. Has two hearts, one is Sky blue and the other is sea foam green. City has gills and structure like a fish to move around. Can walk on water.

[Sign: Star]

Early in Little Dorrit, we find William Dorrit rotting in Marshalsea debtor’s prison after 21 years in captivity.  He was imprisoned for owing ₤40, which would be about $4,773 today.  This is especially sad given that debtors locked away at Marshalsea had no means of ever independently paying off their debt, as they were not allowed to work and had to still pay for their clothing, food, etc.  So for less than $5,000 the Dorrit family is locked away for decades, and our title character, little Amy Dorrit, is born and raised in captivity.  Dickens drew from his own life as inspiraton, as his father was also sentenced to Marshalsea for the same sum of ₤40.