Being in a couple is hard. And committing, making sacrifices; it’s hard. But if it’s the right person, then it’s easy. Looking at that girl and knowing she’s all you really want out of life, that should be the easiest thing in the world. And if it’s not like that, then she’s not the one.
—  How I Met Your Mother

I really do appreciate your hospitality and your friendship. I like being around you and hanging out. You’re way more fun than most of the people I know, but you also tease me more than anyone else I’ve ever met. I know I have a shitty reputation and I earned it. I know I always have a foot in my mouth, but can’t you see that I’m trying? I just wanna be considered valuable by my friends… This is the first slip in a while, but it’s a big one and it made me really uncomfortable. I forgive you for it, like I always do, but I feel like you were trying to get a reaction from me. And this wasn’t what you expected. You forgot that I’m fragile.


1987. Methods Of Madness

is the second album by band Obsession.

Obsession is fronted by Mike Vescera, and featuring soon-to-be  lead vocalist for Loudness and Yngwie Malmsteen and other bands. Mike is one of the most respected true metal singers to take the stage.

If you’re a fan of 80’s metal then this album is for you. Go ahead a grab Obsession’s Scarred For Life and Marshall Law as well as Loudness’ Soldier of Fortune. You wont be disappointed!

     Mike Vescera    Bruce Vitale     Art Maco    Jay Mezias

“Peace is not merely the cessation of war. It is the beginning of a greater relationship with yourself, with others and with the whole world.”

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