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That other ask reminded me, I wanted to mention that I really loved the stuff about Marshal's sensory issues because I very much have had and do have those "space and objects and people and smells and noises oh god make it stop I'm gonna hurl" experiences, and it was honestly delightful and touching to read about characters experiencing and talking about that, especially in a way that felt so natural and real and normalizing and just "hey this is a thing that happens" and I really appreciate it!

Sensory processing issues are a wide spectrum, and I felt like it would only be natural for someone with Marshal’s super enhanced senses to experience moments of overstimulation. Corbin had an itemized lists of faults, but he made the choice early on in Marshal’s life to normalize his upbringing as much as he could. He didn’t make the mistake of interpreting his “everything is Too Much” moments as misbehaving, so Marshal’s POV doesn’t categorize it as good or bad. It IS just a thing that happens, so I wanted to present it as such. Brains are wonderful and terrible and weird and they all absorb their environment differently. I’m really glad it rang true with you, anon.  

From the Niagara Gazette: Stars On Parade: Actor Chadwick Boseman, starring as a young Thurgood Marshall heads out for lunch after the first day off shooting in Niagara Falls. Movie crews were filming at the LaSalle Library branch for a movie titled “Marshall” based on the life of Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall. (James Zeiss) Link to news report on the movie:

I really do appreciate your hospitality and your friendship. I like being around you and hanging out. You’re way more fun than most of the people I know, but you also tease me more than anyone else I’ve ever met. I know I have a shitty reputation and I earned it. I know I always have a foot in my mouth, but can’t you see that I’m trying? I just wanna be considered valuable by my friends… This is the first slip in a while, but it’s a big one and it made me really uncomfortable. I forgive you for it, like I always do, but I feel like you were trying to get a reaction from me. And this wasn’t what you expected. You forgot that I’m fragile.