Celestiα’s New Dream Address: 4000-5631-5405
the signs as things me or my friends have said
  • Aries: <<bagel vibes>>
  • Taurus: "dont fight emo dad"
  • Gemini: "youre trash"
  • Cancer: "this is norman im making sure he dosent die!"
  • Leo: "no he is a space elf"
  • Virgo: "just in case you needed a reminder i am very very gay"
  • Libra: "ur a fried egg"
  • Scorpio: "fight him"
  • Sagittarius: "i just saw a bus with minions on it please set it on fire"
  • Capricorn: "gerard way is illuminati"
  • Aquarius: "i for one believe he is an army of tiny goblins wearing an emo suit"
  • Pisces: "nobody will stop be being emo trash on the day of MY wedding"

I just hit a really really big milestone, even before my 200 follower giveaway ended!!! thanks so much everyone, i appreciate it so much! after my 200 follower give away ends on Feb 1st, i will host another one! but here’s my follow forever for now!

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I visited dream town Oakknoll. It’s a nice town with a lot of flowers. I did find it kind of odd the lack of public works projects, but I still enjoyed the dream town. 

Next town was Celestia. This town is amazing. I loved it. I wish my town was a nice as this town. They provide gifts, my favorite was the chocolate coin, and what I believe is called the good luck roll, its really cute. I liked the mayor’s house, the furniture is arrange in a really nice way. I would recommend that you visit this dream town.